VPS Plan Upgraded

2 days i just ordered VPS Hosting from WiredTree with 30GB RAID-10 Disk Space, 300GB Bandwidth (Wow … i do not think i’m going to reach this amount), with 256MB Ram (Burstable to 1GB) …

At first i thought that capacity is enough for this small site, but i guess i’ve made a wrong decision because if you’ve visited this site since yesterday, i’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that this site is unreachable (i’m sorry i didn’t notice it first when i wrote my previous post about my new host) … and that’s all thanks to the low RAM

But … today i just contacted my web hosting company, and ask them to upgrade my vps plan into using 512MB RAM … and things seem to be working a lot better now … so in this post i’d like to say sorry to those who’s trying to access this site earlier, and get an unreachable page

Conclusion : With this new server specs, i guess i need to work even harder so i can pay my monthly hosting bill and my internet bill

Please Welcome … WiredTree Web Hosting

So yesterday i’ve finished moving this site to a new web host named WiredTree (after doing some testing with my other domain name), and i must say although at first i want it to have no downtime at all … but it seems that’s almost impossible for me to do it, because … well … i forgot to make few changes to the .htaccess file which is previously used on my previous host Hostgator (this cause several errors), forgot to add Zones for the site feeds itself, need to reconfigure ome modules installed on the server (if you visited this site yesterday you can see it from the Server Error Message), and i’m pretty sure the DNS records may not have fully propagated yet :P


Media Temple Grid Server Review

Finally Media Temple already approved the previously mentioned Grid Server account for my uncle’s today (when i posted this). And one thing for sure, the Media Temple GS Control Panel rocks ! i’ve never seen a custom control panel like this before (Godaddy use custom control panel too, but their control panel lack features)

Media Temple Grid ServerAnd here’s my own review about Media Temple Grid Server (since my uncle account just got approved today, i can not give you report about Media Temple Uptime / performance), but i’ll give you a short review about their features (after few months with them, i’m going to make a review about their uptime too)


Media Temple Grid Server

Yesterday my uncle is trying to register with the Media Temple Grid Server based on my suggestion (not affiliate of course). Although i’ve heard various bad thing about Media Temple their Grid Server, but i’m just curious what kind of problems is in their Grid Server actually and i always not satisfied until i tried it first (my uncle want me to set up everything so he can just simply use his website without managing other aspect)

And now when i posted this, it’s been 13 hours since i tried to register with them and they still not approved it. Definitely this is the longest activation time i ever had, because when i tried to register with Hostgator, they already activated my hostgator account within 8 minutes only !

Hm .. maybe they shouldn’t say Instant Activation on their order page at the first place, because if it were truly an instant activation then i do not have to wait for 13 hours like this even if the order comes from a 3rd world country (because Hostgator activated my account in just 8 minutes only, while Godaddy activated my account instantly)

Well .. i guess i just have to wait until 24 hours passed and if my uncle account is still not activated by them .. i guess i should ask my uncle to choose other web hosting company (to be honest i’m actually really interested on trying the MT Grid Server so that’s why i can wait for 24 hours) lol

Hostgator Review, a Personal Experience

Small information about Hostgator, quoted from their about page. Hostgator is a privately owned company founded in 2002 that has no debt, is very profitable, and has NO intentions of selling any time soon. We provide service to over 400,000 websites on our shared and reseller plans. We are the world’s leading provider of reseller accounts with over 10,000 resellers who have chosen us to provide the network, servers, and support required to launch a hosting business

At the time i write this post, i’m currently hosted by Hostgator (dunno if in the future) i’m going to move into other web hosting company or not. But one thing for sure is, when i posted this .. i have been with hostgator for 8 months (until March 07). And without further ado, here’s my own complete hostgator review (including their server setup and so on), based on my personal experience with them :


What you should know about Web hosting

If you consider yourself a computer geek, i think you’ve already know about different type of webhosting and what is the differences between them other than that i’m sure you’ve already know what you should look for in a good webhosting company. But not everyone know about such stuff, especially for those who new to webhosting .. but instead talking of the technical stuff about webhosting, i’m going to talk about web hosting in general :)

Actually i decided to post about this because a few weeks ago, there’s someone chat with me on IM and he’s interested on getting a webhosting. Although he know about php script and such stuff but he didn’t know / never heard of dedicated server, managed server, vps hosting and shared hosting .. and that’s why i choose to post it just in case someone interested on getting a webhosting plan but didn’t actually know about different type of hosting plan that’s available to choose from various webhosting company

Note : I’m not going to talk about reseller hosting, simply because not everyone are going to use a reseller hosting plan


Hostgator Storage and Bandwidth Capacity Upgraded

Hostgator recently upgraded all their hosting plan into an extremely large storage capacity and bandwidth just like Dreamhost do .. although it’s nice to get a huge amount of storage space on your hosting plan .. but i’m wondering, if they’re going to be like some hosting out there that’s overselling their plan to their customer ?

Well .. i hope not, because if it’s mean downtime to my website (so far i’m really satisfied with their uptime), then there’s nothing i can do other than moving into a new web hosting company (because i prefer uptime rather than high bandwidth / storage especially if you’re not going to use it) … beside there’s no one that’s going to reach that maximum bandwidth amount because every shared hosting limit your CPU usage so there’s no one that can reach your full bandwidth limitation with the exception you can always use all the storage as long as it’s just a storage area :P

By the way here’s the amount of storage space and bandwidth when Hostgator upgraded their servers :

  • The Hatchling plan : 50 GB Storage | 200 GB Bandwidth
  • The Baby plan : 100 GB Storage | 1 TB Bandwidth
  • The Swamp plan : 200 GB Storage | 2 TB Bandwidth

Wow .. that’s really huge especially when comparing the original baby plan (this is the one that i’m using right now) that only gives you only 5GB storage and 75GB bandwidth originally.

2 Months Passed with Hostgator

I didn’t realize that it has been 3 months since i started blogging although at the first month i was still using the free wordpress.com account, and because i want more freedom .. i decided to go with real webhosting service at 15 August 2006 .. and my first website is using GoDaddy hosting plan (i like their price really) unfortunately it only last for a few days because GoDaddy server doesn’t return correct status header for my site.