Testing Desktop Search Tools

Yesterday I just tested 3 free Desktop Search Tools (freeware not free trial) in order to make things easier for me to search for specific words located on many text files on my hard drive. But just in case you didn’t know what Desktop Search means, here are some descriptions about it taken from Wikipedia

Desktop search is the name for the field of search tools which search the contents of a user’s own computer files, rather than searching the Internet. These tools are designed to find information on the user’s PC, including web browser histories, e-mail archives, text documents, sound files, images and video.

Desktop search engines build and maintain an index database to achieve reasonable performance when searching several gigabytes of data. Indexing usually takes place when the computer is idle and most search applications can be set to suspend it if a portable computer is running on batteries, in order to save power.

Converting FLV file into another format

Let’s see i think most people love watching movies online from Youtube, but get confused on how they can convert their downloaded movie files from Youtube into another format such as AVI, MP4, WMV or even MP3 (if you just want the audio) … for free (because getting shareware software for flv converter is easy)

And if you’re just like me and want to get a good free flv converter for Windows, i’d suggest you to use FFMPEG. It’s fast, free … although it doesn’t have a nice graphical interface included by default but i think if you just want the fast and the easiest way to convert flv files, this program might come in handy ;)

Okay but how to do it ?


Winamp 5.5 just got better

WinampSo today i just upgrade my previously installed Winamp 5.35 into Winamp 5.5 and guess what ? i think the Winamp team has improved the Winamp skins considerably. Back then when Winamp 3 was launched it introduces us to their new skinning engine which was more powerful than the previous 2.x series, but the problem is … it take too many of your system resources which is not that great considering most people only use Winamp to listen to their favorite songs (even lots of my friends doesn’t really use Winamp 3 skins type anyway)


Using WGet on Windows

Just in case you’re like me that can’t trust free download manager anymore or just want a little program that can resume your download at later time and doesn’t use many resources .. i’d suggest you to use WGet for Windows

To start off there are few links to where you can grab WGet for Windows (feel free to choose)

  1. Christopher Lewis Wget Page
  2. GNUWin32 Wget Package
  3. Bpuype Wget File

Personally i’m using Christopher’s Visual Studio Project file combined with Wget source code from it’s SVN repository because i want to make some adjustment for my specific needs

Anyway, i assume you’ve downloaded your WGet files, and already extracted it somewhere in your harddrive. The next step would be, adding your WGet path into Windows Environment Variables Path, so you can access it easily from anywhere

Norton Ghost 2003 doesn’t work anymore

So yesterday i just installed a fresh Windows XP SP2 into my HDD, because my previous Windows XP SP2 gives me a lot of problem. Beside i think this is the best thing to do because i have changed my computer hardware completely (new chipset, new vga, processor, etc). And i’m sure that problem was caused because the previous driver installed for my old motherboard / chipset, etc is still left in that previous windows installation

And after finished reinstalling windows, device driver, and any other important program … of course i need to create ghost image from the first partition using Norton Ghost 2003 (using Ghost 2003 DOS executable only because i do not like to install the Windows version) … but what happens next ?


Daemon Tools 4.09.1 and SPTD 1.43 / 1.45 problem with backup image ?

Previously (actually 2 days ago) i was able to play The Sims 2 (with it’s various expansion pack), and Football Manager 2007 using the backup image i have created before without problem at all. But yesterday, no matter what i do i always get the “Please Insert the correct CD-ROM, Select OK and restart application message” (obviously the game detect that i’m using backup image, because it’s worked fine if i’m not using the backup image) … which is kinda strange for me because just as i said before, i can run them without problem using CureROM or YASU

I tried restarting my computer for more than 5 times, installing new public beta SPTD Driver (1.45), tried using Protstop, etc. but still resulting in the same error message. And then i tried searching the net to anyone who’s experiencing the same problem as me and found one (although he is not playing the same game). And thanks to someone there, i was able to get the image worked again. Because i also experience the same problem 1 day after i updated Daemon Tools 4.09.1 (previously 4.03HE) with SPTD 1.43 (later updated to 1.45)

Ok … so what did i do to fix this problem ?


Recommended Software – Ghostwall Personal Firewall

I just found this small personal firewall yesterday while i was searching for an update for the ProcX program. Although in the end i did not get an update for ProcX, i found another good personal firewall (freeware) named Ghostwall by Ghostsecurity

At first i did not believe that there was a personal firewall with only 656 KB because all personal firewall i have tried before have at least of 10MB filesize, and that’s just the setup file before the original program uncompressed

And at last i decided to download and install this small firewall and tested it right away by using online port checking from Gibson Research Corporation website. And i get this result :


Feedreader an opensource Feedreader

Quoted from the page : Feedreader is a free lightweight aggregator that supports RSS and ATOM formats. It works under Windows 98 and later versions.

fr3.pngOkay now i think you get the basic idea of this program, and unlike most people that is using online aggregator / feed reader such as from Google Reader .. i prefer to use desktop based feed reader, because i can read various feed i have subscribed, anytime i want ;) (except when you’re going to update your feed list) … although for those who’s already using a high speed connection or an unlimited broadband connection this application is not that useful because you can always get fresh content without worrying about your internet usage

But whatever the reason is .. i think you should try to use this desktop based reader first ;) .. ooh and as a note … actually i just downloaded this program today, because at the first time i don’t think i need to use feedreader because i prefer browsing from search engine to site to search for a specific article … but to save my monthly bandwidth usage, it seems desktop based feedreader is the only solution .. :P