Hostgator Storage and Bandwidth Capacity Upgraded

Hostgator recently upgraded all their hosting plan into an extremely large storage capacity and bandwidth just like Dreamhost do .. although it’s nice to get a huge amount of storage space on your hosting plan .. but i’m wondering, if they’re going to be like some hosting out there that’s overselling their plan to their customer ?

Well .. i hope not, because if it’s mean downtime to my website (so far i’m really satisfied with their uptime), then there’s nothing i can do other than moving into a new web hosting company (because i prefer uptime rather than high bandwidth / storage especially if you’re not going to use it) … beside there’s no one that’s going to reach that maximum bandwidth amount because every shared hosting limit your CPU usage so there’s no one that can reach your full bandwidth limitation with the exception you can always use all the storage as long as it’s just a storage area :P

By the way here’s the amount of storage space and bandwidth when Hostgator upgraded their servers :

  • The Hatchling plan : 50 GB Storage | 200 GB Bandwidth
  • The Baby plan : 100 GB Storage | 1 TB Bandwidth
  • The Swamp plan : 200 GB Storage | 2 TB Bandwidth

Wow .. that’s really huge especially when comparing the original baby plan (this is the one that i’m using right now) that only gives you only 5GB storage and 75GB bandwidth originally.

What i’ve learnt from Google Adsense so far

I’ve been using adsense since august 2006 (but i think that month should not be counted because i was still in progress of moving my site from the free wordpress account into a self hosted account and there’s downtime for about 2 times because i move to 3 different host at that time) .. anyway forget about that .. by the way here’s my adsense experience so far and what i’ve learnt since i’m using adsense and why you should forget about using adsense if this condition applies to you :

  • For those who already own a free blogger account or free wordpress account and think about moving into your self hosted blog just to use adsense (if you were on wordpress dot com) or moving to a blogger account if you’re a freebies type. Then i suggest you to stop right away, because you’re not going to make anything from your adsense account .. because the only way to make money from adsense, only if you’re creating useful content on your website
  • If you’re going to make lots of money from adsense there’s no way you can do it by simply using shared hosting that can only handle small – medium traffic, because of cpu restriction usage, maximum connection to the database server and if you exceed that limit .. then you’ll see your beautiful page will get replaced by suspended page from your webhosting company except for some big company
  • Don’t you ever think you can make easy money by simply placing adsense on your website, without at least 1000 impression / day on your adsense account (unless you’re really lucky to get high paying adsense keyword for every displayed ads but there’s no such thing in this world)
  • Most people have ad blocking program installed on their computer, so you should make sure you’re site can be displayed properly
  • Forget about those people that can make easy money from their adsense account, because they’re not using shared hosting like you .. if you’re on blogger account then there’s no need to worry about that .. but back to point #1 .. you’ll need to create something useful / unique first and this one is a good example for a blogger account
  • Always ask directly to the Google Adsense team to make sure your site is not breaking the adsense terms and condition when you’re playing with your ad placement and don’t worry because Google Adsense team will reply to your email message within 1 day (i live in different timezone and i always get reply from them within 1 day) .. except if you send email on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday ..
  • SEO is still the important thing to do in order to make profit from your adsense account (or at least make some money) because it brings traffic to your site
  • Social Bookmarking site such as Stumble Upon only destroy your CTR because most people from social bookmarking site already know about adsense
  • Never try to target high level / experienced audience or visitors that know about adsense, ads, affiliate or such stuff ..

That’s all .. and as a note, i create this website is for learning experience (started on July 2006) and because i like it (actually i like everything related to computer). Not because i just want to use adsense .. and the reason i leave wordpress dot com is because i want to have more freedom on configuring my own site

How to get visitors to your blog

The most frequently asked question on various forum is how to get someone to read your blog. Of course there can be various answer to that question. For example the common answers to that question is :

  • Get other site to link to your blog
  • Submit your site to search engine and various free directories
  • Join blogging communities, or social networking site
  • Join various forum to promote your blog
  • Leave comment on other blog

Okay i think that’s cover it all because that is the common answers to that kind of question .. but which method do you think will perform best ? well i think it’s best for me to describe all the answers .. so you can decide by yourself which method is best for you :)


Good Old PC Games when you’re bored

Well if you don’t have anything to do right now other than browsing on the internet .. why not playing old pc games ? maybe it could bring back good memories from the past or maybe just to to make a revenge because you can’t finish those game when you’re still a kid .. anyway forget about that memories part and now i’m going to create a list of my favorite pc game in the past … although some of them are my all time favorite game :)

As a side note, some of these game are not free because it’s still licensed by the author /  company itself .. so you should do some research to find the it on the internet (and i’m not going to give you the link here) .. but i’m sure with a bit searching around the net you can find it easily


Why you shouldn’t trust jobs listed on Blog

Most of you maybe already seen some blogger site offering job or give some information about job opening, and should you trust that site ? or just ignored it ? Well for some people, they really think they can get a real job from some site like that. Yeah, although it’s good to share some job information like that, if it’s for me, i’d rather find it on the internet or go to the official site of the company itself (if there’s any).


My first month thanks to Timethief

This is my first month in blogging experience, although im still new to blogging stuff. I always read from someone posts or faqs but first i’d like to thank Timethief / Coyotes on wordpress since she’s the only person that made me created this blogs in the first place

At first i saw her posts at the wordpress forums, she made myself thinking, why there’s a person who likes to create long posts especially in the forums and saying some harsh words, but in the end (actually since few days ago) after i saw her posts i know that she didnt mean it. But one thing for sure is she’s the only person beside drmike who’s always helping newbies / new wordpress bloggers. Although i dont talks alot (i only posts a few times there) in the wordpress forums, i always keep an eye for what happening on wordpress dot com ;)

And to show my thanks to her … i made this post ;)

Yay ! My first blog ever!!!

After a long process (actually it’s not that long, i’ve finished creating my first blog ever .. in my entire life) although most blog contain a daily journal, but im going to write about computer stuff in here .. and hopefully there’ll be alot of visitors coming to my site :)

as i side note, i already edited this page .. because i left my first blog in wordpress at 15 August because i want to have more flexibility over my blog (or my site) .. and i think that’s the best thing i’ve ever done in my entire life