Testing Desktop Search Tools

Yesterday I just tested 3 free Desktop Search Tools (freeware not free trial) in order to make things easier for me to search for specific words located on many text files on my hard drive. But just in case you didn’t know what Desktop Search means, here are some descriptions about it taken from Wikipedia

Desktop search is the name for the field of search tools which search the contents of a user’s own computer files, rather than searching the Internet. These tools are designed to find information on the user’s PC, including web browser histories, e-mail archives, text documents, sound files, images and video.

Desktop search engines build and maintain an index database to achieve reasonable performance when searching several gigabytes of data. Indexing usually takes place when the computer is idle and most search applications can be set to suspend it if a portable computer is running on batteries, in order to save power.

PCSX2 0.9.4 the PS2 Emulator has been released

Please check Reaper-X PCSX2 SVN Compile / Build. In order to make things easier for you to download whenever i’ve compiled newer pcsx2 revision, i’ve put it on separate page :)

PCSX2 0.9.4 (the one and only PS2 emulator i’ve tested and works) has been released yesterday (based from my local time). In fact i just tested two games (Suikoden V, Metal Gear Solid) on this new pcsx2 release and it seems there’s some improvement from the previous version (though i think my current pc specs is still not enough to run games normally on pcsx2). And btw … i’m using Athlon64 X2 5200+ with 3GB PC5300 DDR2 RAM, and GeForce 8600GT

But as a side note, i haven’t tried to play around with all of the new settings yet, other than enabling the Multi Threaded GS Mode and Dual Core mode on the cpu setting

The first one is Suikoden V, i get around 20 to 30 FPS at the Intro part and between 25 to 30 while on ship at the beginning (most of the time it just sits between 25 to 30)

Winamp 5.5 just got better

WinampSo today i just upgrade my previously installed Winamp 5.35 into Winamp 5.5 and guess what ? i think the Winamp team has improved the Winamp skins considerably. Back then when Winamp 3 was launched it introduces us to their new skinning engine which was more powerful than the previous 2.x series, but the problem is … it take too many of your system resources which is not that great considering most people only use Winamp to listen to their favorite songs (even lots of my friends doesn’t really use Winamp 3 skins type anyway)


Using WGet on Windows

Just in case you’re like me that can’t trust free download manager anymore or just want a little program that can resume your download at later time and doesn’t use many resources .. i’d suggest you to use WGet for Windows

To start off there are few links to where you can grab WGet for Windows (feel free to choose)

  1. Christopher Lewis Wget Page
  2. GNUWin32 Wget Package
  3. Bpuype Wget File

Personally i’m using Christopher’s Visual Studio Project file combined with Wget source code from it’s SVN repository because i want to make some adjustment for my specific needs

Anyway, i assume you’ve downloaded your WGet files, and already extracted it somewhere in your harddrive. The next step would be, adding your WGet path into Windows Environment Variables Path, so you can access it easily from anywhere

Flashget 1.92 constantly sending unknown packet to various servers

So recently i just upgraded the old Flashget 1.80 which is installed on my computer since few months ago (if i remembered it correctly) to the new Flashget 1.92. While i must agree the new Flashget 1.92 is giving a cleaner user interface compared to it’s previous version. But yesterday when i just finished downloading several files from various website using Flashget, i found out that the PPP Led Indicator on my adsl router keep blinking (which indicates there’s internet activity done from my computer) even though i’m not using my internet connection


Windows XP SP2 Memory usage set to system cache, not good for me

Well … today i just went to change the Memory Usage option on Windows XP SP2 into System Cache because i’m just curious if these option are going to be useful for a computer that run mostly as a server. And as you already guessed, after changing the option i have to restart my computer, so i do it. After finished booting and logged in into Windows, i get this message from the TurtoiseSVN :

Faulting application tsvncache.exe, version, faulting module msvcr80.dll, version 8.0.50727.762, fault address 0x00008a8c.

Which is not normal, because i never get that message before switching the memory usage option. But since i can still use TortoiseSVN to fetch files from SVN Repository without problem, so i ignore that message. Then since i got bored, i tried to browse around the web but first i need to take a look at my Google Analytics account to see how this site statistic for today … so far without problem until i try to logout from my Google Account … and i get this another error message from Squid Proxy :

(10055) WSAENOBUFS, No buffer space available.

Vista Cracked by Team Paradox

Okay .. previously there’s Vista Brute Force Keygen which is a hoax (although some people say that it’s possible to found real key) .. and now there’s another crack for Windows Vista, but this time the released come from a well known warez group called Paradox

I’ve seen various talk about this and most of them says this crack actually work .. and even better, you do not have to run it for one year. And how does it work ?

Microsoft allows large hardware manufacturers (e.g. ASUS, HP, Dell) to ship their products containing a Windows Vista installation that does NOT require any kind of product activation as this might be considered an unnecessary inconvenience for the end-user. Instead these so-called ‘Royalty OEMs’ are granted the right to embed certain license information into their hardware products, which can be validated by Windows Vista to make obtaining further activation information (online or by phone) obsolete. This mechanism is commonly referred to as ‘SLP 2.0’ (‘system-locked pre-installation 2.0’) and consists of the following three key elements:

  1. The OEM’s hardware-embedded BIOS ACPI_SLIC information signed by Microsoft
  2. A certificate issued by Microsoft that corresponds to the specific ACPI_SLIC information (The certificate is an XML file found on the OEM’s installation/recovery media, ususally called something like ‘oemname.xrm-ms’)
  3. A special type of product key that corresponds to the installed edition of Windows Vista

This key can usually be obtained from some installation script found on the OEM’s installation/recovery media or directly from a pre-installed OEM system

Windows Vista Keygen has been Released

I just read this today .. and guess what ? the new Windows Vista activation scheme has been cracked by someone over at Keznews .. which is truly unfortunate for Microsoft

That guy over at Keznews created a brute force key generator that tries every possible Vista Serial Number before finding the real serial key for Windows Vista. And if you do found one, you’ll have to activate it first.

So far some people managed to found valid serial key for windows vista after a few hours of trying. Quoted from the Keznews Page :

2 min a go I ACTIVATED VISTA HOME BASIC….. Shocked Shocked Shocked
Computer User U are the BIG MAN Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy