Football Manager 2008 is coming

Fm2008 screenshot

Sports Interactive recently announced that Football Manager 2008 will be available in stores before Christmas 2007 (for PC and Mac). And like it’s previous series, in FM 2008 you’ll get a bunch of new and improved gameplay / features :

  • Over 5.000 playable teams from over 50 countries
  • Improved Match Flow – More atmosphere to match-days with match previews, various team talks, instructions, etc. But the most important thing is there’ll be no more pausing when you’re trying to tweak your tactics
  • Easier to use – Much cleaner skin, a brand new advisor system, better button positioning, improved coach reports to help managing club much more easier, also the new calendar system that list all important dates throughout the season
  • New Confidence section – Now you can easily tell what the board and supporters think on how you handle the team
  • Improved Transfer Center – Easier to manage your transfers
  • Fan Days – Now you can arrange fan days to boost ailing attendances, or for matches that are likely to attract a low crowd
  • Expanded Media – More media and feedback than ever before, and a new competition news section to find out what major things are going on in all league competitions
  • Faster – Faster loading, faster network gaming and of course smoother to play

And many other enhancement such as Regenerated player photo’s, Finances Revamp, Improved Match Engine, Awards Re-write, and new International Management gameplay that has been improved from the previous FM Series

Football Manager 2007 … It’s been over a year since the last time i played this series

Recently i just bought a new soccer management game called Football Manager 2007 after previously i did not bought the FM 2006 this time i’m back at playing this game series again (yep … i’m a fans of Championship Manager / Football Manager series) … guess what the first time i played this game, i got surprised because there’re so many changes since the FM 2005 (and i have to familiarized myself with this game again)

Some changes i notice in FM 2007 are :

  1. You can ask your senior player to coach younger player
  2. You can talk to your player before match or half time or after match (although in the end i just leave this team talk stuff to Assistant Manager)
  3. Better exposure of the manager (you or other club manager)
  4. You can set your own contract value and it’s additional clause (hey i like this)
  5. New training screen (i dont know if the new training screen / method already available at FM 2006 but if it’s for me, i’m sure im seeing something different than before) …


Good Old PC Games when you’re bored

Well if you don’t have anything to do right now other than browsing on the internet .. why not playing old pc games ? maybe it could bring back good memories from the past or maybe just to to make a revenge because you can’t finish those game when you’re still a kid .. anyway forget about that memories part and now i’m going to create a list of my favorite pc game in the past … although some of them are my all time favorite game :)

As a side note, some of these game are not free because it’s still licensed by the author /  company itself .. so you should do some research to find the it on the internet (and i’m not going to give you the link here) .. but i’m sure with a bit searching around the net you can find it easily


Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure 2 in Windows XP

Okay, because there’s a lot of keywords came to my site from search engine because they’re keep getting an error message or garblage screen / incorrect display when they’re trying to play Twinsen 2 under Windows XP. Okay to fix it that’s depend on where did you get those Twinsen Game, but most of them are, an incorrect display / garblage screen when it’s played under Windows XP. And to fix this you must download patch for twinsen 2 game. You can get the unofficial patch for Twinsen 2 Game from my site or get it directly from the author site.

As a side note, if you’re using DOSBox to play Twinsen’s Little Big Adventure 2, then there’s no need to use that patch, because it can works fine even without that patch (i’m already tested this on my computer). But the only problem you may face if you’re using an illegal copy of Twinsen’s 2 Game on DOSBox is when you start Twinsen’s 2 game, it’ll ask you to insert the CD which obviously you don’t have it .. and the only solution for this is you’re going to need another *cough* patch, you can search for it on the internet.. or try asking … someone who know about it ;) .. note : its not that hard to find it .. because i already get those *cough* patch ..

How to hack games on PC

To make things short, as you can see from this post title, this is a short how to so you can hack games on your PC so you can get infinite health, mana, and so on

Required tools:

Memory Editing Program: you can find this on the internet although i’ll only put one sample as tutorial here :) and for example :

  • Artmoney (Shareware/Freeware) : this memory searcher comes as freeware and shareware version although there’s only few differences between the freeware and shareware version
  • Cheat Engine (Freeware) : same as artmoney plus this program can search memory from your Network (for example you were playing games on pc1 and want to cheat from pc2, you can use this tools)
  • and many other tools such as TSearch (Freeware) , MemoryGutterXP (freeware), etc … try searching the net if you want to use different program

Optional Tools :