Create RSS feed from any web page using Yahoo Pipes

In this post, i’m going to write a simple explanation / basic example about using Yahoo Pipes to fetch a webpage (you are free to use any pages you want assuming they allow Yahoo Pipes) and then create a RSS Feed from it so you can read it on your favorite rss reader

As an example, in this post i’m going to give an example of creating RSS Feed from HorribleSubs website ( that i’ve been using (for myself only) so i can keep track on their Gintama release easily (i read that they’re planning on doing a total makeover of their site so i guess it’s okay to use them as an example)

Yahoo Pipes HorribleSubs RSS Output example using Fetch Page module

Before anything else, please see the source of the pipe used in this example (you need to log in to Yahoo first) because you’ll need to be logged in to Yahoo to see or create a new pipe

List of Free Site Performance Test to Check Your Site Speed

As the title says, basically in this post i’ll be listing the free website performance test service that i often use to test this site for performance (or other site performance). And obviously if i say free, that mean it is free without registration needed in order to use their service unless you want to go with higher plan with some of the service listed here that will cost you some money of course

Anyway here’s the list of free web page test service


Webpagetest try to simulate on how fast your site loaded using Internet Explorer 7/8 from several location from US to China (although it’d be better in my opinion if they also add support for other browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome) and at the same time also capture on how your site looks like to Internet Explorer users

Other than that if you prefer to see how fast your site loaded, you can also choose to record a video of your site being loaded. So far this is the only service i know that offer you to record a video of your site being loaded and also give you a detailed checklist about every object found on your site from Keep-Alive to ETag

Defensio Spam Filtering Solution

Looking for a replacement to your current spam filtering system ? then i’d suggest you to try Defensio Spam Filtering Solution (free of course unless you get more than 50K comments per month)

Okay … i assume that you’ve installed another spam filtering system like Akismet, or Akismet in conjunction with Spam Karma that behave exactly like Defensio (a centralized spam filtering solution except for Spam Karma of course), so what’s the point to switch into another spam filtering solution if you ask me ?


Live Search Webmaster Portal from Microsoft

Microsoft has announced that they’re currently accepting private beta requests of their upcoming Live Search Webmaster portal which is basically the same like Google Webmaster Tools, and Yahoo Siteexplorer

And according to the Live Search Weblog, the upcoming webmaster tools from Microsoft Live Search are going to provide you with these features :

  • Troubleshooting tools to ensure MSNBot effectively crawling and indexing your site
  • Sitemap creation, submission and ping tools
  • Statistics about your website
  • Consolidation of content submission resources
  • New content and community resources

They say it’ll be available for public in late Fall, but to those who’s interested on participating in their private beta program. You can try applying to be their a beta tester by sending an email to [email protected]