Self Hosted WordPress vs Free WordPress Account

Because i often saw many people keep asking on what is the difference between the self hosted wordpress blog and the free wordpress account. As an user i’d like to share my own opinion on the differences between those two

Why you should choose free WordPress Blog:

  • Free as in free beer: You don’t have to pay anything to get your blog
  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth: You don’t need to worry about your MySQL (database) size (there’s a limit for pictures) and you don’t have to worry about reaching your monthly bandwidth limit
  • No Technical Knowledge Required: You don’t need to upload, installing and maintaining your WordPress installation because they do all the dirty work
  • Tons of Dedicated Server for free: If your site got slashdotted or dugged the chance of your server going down is extremely high, but not in servers
  • Good for Search Engine: Because there’s site wide tag, your blog can get discovered by search engine quite fast and that means you don’t have to do everything by yourself to be recognized by Major Search Engine
  • Can Drive Traffic Easily: Because WordPress using site wide tag just like i said before, you can get easy traffic for your blog because someone can see your site listed on the tag you used on your blog

Why you should choose self hosted WordPress Blog:

  • I want custom plugins, themes, javascripts, etc: If you need to use custom plugins, themes or even embedding javascripts or custom object then self hosted is the way to go. The reason they didn’t allow it on is because of security reasons
  • I want to try to make money: While it is possible (perhaps) to make money using the free WordPress blog if you don’t mind your blog being deleted later if you got caught, it is still better to host it by yourself
  • I know a lot about technical stuff: When you choose to host your blog by yourself, you need to keep maintaining your WordPress installation which is not going to be an easy task especially if you have tons of plugins installed which is created by someone else

And that’s it. To make it simple, the benefit of going to self hosted solution will be much better if you have tons of visitors coming to your blog and hopefully you’re able to monetize it but if you want a total control then going to a self hosted solution would be best regardless if you have tons of visitors or not

Telkom Speedy, ADSL Access at Dial Up speed

I can’t hold it any longer, although i already said i don’t want to post something like this again, but it seems the biggest corruptor in Indonesia owned by the biggest telecommunication company called Telkom and the world slowest ADSL access service called Speedy don’t care or even listen to their customer !!! And this time i’m not going to say anything good against them, i’ll tell you everything about the world first ADSL access with limited bandwidth that gives you the speed of Dial Up Connection with the price of an Unlimited 2 Mbps connection or more at other country !!! $75 – $80 / month including 10% tax


Indexed Pages decreased from Google Index

I don’t know why, but indexed pages on my site are keep going down everyday (well maybe not everyday but it’s still going down) .. although i don’t quite understand what’s the actual problem is. I think maybe Google has some problem or Google considered my site as spam source or maybe Google think i’m trying to do some blackhat seo stuff. And of course because of this i’m losing my site traffic, i think it’d best if i wait for a few days before rechecking my site on google index. And if the problem still occur, i’m going to email the google team directly. Because i never try to use some blackhat seo tricks, creating duplicate pages, or creating some spam site. Updated :

Why you shouldn’t trust jobs listed on Blog

Most of you maybe already seen some blogger site offering job or give some information about job opening, and should you trust that site ? or just ignored it ? Well for some people, they really think they can get a real job from some site like that. Yeah, although it’s good to share some job information like that, if it’s for me, i’d rather find it on the internet or go to the official site of the company itself (if there’s any).


Is it necessary to use Bandwidth Monitoring program ?

It seems a lot of queries came to my site because there’s some people searching for free bandwidth monitor software to monitor their internet usage, and i know about this stuff because i’m still using quota / bandwidth based internet usage too. At first i was using some bandwidth monitoring program like many others, but at later time i know that bandwidth monitor is completely useless. Because your internet provider bandwidth / internet usage statistic may differ from your bandwidth monitoring program.


Create your own Search Engine Using Google Custom Search Engine

Google recently just launched their new feature called Google Custom Search Engine and i must say that this is quite an interesting feature offered by Google. Because you can create your own search engine and get some volunteer to help you with your own search engine by adding new sites to get listed in your search engine.

Unfortunately there’s downside to this, because everyone can submit / add their site to your Google Custom Search Engine page without being approved by you (as the admin) first. Although you can delete the volunteer easily if you want to remove their entries from your search engine.

And if you want to see how this new feature from Google works or looks like you can visit my .:[ X ]:. MOD Search Engine page that is using this new Google feature (note: it was built using free templates from Open Web Design and after editing it within a really short time, i’ve upload it and made it to work right away .. so if you see an error message or something like that, tell me right away) .. okay ;) ..

Google Hosted POP and SMTP

Finally my GMail hosted account problem regarding the use of POP3 and SMTP has been resolved after sending some information including some screenshot to the Google Apps team. They did the job quite fast although it.take one day to get reply from them but i’m really satifsfied that they can fix the problem. Other than that i really like the support team of Hostgator because when i request to make a change to my domain MX record, they did it in extremely fast speed (less than ten minute), also when i ask them to put the SPF record to my domain name because i don’t want my domain get blacklisted because of false report about sending spam mail, they did the job in less than 5 minute.

By the way, if you want to use a Google Hosted Mail service, all you have to do is replace your current MX record with GMail MX record like below :   IN      MX      1       ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.   IN      MX      5       ALT1.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.   IN      MX      5       ALT2.ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM.   IN      MX      10      ASPMX2.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.   IN      MX      10      ASPMX3.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.   IN      MX      10      ASPMX4.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.   IN      MX      10      ASPMX5.GOOGLEMAIL.COM.

X-Greenery Theme for Sandbox

I just released another Sandbox skins or themes to use for free to anyone who already buy the WordPress upgrades or to everyone who already own a hosting service! I’ve already test this using Opera, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox. Hopefully its not going to break in another browsers. This theme originally created by Steve Mooradian for WordPress, but like you already know that wordpress doesn’t allow you to upload your created themes except by editing the CSS file only, so that’s why i converted the Greenery theme into Sandbox format (as long as you already have the upgrades, you can use it). And here’s the screenshot :


as for the css code and instructions you can look into this the full story here