Reaper-X PCSX2 SVN Compile / Build

Update: I’ve stopped releasing pcsx2 svn compile, i’d suggest you to check the official pcsx2 website directly :)

So basically in order to avoid cluttering the pcsx2 guide, and because it seems there are interest on my pcsx2 svn build / compile. I decided that perhaps creating a separate post about pcsx2 svn compile in order to make updating much easier in the future. Basically this page will list the svn build compiled by me and so to those who are interested on using the latest pcsx2 build, you can download it from this page (feel free to bookmark this page if you want). And i also included both Legacy GUI of PCSX2 and also the New GUI of PCSX2 and obviously the necessary plugins except for the BIOS file of course, so you can test on which one is best for you (personally i prefer to use the old Legacy GUI but it’s up to you to decide) :)

But first as a note, PCSX2 may / may not support SVN Build / Compile (i’m not sure whether pcsx2 team allow error reporting from unofficial build), so use it at your own risk. And absolutely it’s virus free, so there’s no need to worry about virus or malware

And of course all credits should be given to PCSX2 team

How to cheat on PCSX2

Ever wondered how to use cheat codes such as Codebreaker or Armax on pcsx2?. Maybe this simple guide can help you on how to cheat on pcsx2.

PCSX2 Mana Khemia

Before i get started, i just want to let you know that there are three methods that you can use to cheat on pcsx2. And that three methods are:

1. Using External Memory Editing program
2. Using internal PCSX2 patch finder function
3. Using RAW Codes that is available freely on the internet such as Codetwink, and many other site as well

PCSX2 0.9.4 the PS2 Emulator has been released

Please check Reaper-X PCSX2 SVN Compile / Build. In order to make things easier for you to download whenever i’ve compiled newer pcsx2 revision, i’ve put it on separate page :)

PCSX2 0.9.4 (the one and only PS2 emulator i’ve tested and works) has been released yesterday (based from my local time). In fact i just tested two games (Suikoden V, Metal Gear Solid) on this new pcsx2 release and it seems there’s some improvement from the previous version (though i think my current pc specs is still not enough to run games normally on pcsx2). And btw … i’m using Athlon64 X2 5200+ with 3GB PC5300 DDR2 RAM, and GeForce 8600GT

But as a side note, i haven’t tried to play around with all of the new settings yet, other than enabling the Multi Threaded GS Mode and Dual Core mode on the cpu setting

The first one is Suikoden V, i get around 20 to 30 FPS at the Intro part and between 25 to 30 while on ship at the beginning (most of the time it just sits between 25 to 30)

Compiling eAthena with GCC in Cygwin

Since i got interested on playing Ragnarok online once again, so i decided to create this guide .. and this guide is useful to those who’s interested on running their private ragnarok online server from home .. but if it’s for me i use this to test build, finding rare items, etc without doing real work (read: if you play on private server you’ll need to get the items manually) because i can type any items i want as a GM (Game master). But instead of telling you on how to setup server (i’ll write more about this at later time). This post will tell you on how to build / compile eathena in Windows with GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) in Cygwin

And to those who didn’t know or never heard about eathena. eAthena is an open-source project, emulating a Ragnarok Online Server

Getting SVN Client

First of all, in order to fetch the latest eathena files from it’s Subversion repository you’ll need a SVN client program. And in Windows there are 2 ways of doing this (both of them are free) :

Pixel Shader / Hardware TnL Emulation

Because i’ve been getting alot of queries came into my site from search engine because there’s someone trying to find the Pixel Shader Emulator, i decided to post this .. well actually i’ve tried this freeware pixel shader emulator / hardware tnl (transform and lightning) in the past while im still using my old Nvidia GeForce 2MX to try out different 3DMark 01 test especially those involving pixel shader test, because GeForce 2 MX doesnt support pixel shader so the only way to do it is by using a freeware program called 3D Analyze (dunno if this still works right now, but it doesnt hurt to try, right ?)


ePSXe 1.6.0 Complete with Plugins

Since i’ve been getting email from someone that has trouble getting epsxe to work, i have uploaded epsxe including the plugins minus the bios files (of course because it’s illegal). Unfortunately the included plugins is quite old, but don’t worry about it because it still works fine (although i don’t use ePSXe anymore). Btw the ePSXe version is 1.6.0 and you can download it from here … and yes, you can play Final Fantasy 7 with this ;)

pSX emulator another free playstation emulator

For those who didn’t know there was another great Playstation / PSX Emulator named PSX Emulator, and much simpler than ePSXe (although that’s depends on the users itself) ;) since this PSX Emulator doesnt use plugins system like ePSXe. So most users will find this emulator easy to use.

Although this emulator didn’t use plugins system based on PSEMU, this emulator can play almost all commercial playstation games out there, for example the most Popular RPG like Final Fantasy series, Chrono Cross, etc. And has high compatibility for another games.

And here’s some screenshot of pSX Emulator running on my computer