CentOS 7.1 and OpenVZ

Over the last weekend, this blog was down for a few days before it finally got back up and running last sunday. The source of the problem was because of CentOS 7 just recently been updated to 7.1 and the problem was caused by the initscripts package. While there’s nothing important here because this is just a personal blog and not a mission critical site, but seeing it was inaccessible for a few days irks me.

I found out the site was inaccessible on April 3. I was unable to connect at all and so i was thinking that maybe the node where i was at was down and so i sent a ticket to the provider. When they replied saying there’s nothing wrong on their side, then i started thinking was there a misconfiguration somewhere? but the day before it was working. So it began, the troubleshooting game. Unfortunately because the network is down and the provider didn’t give me access to any other console so it’s kinda hard to check on things because i have to tell them the command first by sending them tickets and then they would execute it and report back. At the same time i don’t like bothering them like this because this is an unmanaged service so asking them like this feels like i was bothering them.

After numerous messages and failed attempts. They offered me to create a full backup of my container and then rebuild the vps the OS and then put the backup file later on the freshly installed vps so i can do what i want with it later. I was still hesitant on doing that mainly because well let’s just say i don’t want to reconfigure the whole thing again and i’m thinking the problem wasn’t related to configurations and so i asked them to execute one more command, and that is to install packages using yum.

To my surprise they reported that yum failed and they couldn’t even ping the machine from the host node. So just as i thought this problem was caused by something else and so i ask them to try to re-add my ip address, move to another ip temporarily, and all of them ended up in failure and thought that this is due to broken network scripts. Then they re-offered me whether i want to proceed with the backup plan mentioned before … and because i’m left with no other choice i choose yes. After the procedure completed I’m left with a freshly installed CentOS 7 and a tar backup file placed in the root directory.

Dead Island the buggiest game i’ve ever played

Bugs are common on every software and that’s including games, but a bug that caused me to not be able to load my saved game? this is the first time ever i experienced such thing. The reason for this, after i looked around the web, is apparently caused by … the game impose a limit of an unbelievable size of 10,260 bytes for your saved game (that’s what i think after reading through various forums posts)

I have no idea on why the developers impose such restriction to a sandbox style game where you can loot anything you want and in fact you should. And even if they should limit it, they should make sure that the limit can be seen directly in-game (i’m talking about the loot items in your inventory and also storage items)

I found this first, right after i finished the game with Xian (level 50), and when i tried to start a new game plus (or load the same save after finished), the game crashed when loading the save game. And after several retries, i’m thinking i’m experiencing a gamebreaking bug in this game (minor bugs are ignored) and so i searched the web and found the solution by running a tool made by KNR from Steam forums that can restore your saved games if you don’t mind on losing all the sidequests progress, and also knows why the save game caused the game to crash.

Why you should create backup and recovery cds

And obviously this apply to me also. Because last week i lost all my partitions on one of my disk drive which is unfortunately contains all my important files from projects to important documents and also include a not so important mp3 files. And to make things worse, the last backup i created is more than a year ago (mp3 and other not important files are excluded) so recovering from that backup is a no go for me. And the only thing i can do is try to recover it first by myself and if i can’t recover it, i’ve been thinking on taking the HDD to recovery experts (although i prefer to avoid this because i don’t have the money to pay for experts hdd recovery which cost more than 90 USD)

p.s. if you just want to know on what tools i used to do the recovery process and similar stuff, just scroll down

And here’s what happens last week:

  1. I started my computer, to continue working for my new project. And just right after i booted into Windows Vista (x86) (i have Vista x86 and Windows 7 x64 in Dual Booting). Windows stopped responding and forced me to reboot my computer using the reset button
  2. Computer restarted and then stuck on Windows Booting Logo (that progress bar thing), and force me to push the reset button again. This continue for about 2 – 4 times
  3. After several times restarting finally i can get into Windows Vista and to my surprise i was greeted with a message that is basically saying One of the partition is corrupted (the corrupted partition is where i stored the my documents and such, because i moved the my documents into another partition located at different physical drive from the OS partition). And so i run this command at the command prompt
    fsutil dirty set x: && fsutil dirty set y: && fsutil dirty set z:

Welcome to the new server hosted on Knownhost

After a long and exhausting proces with reading testing and scp-ing files to the new host, i can finally say that i’m finished with the moving process! well actually the moving process only take a few hours but reconfiguring everything in the new host need careful testing just to make sure that i’m not breaking something and so i welcome you to my new host, Knownhost and this also mark as the fourth host i’ve been using so far

I’ve heard only great things about them on various forums or blogs and it seems those posts aren’t just post made up to get affiliate commision, because after signing up with them, i noticed it immediately that they have fast servers and also good network coverage even for someone like me that live in another country really far away from the server location (if you’re wondering on which datacenter i choose, i choose Texas simply because majority of this blog visitors is located near Texas according to Google Analytics although California datacenter is much faster for me)

And oh as a note, if you sent an email to me via my contact form since 2 weeks ago and didn’t receive any answer, unfortunately that’s because i forgot to configure something that makes the email being rejected, and in the end i’m not seeing anything on my inbox so try resending your message once again because i just fixed it (and already tested it)

p.s if you want to signup with Knownhost, make sure to apply Knownhost Coupon Code KH2010 to get 75% discount on your first month and 10% lifetime discount on VPS2-VPS5 Plan

