Terms of Use

First thing first, some legal stuff here :) …

Reproduction / Redistribution

If you’re just going to copy word for word then the answer is simply NO. But it’s okay if you’re just quoting some parts of my posts with a link back to the posts without nofollow attribute of course.


I have SPAM Protection enabled, while spam protection is good, sometimes it’ll flag/mark innocent comment as SPAM. If you believe your comment has been caught by the SPAM protection. Try contacting me directly so i can take a look at it. Just make sure that you’re following the rules below:

What you should do

  • Avoid using promotional words such as Cheap Web Hosting, Cheap Drugs Name, Best Game Server, Best Web Site, etc as your name. Unless that is your real name of course
  • Avoid using spammy, bad, promotional, vulgar words in your comment like (i believe i don’t need to write an example for this)
  • Avoid writing links for more than 2 times (that means if you put 3 links you can be sure it’ll be held in Moderation Area)

What you should not do

  • Write Hateful, Spam, Promotional comments or comment that contain bad words
  • Posting comment that is not related to the post i’m writing
  • Posting same comments (with different words) multiple times
  • Uploading virus or trojan somewhere and put link to it on your comment (or any other material deemed inappropriate)
  • And many other that you think inappropriate (just think if you were the site owner, what would you do if you saw something that is not appropriate being posted to your site)

If you attempt to violate this comment policy multiple times, i will mark you as spammer. And as i’ve said before, since i’m using a centralized Spam Protection, if you’re marked as spammers, that means you would automatically be marked as a spammer elsewhere, and by being flagged as spammers, you can assure that your comment will always be in moderation area or even the spam to be discarded area to any other site you visit.

That’s it and you’re done. If you follow this commenting policy, i can assure you that your comment will stay there as long as i can pay the monthly hosting bill.


Additionaly, I can’t be blamed for any damage caused (directly/indirectly) by any tutorials, guide, how to, software, etc from this web site. Just like what other big companies such as G, M and A and so on.

On the other hand, i’ll always take serious action when it comes to Virus or any Malicious things, please contact me right away if you noticed something in this web site that triggers virus alert, or anything malicious so i can investigate it as soon as possible.

Obviously just like any other terms of use out there, i can always change this terms anytime i want without prior notice.