Just when i thought that writing would be an easy task

Just when i thought that i could start posting again to this blog … i had to moved to another city once again, and so there’s a delay until i can get a new connection here. But now … when i got a new connection, unfortunately because it has been a loooong time since the last time i wrote something, i just don’t have any ideas at all!

So what about this post then? well basically it is just a rant from me because i’m just so stressed because i don’t have any ideas to write something useful (or at least interesting to read) even after asking to Darkened Linux, but it seems that he don’t have any ideas at all just like me :(

So i guess for now i should just doing a little bit of reading here and there on various websites or forums. Or perhaps if there’s a kind soul reading this and got an idea (no matter what that is) on what the next subject should be. Please leave a comment here :D

Anway think of this post as a writing practice for me again because i just started writing again (and let’s just hope that i can get an idea by doing this) :) but obviously if you got an idea just let me know ;)

No more email delivered to your inbox from now on

As the title say, from now on … i’ll delete the entire email subscriber that have subscribed to this blog. And the reason for that is simple because from now on i’ll write post more often but … let’s say that since most of them will probably be a random post that is not going to be interesting to most of you (especially to those who are looking for World of Warcraft related topic), i think the best way for me is simply to turn off email subscription to all the previous subscribed users to make sure that i’m not spamming any useless post to your inbox (better be safe than sorry, right?) ;)

And so from now on, if you want to subscribe to receive blog updates, then you can do so by using various RSS Feed Readers like FeedDemon if you prefer to use a desktop based program or you can also subscribe to this blog using Google Reader, if you prefer to use web application and enter http://www.reaper-x.com/feed as the url for the rss feed. But of course you can always visit this blog directly if you prefer to not using any programs to get updates from this blog :D

And if you still continue receiving updates from this blog to your inbox after this post has been published (in case there’s something wrong), please report it to me here on this post and so i can fix it ASAP

How to cheat on PCSX2

Ever wondered how to use cheat codes such as Codebreaker or Armax on pcsx2?. Maybe this simple guide can help you on how to cheat on pcsx2.

PCSX2 Mana Khemia

Before i get started, i just want to let you know that there are three methods that you can use to cheat on pcsx2. And that three methods are:

1. Using External Memory Editing program
2. Using internal PCSX2 patch finder function
3. Using RAW Codes that is available freely on the internet such as Codetwink, and many other site as well

How to use CoralCDN to help reduce bandwidth usage / server resources

If you have noticed since several weeks ago (if i recall it correctly because i completely forgot since when i enabled this although it’s not really that far lol) when you visited this domain name, sometimes you’ll see .nyud.net request appended on reaper-x.com (like images.reaper-x.com.nyud.net) and if you’re wondering on why there are several request made to that nyud.net domain? then here in this post i’m going to explain it

So basically .nyud.net is a domain name used by CoralCDN (a free Content Delivery Network) that allows you (as a website owner) to utilize their CDN Service to serve your content directly from their servers. And in most case, usually CoralCDN is used by many site owners when their website that is hosted on small server / shared hosting got linked from many popular website such as Digg, Slashdot, Reddit, etc. to help them survive the effect (Check this wikipedia page for more info) … although it can be used for any other purpose as well … like for example if you host your site from your own computer that doesn’t have enough bandwidth to supply all your site visitors, or just simply want to reduce the load on your server, or perhaps just to save bandwidth :D

And so without further ado, here’s on how to use CoralCDN as your personal site saver :)

Note: This is tested on Apache Web Server 2.2, and also make sure to enable mod_rewrite and mod_headers before continuing with this process

Site redesign finished

Okay so finally my site get redesigned for about the 4th times if i recall it correctly lol, and hopefully this time the design looks much nicer compared to the old design. And obviously since i’m not a designer (and can’t use photoshop either or any other graphic editing tools) so i think compared to a design made by a designer this new layout is nothing (and obviously the color scheme used is going to be a lot better than this). Although i think this design looks good compared to before, but everyone has their own opinion … but anyway, let’s keep that aside shall we? because by posting this, i just want to highlights the most important things that has been changed

1. Unlike the previous comment system, the new comment support Threaded comment which means you can reply directly to the previous commenter and your reply will be shown directly below it
2. The new comment system now displayed in descending order, and so … new comment will be displayed first while the old comment displayed last
3. The Contact page now using Recaptcha … to (perhaps) reduce the spam delivered to my inbox (i’m sorry for this, because i’ve been receiving lots of spam to my inbox lately)
4. Utilize CoralCDN completely to serve static files such as images to reduce load (although this is just a small site and i rarely use images, but hey it’s still better right? than serving everything from this small vps) :D …

As for the other things, well … since i’m using various free icons from the web, and also with the help from my friend on creating that cursed rounded corner (so it’ll looks web 2.0–ish … at least that’s what they think), i’m going to create a separate page to give them a proper credits :)

With the above said, and redesigning site is also finished … now i can continue on writing new post :D … and my next post would be using CoralCDN to save your bandwidth and … also resources perhaps :)