No more email delivered to your inbox from now on

As the title say, from now on … i’ll delete the entire email subscriber that have subscribed to this blog. And the reason for that is simple because from now on i’ll write post more often but … let’s say that since most of them will probably be a random post that is not going to be interesting to most of you (especially to those who are looking for World of Warcraft related topic), i think the best way for me is simply to turn off email subscription to all the previous subscribed users to make sure that i’m not spamming any useless post to your inbox (better be safe than sorry, right?) ;)

And so from now on, if you want to subscribe to receive blog updates, then you can do so by using various RSS Feed Readers like FeedDemon if you prefer to use a desktop based program or you can also subscribe to this blog using Google Reader, if you prefer to use web application and enter http://www.reaper-x.com/feed as the url for the rss feed. But of course you can always visit this blog directly if you prefer to not using any programs to get updates from this blog :D

And if you still continue receiving updates from this blog to your inbox after this post has been published (in case there’s something wrong), please report it to me here on this post and so i can fix it ASAP

Site redesign finished

Okay so finally my site get redesigned for about the 4th times if i recall it correctly lol, and hopefully this time the design looks much nicer compared to the old design. And obviously since i’m not a designer (and can’t use photoshop either or any other graphic editing tools) so i think compared to a design made by a designer this new layout is nothing (and obviously the color scheme used is going to be a lot better than this). Although i think this design looks good compared to before, but everyone has their own opinion … but anyway, let’s keep that aside shall we? because by posting this, i just want to highlights the most important things that has been changed

1. Unlike the previous comment system, the new comment support Threaded comment which means you can reply directly to the previous commenter and your reply will be shown directly below it
2. The new comment system now displayed in descending order, and so … new comment will be displayed first while the old comment displayed last
3. The Contact page now using Recaptcha … to (perhaps) reduce the spam delivered to my inbox (i’m sorry for this, because i’ve been receiving lots of spam to my inbox lately)
4. Utilize CoralCDN completely to serve static files such as images to reduce load (although this is just a small site and i rarely use images, but hey it’s still better right? than serving everything from this small vps) :D …

As for the other things, well … since i’m using various free icons from the web, and also with the help from my friend on creating that cursed rounded corner (so it’ll looks web 2.0–ish … at least that’s what they think), i’m going to create a separate page to give them a proper credits :)

With the above said, and redesigning site is also finished … now i can continue on writing new post :D … and my next post would be using CoralCDN to save your bandwidth and … also resources perhaps :)

No Warranty for your PS3, if there’s no Official Support in your Country

So … yesterday i just received a response from Sony regarding my enquiry about PS3 Warranty and such in Indonesia (because i have a plan on buying a brand new PS3). And as a matter of fact, this is the first time ever i asked such question before buying a game console, because i know that there’ll be no official supports for game console here because of … well you know … piracy issue here

I decided to ask this question directly because i have a XBOX 360 console that i bought April 2008 (which is still under warranty if it’s not flashed), and i have sent it for repair once because it won’t read any disc and i keep getting open tray message although there’s a disc inside, a month ago (not to Microsoft because i have a flashed 360, although i’m not the one who flashed it because it came pre-flashed from the store and beside it’s hard to get a non pre-flashed 360 console here) and the cost to repair it … is around 36.4 USD (if converted to USD) … and right now (one month after i’ve sent my 360 for repair) … my 360 console won’t read any disc again, and i’m guessing this time i need to replace the lens … which is going to cost me around 78 USD … and of course i consider that as expensive

In short, i decided to ask this question to Sony so just in case in the future i’m experiencing problem and it is still under the warranty, i can still send it to them directly to get repaired for free (in my case i always have problem with optic ever since the PSX era)

At first (before i sent them an email message) i thought that even if there is no official supports here for the Playstation products, i can still at least get a replacement / repair service for free as stated at the above paragraph but here is their response:

ReaperBBFlex for BBPress Released

Today I just finished porting a wonderful css template created by Gerhard from http://1234.info called MultiFlex-5 to be used as BBPress theme. And because Gerhard (the MultiFlex Author) allow me to release to ported version of MultiFlex to BBPress Community, i decided to release it to the public. And hopefully you’ll like this theme :)

And as a side note, this theme is based from the default theme for BBPress and that is Kakumei, so full credits should be given to the author of Kakumei  and author of MultiFlex-5 by creating such wonderful theme / css template


ReaperBBFlex - BBPress Theme

Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Problem with XBOX 360 Wireless Receiver?

So a few months ago i bought myself an xbox 360 wireless adapter because i got tired of playing various games using standard wired keyboard (although i don’t play a lot so i often not plugged in the receiver into the usb port). And of course it works fine until today when i tried to plug it again into the usb port because recently i just changed my keyboard and mouse into using a wireless keyboard and mouse (Logitech MX5000 Keyboard and Logitech MX1000 Laser Mouse) that is using Bluetooth technology just like the xbox wireless receiver adapter. And the problem is the Xbox 360 wireless controller can’t be detected by the xbox wireless adapter although the xbox wireless adapter already listed on device manager

At first i thought probably there’s a frequency / signal interference somewhere because both of them are using bluetooth. But after a little bit searching around the net and found this topic at avsforum.com, one of the poster there says:


Nope! I use a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard and mouse. No interference problems.