How to Install Squid Proxy on Windows

Back in 2006 or in the early days after i started this blog. I wrote about Installing Squid Cache on Windows. And i think i should rewrite it again because some parts in the old post is missing (back when this blog started, this blog is hosted at and when i moved to a self hosted solution there are some errors in the importing process and although i know about that since a long time ago i’m just too lazy to rewrite it again lol). But well … what’s done is done :)

Anyway, before we begin, make sure that you have downloaded Squid Windows Binary Package / Squid for Windows that can be downloaded from Acmeconsulting. And you have extracted it somewhere on your hard drive. In this post, i choose to extract it to “C:\Squid” due to hardcoded path and beside most people don’t like to read long post. So if you changed Squid location, make sure to adjust it accordingly. And don’t worry the actual installation process is fast. The other steps described here are optional unless you need it

And as a note, i wrote this post (tested) on Windows 7 x64 with UAC Enabled using Squid 2.7 Stable 8 and i’m pretty sure as it will work with earlier version of Windows as well. And No! you don’t need to turn off UAC because turning UAC off isn’t a good solution

And now let’s get started

Dead Island the buggiest game i’ve ever played

Bugs are common on every software and that’s including games, but a bug that caused me to not be able to load my saved game? this is the first time ever i experienced such thing. The reason for this, after i looked around the web, is apparently caused by … the game impose a limit of an unbelievable size of 10,260 bytes for your saved game (that’s what i think after reading through various forums posts)

I have no idea on why the developers impose such restriction to a sandbox style game where you can loot anything you want and in fact you should. And even if they should limit it, they should make sure that the limit can be seen directly in-game (i’m talking about the loot items in your inventory and also storage items)

I found this first, right after i finished the game with Xian (level 50), and when i tried to start a new game plus (or load the same save after finished), the game crashed when loading the save game. And after several retries, i’m thinking i’m experiencing a gamebreaking bug in this game (minor bugs are ignored) and so i searched the web and found the solution by running a tool made by KNR from Steam forums that can restore your saved games if you don’t mind on losing all the sidequests progress, and also knows why the save game caused the game to crash.

11 Weeks and 1 day later …

After i decided to quit smoking (tobacco obviously because that’s the only thing i smoke). I must say that, so far the only thing noticeable after i stopped smoking is … it feels that i can breathe more air while at the same time i feel tightness in my chest and throat and i feels like i’m having shortness of breath (strange isn’t it?)

Anyway for the past 2 months, what i’ve been doing is basically consist of going back to see a doctor again and again from:

  1. Going to the ER Room because i’m having breathing difficulties and this is when i decided to stop smoking. And the ER room doctor said that (after looking at the EKG/ECG result and asking me whether i have gastro problem) it was caused by GERD
  2. Then go to a Pulmonologists (just to make sure that the breathing difficulties is caused by GERD, although he didn’t ask for X-Ray)
  3. And then staying in the hospital for about 3 / 4 days due to infection
  4. Then go to an Internist for a check-up a few days after i returned from the hospital
  5. Then to a Dermatologist
  6. And back to Internist once again
  7. And then goes to a Dermatologist for about 3 times and next week i’m going to go see the Dermatologist once again so make it 5

Now if only money grows on trees …

p.s I was diagnosed with GERD in 2009 (long before this)

How To: Realtime AC3 / Dolby Digital Encoding for Games

This simple how perhaps might be useful to those who are connecting their sound card to a receiver that doesn’t have analog input (like me for example) and using the Matrix Decoder on your receiver doesn’t sounds as good as using a Dolby Digital / AC3 encoded files. So what this simple how to trying to achieve is to do a realtime AC3 Encoding using software (in other word, using your CPU power to perform realtime Dolby Digital encoding) and then deliver that Dolby Digital / AC3 encoded material to your receiver. Although unfortunately it doesn’t come for free

Before i begin, please note that this tips is intended for use in Gaming only (or perhaps listening through your MP3/MP4s collection if you’re not using a music player that support realtime Dolby Digital Encoding from a plugin, like Winamp for example). Because for movie and music listening purpose the process is much simpler plus there’s no latency problem like this and you don’t need to spend money (unless you want to donate for the project) .. but i’m not going to describe the process for movie and music listening purpose here because as the title says this is for games :)

If you’re currently using below setup, then chances are you don’t need to spend $30 USD to get a realtime AC3 Encoder / Dolby Digital Encoder. But i haven’t tested it yet because i don’t have the required hardware

  • If your sound card belong to the Creative Audigy Series

    Then you can try using redocneXk combined with Creative ASIO Driver or KX Driver. As the documentation itself can be found here
  • If you have the new Creative X-Fi Series (a much better option for X-Fi series)

    Then you can spend $4.72 USD, and get the Dolby Digital Live and DTS Connect Pack from Creative Store

