Offline Browser Love My Site

While other blogs facing copyright problem because their feed got scraped by the sploggers, my site got lots of hits from various offline browser from Mac into Windows, and for those who didn’t know what offline browser is, here’s the short description about offline browser.

Offline browser is a program that can be used to save website / webpages into your harddisk / your computer as a whole or part so you can browse it anytime you want without using internet connection.

Although i didn’t know what is the main reason for them to use offline browser (hey there is various reason for this especially for those who’s not using broadband connection) .. but i’ll leave them as if nothing happened because they didn’t cause any problem with it :)

Is it necessary to use Bandwidth Monitoring program ?

It seems a lot of queries came to my site because there’s some people searching for free bandwidth monitor software to monitor their internet usage, and i know about this stuff because i’m still using quota / bandwidth based internet usage too. At first i was using some bandwidth monitoring program like many others, but at later time i know that bandwidth monitor is completely useless. Because your internet provider bandwidth / internet usage statistic may differ from your bandwidth monitoring program.


Thinking of getting a new computer

I’ve been thinking on buying a new pc .. um .. not a new pc actually but it’s more to upgrade the current peripheral because it’s getting old. Unfortunately i’m still confused on what should i buy next, especially the processor and motherboard .. should i go with Intel Core Duo E6300 or should i go with Athlon64 X2 Socket 939 or AM2 as the processor (with the same or low price compared to Core Duo E6300) ?

well although the only difference between the Socket 939 and AM2 is the AM2 socket can handle DDR2 Memory .. but because of that too, i’m getting confused because that means i’ll have to upgrade my current 1 GB DDR memory .. and of course i must upgrade the current Graphic Card into PCI Express, because its still using the old AGP slot .. Although the AM2 giving you more power than the 939 Socket, but the price itself is still high (maybe because it’s still new). Well i think i should wait a little bit more to decide on what i should buy next.

2 Months Passed with Hostgator

I didn’t realize that it has been 3 months since i started blogging although at the first month i was still using the free account, and because i want more freedom .. i decided to go with real webhosting service at 15 August 2006 .. and my first website is using GoDaddy hosting plan (i like their price really) unfortunately it only last for a few days because GoDaddy server doesn’t return correct status header for my site.