Getting listed on Search Engine Fast

Okay this time without using a prologue, intro or whatever you called it here’s what you should do in order to get listed on major search engine faster (although i’ve write about this a while ago but because the previous post is too long i decided to create the small version) :

  • Update your website content several times a day because it’ll tell the crawler to crawl your site more often and don’t forget to ping those search engine
  • Getting link from some free directory out there and of course to make sure that directory already listed on major search engine you should search for it using Google, MSN and Yahoo first
  • Repeat your keyword several times, and don’t forget to create a good title for your content. But don’t repeat it to often or search engine will think your site is just another spam site
  • Try creating unique content for your site so you can get listed on search engine faster, even better you can get the top result for that keyword
  • Use sitemap for your site, although there’s no guarantee your site will get indexed but you can be sure your site can get indexed by search engine properly
  • Use Lynx Browser to see your site like search engine does, if you want the easy way you can use the Lynx Firefox Extension, and i’ve wrote about this a while ago and make sure there’s no hidden text or link in your site (although few hidden links / text are okay, because i’ve already check it on various PR5+ site)

Okay and here’s the ping address for Google and Yahoo (forget about MSN, maybe they’ll create it in the future .. because as for now it’s still not working, because its still testing stage) :

  • Yahoo Notification / Ping Address (don’t forget to register for the api key first) :
  • Google Notification / Ping Address (don’t forget to register your sitemap first, it can be Feed / Sitemap XML format) :

Note: I don’t guarantee anything, but like wiseman said that you should try everything you can before making a conclusion (hey .. is that really a wiseman ?) :P

Do it yourself Search Engine Optimization / SEO Tips

I’ve been wondering why do people want to pay someone to do some sort of Search Engine Optimization / SEO tricks for their site, even they’re ready to pay high / insane price just to get more traffic to their site. Even if they are not writing a good content within their site. Because no matter how many times you’re trying if you don’t write something good or giving something (for free) there’s no way you can get more visitors. And that’s why i decided to write a guide on how to get your site listed on search engine by doing everything by yourself just like me on my site here (without someone linking to my site when i built this site and in the other words i built it from the ground without depend on someone else to do the job for me) and that means everything is from the beginning since you own your domain name.

Get a domain name

First of all this is the most important stuff you should get before doing anything else. And why did i ask you to buy a domain name first instead of creating a free website somewhere ? well .. that’s a simple answer. Because if you own a domain name, no matter how many times you change your host / webhosting your name can be reached by your visitors easily. Unless the free webhosting allow you to use 302 / Temporary Redirect or 301 / Permanent Redirect then you’ll regret it later.

Get a hosting plan

Of course you’ll need to get a webhosting plan first if you want to start a website, it doesn’t matter if you’re going to use your website to make money, having fun, wasting time, test your knowledge on the real web stuff, etc. Because if you don’t own a webhosting then there’s no point for you to create a website, beside as everyone else know that free service can’t be trusted because they can change their policy anytime, anywhere as they like. Beside you can get cheap hosting easily nowaday. And of course cheap hosting means you’re using a shared hosting, but it doesn’t really matter if your website traffic is still low to medium. But if your website get alot of unique visitors daily, just make sure you’ve prepared to go into Dedicated Hosting Plan which is expensive (at least for me).

Write unique / good content

Although i’m not a SEO Expert but one thing i have learn so many things about website and such stuff since i built my first website in July (and bought this domain in August), the only thing that makes your site get indexed by search engine and goes into 100 results / less than 100 or goes to top 10 is your website content and i mean a unique content, because if you don’t have unique content there’s no way you can get your site on the top 100 search engine results. And make sure you’re using unique keywords too that describe your website content because if your site is still new, and you’re using common keywords there’s no way you can compete with a high ranking website. But make sure you’re using keywords that’s explain your site content very well.