Goodbye Barton … Welcome X2

Yesterday, my old computer which is using AMD Athlon XP Barton Core 2600+ combined with Albatron KX18D Pro II Mobo finally leave this world :P … after serving me for more than 5 years

Although at the same day i just bought a new 500 Power Supply (FSP Blue Storm II 500 Watt) but it seems the mainboard / the processor can not hold it any longer

And since i just can not live without my computer, today i bought a brand new computer / peripherals (actually not all of them are brand new because i just need to replace specific part that can not be brought over from my old computer)


Media Temple Grid Server Review

Finally Media Temple already approved the previously mentioned Grid Server account for my uncle’s today (when i posted this). And one thing for sure, the Media Temple GS Control Panel rocks ! i’ve never seen a custom control panel like this before (Godaddy use custom control panel too, but their control panel lack features)

Media Temple Grid ServerAnd here’s my own review about Media Temple Grid Server (since my uncle account just got approved today, i can not give you report about Media Temple Uptime / performance), but i’ll give you a short review about their features (after few months with them, i’m going to make a review about their uptime too)


Media Temple Grid Server

Yesterday my uncle is trying to register with the Media Temple Grid Server based on my suggestion (not affiliate of course). Although i’ve heard various bad thing about Media Temple their Grid Server, but i’m just curious what kind of problems is in their Grid Server actually and i always not satisfied until i tried it first (my uncle want me to set up everything so he can just simply use his website without managing other aspect)

And now when i posted this, it’s been 13 hours since i tried to register with them and they still not approved it. Definitely this is the longest activation time i ever had, because when i tried to register with Hostgator, they already activated my hostgator account within 8 minutes only !

Hm .. maybe they shouldn’t say Instant Activation on their order page at the first place, because if it were truly an instant activation then i do not have to wait for 13 hours like this even if the order comes from a 3rd world country (because Hostgator activated my account in just 8 minutes only, while Godaddy activated my account instantly)

Well .. i guess i just have to wait until 24 hours passed and if my uncle account is still not activated by them .. i guess i should ask my uncle to choose other web hosting company (to be honest i’m actually really interested on trying the MT Grid Server so that’s why i can wait for 24 hours) lol

Hostgator Review, a Personal Experience

Small information about Hostgator, quoted from their about page. Hostgator is a privately owned company founded in 2002 that has no debt, is very profitable, and has NO intentions of selling any time soon. We provide service to over 400,000 websites on our shared and reseller plans. We are the world’s leading provider of reseller accounts with over 10,000 resellers who have chosen us to provide the network, servers, and support required to launch a hosting business

At the time i write this post, i’m currently hosted by Hostgator (dunno if in the future) i’m going to move into other web hosting company or not. But one thing for sure is, when i posted this .. i have been with hostgator for 8 months (until March 07). And without further ado, here’s my own complete hostgator review (including their server setup and so on), based on my personal experience with them :


Ahh … Guest Bloggers …

Darren Rowse writes about Why guest bloggers are great for a blog after reading the Guest post over at John Chow’s Blog written by Matt Coddington. He says that it’s a win win situation because of the following reason :

  • The blogger who does the guest spot wins : The guest bloggers can get a link back to his site, and that’s including promoting himself
  • The blogger who owns the blog wins : The owner of the blog can take a break and do not have to worry about posting something new
  • The reader wins : because they get to hear about the topic of the blog from a new angle

While personally i agree to Darren Rowse statement, but maybe Darren forgot to tell you something important, the first thing that everyone noticed is John Chow’s blog has a big number of loyal readers. And with that condition of course you can get guest bloggers to easily write something for you because they’ll get the exposure by writing on John Chow’s Blog or any other popular blog

Even one of the commenters on that Guest Post over at John Chow’s blog writes this :

Some good points – but it certainly is much easier to get a guest blogger when you have a very popular blog, right?

Redesign Site .. Finished (mostly done, at least)

Finally this site got a new design, which is using white as background and black as the font color. Hopefully with the new design it’ll appeal to most of this site visitors :-)

Actually this new design is based from the web templates by Wolfgang (thanks a lot for your wonderful design). And all i have to do is just porting it into the current theme that i’m using right now (it’s Binary Blue by Countzero) instead of porting it from scratch :-P (although it’s not fully completed yet, and this time i choose to use more images .. – judging from the previous vote session by this site visitors – )

The main reason why i choose to port it into Binary Blue is that because if i’m changing my current theme i’ll have to redo everything again (well .. i’m a lazy guy) :-P and another reason is, Binary Blue already included several important features built in .. such as paged comment (which is important for me), and many other features that i couldn’t find in other themes (that’s why i choose to stick with Binary Blue) .. although i’m a little bit worried if CountZero released a new version of Binary Blue .. i’ll have to redo everything again .. lol

Okay .. that’s all for this site journal for today .. and now because i haven’t sleep since yesterday (it’s already morning here) .. because of porting CSS templates from Wolfgang .. i think i’m going to bed .. (maybe if there’s no other activity to do)

Designing website is hard

It’s been two days since i’ve been designing a new theme for this site and so far the progress of creating a new theme for this site is .. well .. the layout itself is already completed, but now i’m stuck with what color should i use for my new theme (for example the heading color, link color, etc) :-(

Basically the background color for the new theme is using White (because for some people they prefer white background while using Black for the font color). Unfortunately i’m not that good when choosing the correct color especially if it’s involving white as the background

The only color that i always use are Black, various Gray (deep gray, light gray, etc) and some Red / Maroon .. and because of the above factors, i decided to stick with the current color :-(

Maybe i should take a look at various website that is offering free color scheme :-D .. but as a side note, if you know any website that is providing free color scheme just let me know about it (because im still searching for it and so far i only found one website that is offering color scheme)

Why did i choose to blog in English ?

If you’ve already been visiting my blog here for a while (and of course read some of my post here), you’ll probably think that i’m pretending to be a cool guy by writing in English language instead of my own language which is Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language). Despite there are various spelling and grammar error here and there (and lots of other error), i keep writing in english.

But why did i choose to write in english eventhough i can’t write it well ? .. that’s because english is the only international language i know (i can’t read chinese language or japanese or spanish, etc), because no matter what you write in your blog if you want to get international coverage, there’s no way you can use your own language eventhough you really want to promote it to the whole world .. and that’s a fact


What you should know about Web hosting

If you consider yourself a computer geek, i think you’ve already know about different type of webhosting and what is the differences between them other than that i’m sure you’ve already know what you should look for in a good webhosting company. But not everyone know about such stuff, especially for those who new to webhosting .. but instead talking of the technical stuff about webhosting, i’m going to talk about web hosting in general :)

Actually i decided to post about this because a few weeks ago, there’s someone chat with me on IM and he’s interested on getting a webhosting. Although he know about php script and such stuff but he didn’t know / never heard of dedicated server, managed server, vps hosting and shared hosting .. and that’s why i choose to post it just in case someone interested on getting a webhosting plan but didn’t actually know about different type of hosting plan that’s available to choose from various webhosting company

Note : I’m not going to talk about reseller hosting, simply because not everyone are going to use a reseller hosting plan