Corsair HX520W Power Supply Unit First Impression

2 Days ago i just received my new power supply from Corsair (HX520W) as a replacement part because my previous power supply (HEC Zephyr) died in less than 2 weeks after i bought it from some retail store (which is quite disappointing)

My first impression when i received this Corsair HX520W PSU was … WoW !!! i never seen something like this before. Because based on my previous experiences, all power supply i’ve used before doesn’t have a modular feature like this one from Corsair although Corsair HX520W only has three +12V rails while the HEC Zephyr has four +12V rails but in the end both power supply gives enough power to all my peripherals


Abit AN9-32X Disappoinment

2 days ago i just bought an almost complete cpu set which is using Abit AN9–32X for the motherboard and AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ (ADO5200CZBOX) for the processor, and Corsair PC5300 for the memory … and including any other part but i think there’s no need for me to write it here

Okay … back to the story, after finished assembling every parts i turned on the new cpu and get into the bios (the usual thing to do) to adjust settings for various part such as disabling Floppy Disk Controller, disabling the Silicon SATA Controller (because i do not need it), etc. Then continue to save it and exit from the bios


FSP Blue Storm II 500W is still not enough for me ?

I just do not understand, how come everytime i get new PSU with higher watts and claims to provide higher ampere at +3.3V and +5V rails than the old power supplies (even for brand name power supplies such as my previous Enermax and Enlight), the +3.3 and +5 Voltage always below the recommended area (in other words there’s no change from the previous PSU) although there’s no new peripherals added and even worse i just bought this new PSU several days ago (because i read good reviews about this psu from various website such as from here, here and here) and no this time i do not overclock anything

From BIOS i saw this new psu only provides 3.28V (it always stay in this area and never reached 3.3) for the +3.3V, and 4.89 although at first i saw 5.05 on the +5V rail. And i’m sure that value will be much lower than this after being used for about 6 months or more (which result in unexpected system crash). Other than that, i also saw the same value from Lavalyst Everest, SiSoft Sandra, and ITE Smart Guardian (although i did not check it via wire method like this guy done here)

Quoted from that page :

good because the 5 and 12 were sligtly low (4.96/11.92) but verry stable under load (voltage actualy came up about .02v) and i was able to bring them both up with the 1 pot.

Goodbye Barton … Welcome X2

Yesterday, my old computer which is using AMD Athlon XP Barton Core 2600+ combined with Albatron KX18D Pro II Mobo finally leave this world :P … after serving me for more than 5 years

Although at the same day i just bought a new 500 Power Supply (FSP Blue Storm II 500 Watt) but it seems the mainboard / the processor can not hold it any longer

And since i just can not live without my computer, today i bought a brand new computer / peripherals (actually not all of them are brand new because i just need to replace specific part that can not be brought over from my old computer)