How to remap / retasking Realtek onboard jacks / ports

If you’re using Realtek onboard soundcard and for whatever reasons wants to remap / retask the rear jacks or front panel jacks to anything you want hopefully you’ll find this useful

For example, in my case, because i’m not using a computer case (in other words, i just left my motherboard open) and i don’t have a standalone front panel and at the same time i want to connect my headphone to the rear grey jack / side speakers jack (by default headphone can be connected only to the front panel jack) while also connecting a 5.1 analog speakers setup to the rear jacks (green, black, and orange)

Anyway to make thing short, here’s the steps:

0. Download the latest driver available because there are differences between the pin numbers used if you’re using old drivers, uninstall the old driver, restart your system, install the new driver and then restart your system once again (at the time i write this, the latest version is R267, and so this post is based and tested using their R267 driver for the 64-bit systems)

How To: Realtime AC3 / Dolby Digital Encoding for Games

This simple how perhaps might be useful to those who are connecting their sound card to a receiver that doesn’t have analog input (like me for example) and using the Matrix Decoder on your receiver doesn’t sounds as good as using a Dolby Digital / AC3 encoded files. So what this simple how to trying to achieve is to do a realtime AC3 Encoding using software (in other word, using your CPU power to perform realtime Dolby Digital encoding) and then deliver that Dolby Digital / AC3 encoded material to your receiver. Although unfortunately it doesn’t come for free

Before i begin, please note that this tips is intended for use in Gaming only (or perhaps listening through your MP3/MP4s collection if you’re not using a music player that support realtime Dolby Digital Encoding from a plugin, like Winamp for example). Because for movie and music listening purpose the process is much simpler plus there’s no latency problem like this and you don’t need to spend money (unless you want to donate for the project) .. but i’m not going to describe the process for movie and music listening purpose here because as the title says this is for games :)

If you’re currently using below setup, then chances are you don’t need to spend $30 USD to get a realtime AC3 Encoder / Dolby Digital Encoder. But i haven’t tested it yet because i don’t have the required hardware

  • If your sound card belong to the Creative Audigy Series

    Then you can try using redocneXk combined with Creative ASIO Driver or KX Driver. As the documentation itself can be found here
  • If you have the new Creative X-Fi Series (a much better option for X-Fi series)

    Then you can spend $4.72 USD, and get the Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect Pack from Creative Store

Otherwise, if your setup doesn’t match above configuration then unfortunately you’ll need to spend $30 USD for a software that is required for this purpose BUT if you don’t mind on spending more money and prefer to skip all this together, you can just buy Diamond Multimedia Xtreme Sound 7.1 DDL (equipped with Dolby Digital Live feature, which is unfortunately not available on where i live because there are no distributor for it here according to the official website) if you prefer a cheaper alternative to X-Fi (at least for me)

Guide to Copy Protect your Audio CD

Many of you already has a CD Writer to burn your audio files and give / share it with your friend. But did you know that you can also protect those Audio CD so your friend can’t distribute / sell it to other (at least for the not tech savvy user) ? Well .. if that’s what you can try using a free Audio CD Copy Protection software available on the internet. The exact method to burn it is rather confusing especially for those who’s not familiar to image creating from CD. But if you already knew how to burn an audio cd and creating iso image from cd / dvd, you can read this guide on how to copy protect your audio cd


Recommended Audio Software for your Computer

Now i’m going to put another recommended software series , but instead of posting about recommended software for playstation 2 console, im going to put a recommended software for your audio files collection based on my experience and most of them are freeware (unless specified by me as shareware) ;)

And this is going to be my first looong post …….. since i included almost everything about audio converters, encoders, ripping, and many more (more…)

Using FFDshow with Winamp to improve your audio quality

Here’s a simple guide on how to improve the sound quality of your audio files if you’re using Winamp on the fly by using FFDshow ;)

1. First download ffdshow from its official site

2. After downloading and installing it, run the ffdshow audio decoder configuration from the start menu, and set the codecs tab like this (you can customize it later, but for now try to follow this guide ;) )


3. Don’t forget to resample the audio stream into 48.000 Hz like screenshow below