Site redesign done but it feels like i broke something

It was many years ago since the last time i changed the site design; and whenever i changed something i often find problems that appear only after i’ve actually uploaded it into a live site. It was no different now. Everything seems to be running fine while testing locally and when i’ve uploaded it; there’s something broke either due to the restrictions i placed on the live server or due to i forgetting something. Often though i found something that maybe if i do this it’ll be better and i have to re-edit and such.

Additionaly, people would be happy when they received 0 spam (and so do i). But after doing some modifications here and there, it feels like i did something wrong when the spam counter is still at 0 during the last 2 days after it goes live when it usually reach hundreds within a day and now there’s 0 spam in the spam area.

Then what makes it worse is i just noticed now (or to be precise i finally care), long time ago i made a big mistake of using automatic tags generation for all my posts tags and now i’ve paid a big price for it by deleting all the tags, and then i’ve to proceed to add them manually although the later is still in progress because i’m also doing some cleaning on the other stuff as well.

I’m back and what a mess

It’s been a long time since the last time i write something, and what a mess this place is when i returned… a week ago or so. There are way too many spam that even the empty spam button couldn’t do anything about it so i have to use sql command directly just to clean it. Not to mention there are way too many spam that goes through Akismet too and ended up directly in the comment area.

According to Akismet, for last month (september) the amount of spam that got caught was at 125,966 while for this month as of writing this the number of spam is at 115,945. I’m simply stunned. If a small blog like this could get such a large amount of spam, how big would it be for larger blogs?. Must be really stressful.

Besides doing some cleaning, i have also made changes to many things here and there. I moved from my old hosting provider into a new budget vps that is cheaper and also enabled SSL although it is not on by default, which means you need to change the url into https by yourself first and then the rest of your visit would be in SSL (if anyone care).

Finally after i’ve finished setting up everything also making sure that the new server can stay up and running for several days without problem (and not getting kicked too), I then canceled my old hosting plan. And so here begins the new chapter of this blog.

11 Weeks and 1 day later …

After i decided to quit smoking (tobacco obviously because that’s the only thing i smoke). I must say that, so far the only thing noticeable after i stopped smoking is … it feels that i can breathe more air while at the same time i feel tightness in my chest and throat and i feels like i’m having shortness of breath (strange isn’t it?)

Anyway for the past 2 months, what i’ve been doing is basically consist of going back to see a doctor again and again from:

  1. Going to the ER Room because i’m having breathing difficulties and this is when i decided to stop smoking. And the ER room doctor said that (after looking at the EKG/ECG result and asking me whether i have gastro problem) it was caused by GERD
  2. Then go to a Pulmonologists (just to make sure that the breathing difficulties is caused by GERD, although he didn’t ask for X-Ray)
  3. And then staying in the hospital for about 3 / 4 days due to infection
  4. Then go to an Internist for a check-up a few days after i returned from the hospital
  5. Then to a Dermatologist
  6. And back to Internist once again
  7. And then goes to a Dermatologist for about 3 times and next week i’m going to go see the Dermatologist once again so make it 5

Now if only money grows on trees …

p.s I was diagnosed with GERD in 2009 (long before this)

Obsessed with site speed

Recently i’ve been obsessed with site speed once again, and no, this is not because Google site speed factor that has been talked by various website recently, this is simply because i just love tweaking things :P

So what i’ve been doing so far?

Since last week (or two weeks ago), i’ve testing and tweaking various part of this site and also server side related stuff. But obviously if i have to write all of them here it would be a very long post that is probably not interesting to most of you. And don’t ask me on how many times i’ve used Google Pagespeed and Yahoo YSLOW because i won’t be able to remember it

But of course there’s always room for improvement for a small thing like minimize dns lookup, and combining all the javascript and css used and also switched to using css sprites to minimize HTTP requests, but i’ll save that for later until i know on how to use css sprites properly as for minimize dns lookup, well i’ve been thinking on consolidating all static files into a subdirectory but because i think it’d be a mess if i have to put all of them in one place, i guess i’ll have to live with additional dns lookup

Just when i thought that writing would be an easy task

Just when i thought that i could start posting again to this blog … i had to moved to another city once again, and so there’s a delay until i can get a new connection here. But now … when i got a new connection, unfortunately because it has been a loooong time since the last time i wrote something, i just don’t have any ideas at all!

So what about this post then? well basically it is just a rant from me because i’m just so stressed because i don’t have any ideas to write something useful (or at least interesting to read) even after asking to Darkened Linux, but it seems that he don’t have any ideas at all just like me :(

So i guess for now i should just doing a little bit of reading here and there on various websites or forums. Or perhaps if there’s a kind soul reading this and got an idea (no matter what that is) on what the next subject should be. Please leave a comment here :D

Anway think of this post as a writing practice for me again because i just started writing again (and let’s just hope that i can get an idea by doing this) :) but obviously if you got an idea just let me know ;)

I guess my pc isn’t fast enough to run GTA IV (PC Version)

So yesterday i just installed GTA4 (after the long installation process and that’s include updating the Gamesforwindows Runtime that is required in order for you to be able to play the game unless you decided to block gta 4 with your firewall). At first i thought that my pc would be able to run this game without any problem because so far i can play various game such as assassin creed, devil may cry 4, crysis warhead, fallout 3, and many others modern games perfectly fine on my pc (even if i couldn’t use AA / Antialiasing) on 1280×720 resolution (i’m playing on HDTV), but i guess i was wrong.

When i started GTA4 without using any additional command line, i couldn’t change any graphic settings and this game only allows me to play on 800×600 or 1024×768 resolution with low texture quality, and with 1 view distance (which is the lowest settings) because this game thinks my computer isn’t fast enough to handle higher configuration.

And so i decided to search around the net for possible options to tweak GTA4 graphic settings manually without being restricted and found one. And then i try to implement the tweak by simply doing:

1. Create a new text file called commandline.txt in your GTA 4 installation directory (where GTA4.exe can be found)
2. and put these into the commandline.txt file:

Sourceforge SVN don’t like slow connection?

I’m not sure whether anyone else who are currently stuck with a slow connection speed also get An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host message whenever you tried to retrieve a big file (svn update / checkout) from Sourceforge SVN Repository over the last few weeks or is it just me who get that message?

So far:

– I’ve tried updating the subversion client on my machine to 1.5.3 (command line version) and still i get the same message
– Change the svn address to http instead of https to get more speed and still nothing
– Doing a fresh checkout instead of upgrade just in case that’s the source of the problem and the result is still same

And finally ….

Why forcing user registration to view a single article on forum is bad …

User registration ? hm ...Did you know that forcing people to register on your forum just to see a single article on your forum is bad ? If you don’t know about that already, here are the top reasons on why you should make your forum available to search engine and at the same time also allow normal visitors to read some articles on your forum without registering first …


Microformats for casual / normal internet surfer, useful or useless ?

MicroformatsI’ve been thinking on using Microformats on this blog for a while after reading Lorelle’s post about this topic on her blog. Although implementing microformats on wordpress theme can be considered as an easy task, but i’m just wondering whether using microformats on this blog is really that useful, considering most of this site visitors can be considered as normal internet surfer. Other than that, currently enabling microformats on your website doesn’t really give you benefit from the SEO point of view (and SEO is important to drive people to your site via search engine)