Otherwise, if your setup doesn’t match above configuration then unfortunately you’ll need to spend $30 USD for a software that is required for this purpose BUT if you don’t mind on spending more money and prefer to skip all this together, you can just buy Diamond Multimedia Xtreme Sound 7.1 DDL (equipped with Dolby Digital Live feature, which is unfortunately not available on where i live because there are no distributor for it here according to the official website) if you prefer a cheaper alternative to X-Fi (at least for me)

Why you should create backup and recovery cds

And obviously this apply to me also. Because last week i lost all my partitions on one of my disk drive which is unfortunately contains all my important files from projects to important documents and also include a not so important mp3 files. And to make things worse, the last backup i created is more than a year ago (mp3 and other not important files are excluded) so recovering from that backup is a no go for me. And the only thing i can do is try to recover it first by myself and if i can’t recover it, i’ve been thinking on taking the HDD to recovery experts (although i prefer to avoid this because i don’t have the money to pay for experts hdd recovery which cost more than 90 USD)

p.s. if you just want to know on what tools i used to do the recovery process and similar stuff, just scroll down

And here’s what happens last week:

  1. I started my computer, to continue working for my new project. And just right after i booted into Windows Vista (x86) (i have Vista x86 and Windows 7 x64 in Dual Booting). Windows stopped responding and forced me to reboot my computer using the reset button
  2. Computer restarted and then stuck on Windows Booting Logo (that progress bar thing), and force me to push the reset button again. This continue for about 2 – 4 times
  3. After several times restarting finally i can get into Windows Vista and to my surprise i was greeted with a message that is basically saying One of the partition is corrupted (the corrupted partition is where i stored the my documents and such, because i moved the my documents into another partition located at different physical drive from the OS partition). And so i run this command at the command prompt
    fsutil dirty set x: && fsutil dirty set y: && fsutil dirty set z:

How to create custom npc on Mangos

Because i’ve seen several people asking on how to create custom npc on my previous mangos guide, i decided that perhaps it’ll be better if i create a separate guide on how to create custom npc in mangos and in this example we’re going to create a custom vendor npc plus repairer. And so let’s begin the guide


A functional wow private server using Mangos

This is the most important thing, if you haven’t configured your wow server properly, please check how to configure mangos first

WoW Model Viewer

List of Free Site Performance Test to Check Your Site Speed

As the title says, basically in this post i’ll be listing the free website performance test service that i often use to test this site for performance (or other site performance). And obviously if i say free, that mean it is free without registration needed in order to use their service unless you want to go with higher plan with some of the service listed here that will cost you some money of course

Anyway here’s the list of free web page test service


Webpagetest try to simulate on how fast your site loaded using Internet Explorer 7/8 from several location from US to China (although it’d be better in my opinion if they also add support for other browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome) and at the same time also capture on how your site looks like to Internet Explorer users

Other than that if you prefer to see how fast your site loaded, you can also choose to record a video of your site being loaded. So far this is the only service i know that offer you to record a video of your site being loaded and also give you a detailed checklist about every object found on your site from Keep-Alive to ETag

Welcome to the new server hosted on Knownhost

After a long and exhausting proces with reading testing and scp-ing files to the new host, i can finally say that i’m finished with the moving process! well actually the moving process only take a few hours but reconfiguring everything in the new host need careful testing just to make sure that i’m not breaking something and so i welcome you to my new host, Knownhost and this also mark as the fourth host i’ve been using so far

I’ve heard only great things about them on various forums or blogs and it seems those posts aren’t just post made up to get affiliate commision, because after signing up with them, i noticed it immediately that they have fast servers and also good network coverage even for someone like me that live in another country really far away from the server location (if you’re wondering on which datacenter i choose, i choose Texas simply because majority of this blog visitors is located near Texas according to Google Analytics although California datacenter is much faster for me)

And oh as a note, if you sent an email to me via my contact form since 2 weeks ago and didn’t receive any answer, unfortunately that’s because i forgot to configure something that makes the email being rejected, and in the end i’m not seeing anything on my inbox so try resending your message once again because i just fixed it (and already tested it)

p.s if you want to signup with Knownhost, make sure to apply Knownhost Coupon Code KH2010 to get 75% discount on your first month and 10% lifetime discount on VPS2-VPS5 Plan

Obsessed with site speed

Recently i’ve been obsessed with site speed once again, and no, this is not because Google site speed factor that has been talked by various website recently, this is simply because i just love tweaking things :P

So what i’ve been doing so far?

Since last week (or two weeks ago), i’ve testing and tweaking various part of this site and also server side related stuff. But obviously if i have to write all of them here it would be a very long post that is probably not interesting to most of you. And don’t ask me on how many times i’ve used Google Pagespeed and Yahoo YSLOW because i won’t be able to remember it

But of course there’s always room for improvement for a small thing like minimize dns lookup, and combining all the javascript and css used and also switched to using css sprites to minimize HTTP requests, but i’ll save that for later until i know on how to use css sprites properly as for minimize dns lookup, well i’ve been thinking on consolidating all static files into a subdirectory but because i think it’d be a mess if i have to put all of them in one place, i guess i’ll have to live with additional dns lookup