Suzumiya Haruhi – Lost my music Guitar Solo by Ginjineko

So i just found this nice clip from Youtube yesterday while i was looking for Animetal Clip but later i ended up to Suzumiya Haruhi because there’s no new animetal clip over at youtube website (i guess i’ve downloaded almost every animetal video clip from youtube). Anyway here’s what the video looks like (seriously, this guy named Ginjineko is just amazing)


4 Things to do after creating your first Website / Blog ever

So you just finished registering your own domain name for the first time ever, and you got yourself a good web hosting company and already created / use some custom themes for your website. But you’re confused on what you should do next in order to get your website listed on various search engines and in the end you’ll get some nice traffic from those search engines ? or even better you could make money from it ?


Why you shouldn’t trust screenshots showing online earning report

Wondering why you shouldn’t trust any screenshot (note: screenshot is not a photo of you with your check of course) that shows you a screenshot about someone else earning report (in this case online income report) … such as from their affiliate earnings report, adsense report, etc ? The answer is simply because they can always create a fake screenshot about their online earning report

Want to see an example? Here’s what a perfect adsense report look like


Winamp 5.5 just got better

WinampSo today i just upgrade my previously installed Winamp 5.35 into Winamp 5.5 and guess what ? i think the Winamp team has improved the Winamp skins considerably. Back then when Winamp 3 was launched it introduces us to their new skinning engine which was more powerful than the previous 2.x series, but the problem is … it take too many of your system resources which is not that great considering most people only use Winamp to listen to their favorite songs (even lots of my friends doesn’t really use Winamp 3 skins type anyway)


What’s wrong with Akismet ?

I just don’t understand … how come i’m as the owner of this blog / website get marked as spam whenever i tried to reply to the comment(s) posted by this site visitors …

Another case is … when i’m trying to test posting a comment to my own local server which is obviously can’t be accessed by anyone, by simply using Test as nickname, with [email protected] as it’s email address and as the url address .. it’s still being marked as spam ! and with as it’s ip address !


Finally reached 1.000.000 Page views

Wheee finally today 18 September (actually it’s 19 September in my local time) this website finally reached 1.000.000 Page views (to be exact 1.002.150 Page Views recorded) according to my Google Analytics account (after 1 year, 1 month and 3 days)

While for some people this number can be considered as normal, but if it’s for me … of course i’m really delighted for it because i just never thought that i would reached this amount (beside i never dreamed about it before) … and that’s all thanks to WordPress. Because if i didn’t create my first blog ever in their free service, there’s no way this site exists (except there’s someone else buying this domain name at the first place)


VPS Plan Upgraded

2 days i just ordered VPS Hosting from WiredTree with 30GB RAID-10 Disk Space, 300GB Bandwidth (Wow … i do not think i’m going to reach this amount), with 256MB Ram (Burstable to 1GB) …

At first i thought that capacity is enough for this small site, but i guess i’ve made a wrong decision because if you’ve visited this site since yesterday, i’m pretty sure you’ve noticed that this site is unreachable (i’m sorry i didn’t notice it first when i wrote my previous post about my new host) … and that’s all thanks to the low RAM

But … today i just contacted my web hosting company, and ask them to upgrade my vps plan into using 512MB RAM … and things seem to be working a lot better now … so in this post i’d like to say sorry to those who’s trying to access this site earlier, and get an unreachable page

Conclusion : With this new server specs, i guess i need to work even harder so i can pay my monthly hosting bill and my internet bill

Please Welcome … WiredTree Web Hosting

So yesterday i’ve finished moving this site to a new web host named WiredTree (after doing some testing with my other domain name), and i must say although at first i want it to have no downtime at all … but it seems that’s almost impossible for me to do it, because … well … i forgot to make few changes to the .htaccess file which is previously used on my previous host Hostgator (this cause several errors), forgot to add Zones for the site feeds itself, need to reconfigure ome modules installed on the server (if you visited this site yesterday you can see it from the Server Error Message), and i’m pretty sure the DNS records may not have fully propagated yet :P