Goodbye Repacks …

I’m pretty sure some of you already knew that this might be happen sooner or later, and so i think it’s best for me to write a new post explaining about this. Well it has been almost two years since the first time ever i created a Repack for World of Warcraft based on Mangos, and as many people said All good things (or bad things if you define my repacks are bad) eventually come to an end. And so in this post i want to announce that there’ll be no more repacks made by myself. Although i’m pretty sure you have noticed that too, because the last repack that is made by myself directly is the old Reaper Mangos 5472 for WoW 2.3.3 that is released more than one year ago, and since then all the repacks are made by Oatman, Colt45, Darkened Linux and Erytheia

Ever since i’ve created my first repack (well i don’t know about what repack is back then when i first created a repack and so this part deserved a new paragraph), i’ve met with many wonderful people, intelligent people that helped others to create their own wow server by helping them directly (via remote access perhaps) or by simply leaving comments here. And so in this post i want to thank you all for helping me answering all kind questions posted by various commenters

As i said before, back then when i started creating repack, i don’t know those thing called repack, and that is simply because back then when i created my first post on how to set up your own wow private server using Mangos and judging from the questions asked there, it seems some people still find that guide is difficult for them and so i created another guide and this time i included images to make things easier to read, and also separated it into four posts (Part One – Installing MySQL, Part Two – Configuring Mangos, Part Three – Configuring Mangos for LAN, Part Four – Setting up Apache Webserver) but still some people confused on how those server related things work, and so i decided to help them directly by connecting to them via Remote Desktop / Remote Assistance to configure everything directly free of charge. But because that is just too much time consuming and so i decided to create a simple Batch file to make installing and updating a little bit easier and that’s also mark as my first repack release based on Mangos, called Reaper Mangos 4488. And that’s how this repack thing started (i hope i don’t bored you with my repack history lol)

And so … once again i want to thank you all the site visitors for leaving comments, using my repacks and other repacks, and also helping others to set up their own World of Warcraft Private server. And also special thanks to Oatman, Colt45, Darkened Linux and Erytheia for their repacks. And also to everyone at Mangos Project and also TrinityCore for making such wonderful emulator despite they don’t want it to be called emulator and also Unified Database Forums for the database and also Scriptdev2 for their script :)

Erytheia Trinity Core Repack Release V1 for WoW 3.1.3

Erytheia is kind enough to inform me that he has made a new repack that can be used for WoW 3.1.3 and also support updating from the last Darkened Linux Trinity Core V2 release, and because he has made an excellent release i’ve decided to post his repack into the main page. (the original post can be found at forums). And so full credits should be given to Erytheia for his wonderful repack

WoW Launcher

And here are some information about Erytheia Trinity Core Repack V1:

Trinity Core:

Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 V2

The word is out! Trinity is dropping their Database and they are also shutting down their forum all for one reason, more people working on one Database.  Trinity is dropping their DB for a UDB (Unified Database). This is because they are join forces and create one super database that can be used for Trinity or MaNGOS. Ya big shock to everyone.  The developers told us it would be for the better of the community. When you look at it, it seems like a big jump, but it can only get better from hear.  The two different teams joining together to creating one database, the time for update will be so fast with more people working on one DB.  What does this mean? A new repack!  This new repack will run off a Trinity Core 2 with a UDB Database. It will still be 3.0.9 but better, a lot better.  This is not an upgrade because of the new DB. We strongly subject you backing up you old DB and manual delete your old DB  before installing this repack.

Lich King

UDB Update Pack

  • All outdoor areas in Northrend spawned, including new zone Stormwind Harbor
  • Redo most of equipments
  • All vendor’s and trainers redone
  • Thousands of updates and additions for quests/creatures/items/gameobjects/similar
  • And other basic 3.0.9 support
  • Updates and additions for bounding_radius and equipments
  • New npc_texts/gameobjects/items/page_texts…
  • Many updates for npc_vendor.extendedcost
  • Some 3.x related spawns to old world
  • type_flags for creature_template
  • Many npc_trainer updates
  • Added many quests chains in new map
  • Massive updates and additions for creature_model_info and creature_equip_template
  • New npc_texts/gameobjects/items/page_texts and wdb-updates for old ones
  • BonusTalents, RewMoneyMaxLevel and PlayersSlain data for quest_template
  • Hundreds of emotes and text updates for quests
  • Some immunities for tbc instances’ trash mobs
  • Some data for spell_loot_template
  • Spawned ~4000 new herbs/veins
  • Updated skill_discovery_template

Thanks to Reaper for helping this repack happen. Also thanks for the extra hand helping us test the repack Spike and Erytheia. There is a custom pack you can install with the Reaper-X installer; full credit goes to Xion87 and his good job on the custom sql! All credit goes to the Trinity team and the UDB Team for the Core and DB.

Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack v1 for WoW 3.0.9

As stated a few days ago on my twitter page, Darkened Linux has made a new Trinity Core repack for WoW 3.0.9 which is of course for WoW 3.0.9 only, so if you have patched your WoW installation, you need to perform a roll back in order to use this

A detailed explanation about this repack are listed below:

Trinity Core 2
Last Patch added 7777
Upgrades will be available for this pack soon, like 3.1.0.

Since there’s no upgrade function exist in order to upgrade from the last Trinity Core that was made by Oatman, by installing this you’ll lose all data on your previous Trinity Core installation, unless you choose to install it into different databases name