Have you tried using Optimized Firefox Build ?

So yesterday i decided to use an optimized Firefox build because the default Firefox build takes long time to load (even Opera is fast than Firefox installed on my system). Previously i think it was normal because i had many Firefox extensions installed

But … since i’m really curios about it, i decided to take a look at various Optimized Firefox Build for specific processor and found pigfoot firefox build site

As for the rest, i think you already guessed it … i downloaded the P3 Build because of this reason :

P3 build build with /GAL7 arch:SSE2 and mmoy’s SSE2 patches, for AMD Athlon 64, AMD Sempron, Pentium D, Pentium M, Pentium 4 and Celeron 1.7 GHz+

Firefox 2 Crash Script

Even the most favorite browser for geek (well at least only some people know about it judging by the number of Internet Explorer users that is still high) known as Mozilla Firefox .. has some vulnerability issue .. and surprisingly this bug exists on the new Firefox 2 release …and just in case you want some proof about this .. then try opening this page and you’ll see Firefox 2 crashed .. the only solution for this :

Yep that’s all … by the way i just tested it with / without javascript enabled and the result is :

  • If you enabled Javascript in Firefox with / without additional extension .. you’ll see firefox crashed
  • If you disable Javascript .. then you can see the page without problem :D

And just in case you want to run it on your own computer without loading that page first .. here’s the script (copied from that page) :

<script type=”text/javascript”>
function do_crash()
var range;

Firefox Shortcut Key for URL Completion

Just in case someone didn’t know about this (because i always saw someone typing the full domain name manually instead of using the automatic url completion), im going to post it. Actually it just a simple keyboard shortcut to provide automatic url completion so you don’t have to type www and the domain extension such as .com, .net or .org in Firefox.

And here’s the shortcut key :

  • SHIFT + ENTER : Will automatically complete a .net domain, for example type reaper-x and then press shift + enter it’ll become www.reaper-x.net automatically
  • CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER : Will automatically complete domain name using .org extension
  • CTRL + ENTER : Will automatically complete domain name using .com extension

That’s all .. simple isn’t it?

List of Useful Extension for Firefox 2.0

Ever since Mozilla Firefox 2 has been released to the public (i mean the stable version not release canditate, beta, alpha, etc of course) .. i have changed many extension installed on my Firefox, mainly not because the previous 1.5.x extension is no longer supported but because there’s other similar tool that does the same thing. As a side note, i’ll only list the newly installed extension on my Firefox because i’ve already post most of the useful firefox extension before, so try read my previous post about the recommended firefox 1.5 extension first before reading this because most of them can be used on Mozilla Firefox 2.0 as well.


List of the most useful Firefox extension

After using Mozilla Firefox for a long time, i haven’t post a single article about the most recommended Mozilla Firefox extension list .. but since you can find such article on the net easily, i’m going to post about my favorite list of Mozilla Firefox extension including it’s description in my own description not the author description. Unfortunately most of the extensions i’m currently using (which is my favorite extension) is not going to be interesting for most people except for several people. But you can judge it by yourself if it’s a usefull extension or not ;)