ePSXe 1.6.0 Complete with Plugins

Since i’ve been getting email from someone that has trouble getting epsxe to work, i have uploaded epsxe including the plugins minus the bios files (of course because it’s illegal). Unfortunately the included plugins is quite old, but don’t worry about it because it still works fine (although i don’t use ePSXe anymore). Btw the ePSXe version is 1.6.0 and you can download it from here … and yes, you can play Final Fantasy 7 with this ;)

pSX emulator another free playstation emulator

For those who didn’t know there was another great Playstation / PSX Emulator named PSX Emulator, and much simpler than ePSXe (although that’s depends on the users itself) ;) since this PSX Emulator doesnt use plugins system like ePSXe. So most users will find this emulator easy to use.

Although this emulator didn’t use plugins system based on PSEMU, this emulator can play almost all commercial playstation games out there, for example the most Popular RPG like Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross, etc. And has high compatibility for another games.

And here’s some screenshot of pSX Emulator running on my computer