Erytheia Trinity Core Repack Release V1 for WoW 3.1.3

Erytheia is kind enough to inform me that he has made a new repack that can be used for WoW 3.1.3 and also support updating from the last Darkened Linux Trinity Core V2 release, and because he has made an excellent release i’ve decided to post his repack into the main page. (the original post can be found at forums). And so full credits should be given to Erytheia for his wonderful repack

WoW Launcher

And here are some information about Erytheia Trinity Core Repack V1:

Trinity Core:

Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 V2

The word is out! Trinity is dropping their Database and they are also shutting down their forum all for one reason, more people working on one Database.  Trinity is dropping their DB for a UDB (Unified Database). This is because they are join forces and create one super database that can be used for Trinity or MaNGOS. Ya big shock to everyone.  The developers told us it would be for the better of the community. When you look at it, it seems like a big jump, but it can only get better from hear.  The two different teams joining together to creating one database, the time for update will be so fast with more people working on one DB.  What does this mean? A new repack!  This new repack will run off a Trinity Core 2 with a UDB Database. It will still be 3.0.9 but better, a lot better.  This is not an upgrade because of the new DB. We strongly subject you backing up you old DB and manual delete your old DB  before installing this repack.

Lich King

UDB Update Pack

  • All outdoor areas in Northrend spawned, including new zone Stormwind Harbor
  • Redo most of equipments
  • All vendor’s and trainers redone
  • Thousands of updates and additions for quests/creatures/items/gameobjects/similar
  • And other basic 3.0.9 support
  • Updates and additions for bounding_radius and equipments
  • New npc_texts/gameobjects/items/page_texts…
  • Many updates for npc_vendor.extendedcost
  • Some 3.x related spawns to old world
  • type_flags for creature_template
  • Many npc_trainer updates
  • Added many quests chains in new map
  • Massive updates and additions for creature_model_info and creature_equip_template
  • New npc_texts/gameobjects/items/page_texts and wdb-updates for old ones
  • BonusTalents, RewMoneyMaxLevel and PlayersSlain data for quest_template
  • Hundreds of emotes and text updates for quests
  • Some immunities for tbc instances’ trash mobs
  • Some data for spell_loot_template
  • Spawned ~4000 new herbs/veins
  • Updated skill_discovery_template

Thanks to Reaper for helping this repack happen. Also thanks for the extra hand helping us test the repack Spike and Erytheia. There is a custom pack you can install with the Reaper-X installer; full credit goes to Xion87 and his good job on the custom sql! All credit goes to the Trinity team and the UDB Team for the Core and DB.

Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack v1 for WoW 3.0.9

As stated a few days ago on my twitter page, Darkened Linux has made a new Trinity Core repack for WoW 3.0.9 which is of course for WoW 3.0.9 only, so if you have patched your WoW installation, you need to perform a roll back in order to use this

A detailed explanation about this repack are listed below:

Trinity Core 2
Last Patch added 7777
Upgrades will be available for this pack soon, like 3.1.0.

Since there’s no upgrade function exist in order to upgrade from the last Trinity Core that was made by Oatman, by installing this you’ll lose all data on your previous Trinity Core installation, unless you choose to install it into different databases name

GM Commands List for Trinity Core

List of GM Commands for Trinity Core WoW Emulator, extracted directly from the database

Page last update: 2 January 2013

account create4Syntax: .account create $account $password

Create account and set password to it.

account delete4Syntax: .account delete $account

Reaper Trinity Core Installation Guide

Special Thanks to Wrath for creating this Reaper-X TrinityCore Installation Instruction, and that means full credits should be given to him ;)

First  Things first!!! Pay attention to the instuctions directly do not vear off and think you know what your doing because you wouldnt be reading this if you knew what you was doing…jking but still stay to the instructions.

1. Install wow 2.4.3 and make sure you have the correct version I repeat 2.4.3. ok now off to the good stuff.

2. Download and install MYSQL follow the instructions that are provided for you on the page. Even if you have installed mysql before reread the instuctions and follow to a T.

Reaper-X Trinity/MaNGOS Rev: 1 (2.4.3) (World of Warcraft)

After months and months without updates I finally decided to get my lazy butt down onto the chair so that I could begin to publish you guys a really nice and well thoughtout repack. This repack, has over 13,000 new features/additions since our last Reaper-X Update.  Yes I know this is a 2.4.3 release, but its so stable I just had to release it!  We have moved from MaNGOS to Trinity. Trinity is a core that is based off of MaNGOS and still is in sync with MaNGOS. I chose Trinity because there is a little more things fixed in Trinity than in MaNGOS.  Also from the start of this revision, will be our official supported release. Meaning that we will provide updates from this revision to the future. So you guys will be able to upgrade your server without losing your character data! We will also even provide support and upgrade your characters when WotLK gets released for 3.0.8! So you can use this 2.4.3 release and whenever we update to 3.0.8 all your characters will be upgraded successfully! :D

Also, alot of the batch file was reprogrammed to make it better than ever!

Zulman Gates!