Set up Caching Nameserver on Windows using BIND

I think most of you who are running Linux already knew that you can set up a caching nameserver on your home computer in order to speed up dns queries (a proper word for this is forwarding caching resolver according to Necromancer at the comment below). But what if you’re on Windows and want to achieve the same thing (cache dns request)? Well thanks to BIND port for Windows, now you can also set up your own DNS Server on Windows easily

And to make things short, let’s get straight to the point ;)

1. First you’ll need to grab Bind from the ISC homepage (grab the Windows version of course), and at the time i wrote this, the latest Bind / Named version is 9.5.0–P1

2. When you’ve finished downloading BIND, now just you need to extract it somewhere on your harddrive and then followed by running BINDInstall.exe to install BIND. But first as a note, in this example i choose to Install BIND into C:\BIND