Finding External Links using Google Webmaster Tools

Previously i have already talked about creating sitemap for your site, and why a sitemap is good for your site especially if you already created a lot of content in your site and submitting those sitemap file(s) into Google Webmaster Tools and Yahoo Site Explorer. And now, Google expand their webmaster tools a little bit more by showing you a detailed link to your domain (main page) or your internal pages

But what is important from that information Google gave you ? because you can simply do the same query in Google by using link command ? .. that’s a simple answer .. because by looking at the external links to your site, you can see how well your site is performing (especially for the SEO stuff). Other than that, using the link command also gave you a different results


No Uptime Web Hosting

No UptimeBelieve it or not there’s an incredible web hosting company out there that provides you a Guaranteed Server Downtime for your hosting plan ! :P

Unlike many other host that is always said the same thing about 99.99% Uptime Guarantee, this webhosting offer you really realistic plan simply because everyone can create the same services like this :D

Here’s what their testimonial looks like :

Jacob Huttler writes:
No Uptime used my credit card to buy porn magazines. This service is a sham!

WordPress, Duplicate Content and Google

Google recently just published an article about duplicate content and how to avoid your site producing duplicate content on their blog

And i think most of you already know that if you’re using WordPress based CMS / blogging platform, you may find your category, and archive pages are duplicating your site content.

For some people they don’t really care about this because they rank well in Google without being penalized because of duplicate content, while some other also say that their site keep losing index from Google

By the way here’s what Google said to avoid having duplicate content on your site:

Domain Registration via Google Apps

Google now offering domain registration for everyone who’s interested on using their Google Hosted EMail account known as Google Apps for Your Domain through their partners with only $10 / Year / Domain name and that’s including a private registration which means your private information can’t be viewed by domain whois tool that’s freely available to use on the web .. and you get a full control of your domain name

Quoted from Google Press Release :

Starting today, we’re partnering with eNom and, two industry leaders in domain registration, to offer users without a domain an easy way to find, register, and buy a domain and start immediately using our services. When you register a new domain as part of the sign-up process for Google Apps for Your Domain, we’ll work with our partners behind the scenes and automatically configure everything so it works with all of the services available through Google Apps for Your Domain right out of the gate. We also give you full control of your domain settings, so you can use your domain for other services not provided by Google.

Google Sitemaps Status Showing False Alert

For the past few days, Google Sitemaps showing false alert about your site being removed / not indexed from Google, your verified site become unverified, etc (i don’t think there’s other problem other than that) .. and basically it’s showing something like below :

Google Sitemaps Problem

Yep .. i think the image already explained it ;) … although some people complaining that their site has been dropped from Google index completely (although when i test it, it is showing 2 results from Google index)

But i think there’s no need to worry about that, because i’ve been experiencing this problem too since a few days ago and a while back. Although the sitemap information showing false information i was able to locate my site in google index

Getting listed on Search Engine Fast

Okay this time without using a prologue, intro or whatever you called it here’s what you should do in order to get listed on major search engine faster (although i’ve write about this a while ago but because the previous post is too long i decided to create the small version) :

  • Update your website content several times a day because it’ll tell the crawler to crawl your site more often and don’t forget to ping those search engine
  • Getting link from some free directory out there and of course to make sure that directory already listed on major search engine you should search for it using Google, MSN and Yahoo first
  • Repeat your keyword several times, and don’t forget to create a good title for your content. But don’t repeat it to often or search engine will think your site is just another spam site
  • Try creating unique content for your site so you can get listed on search engine faster, even better you can get the top result for that keyword
  • Use sitemap for your site, although there’s no guarantee your site will get indexed but you can be sure your site can get indexed by search engine properly
  • Use Lynx Browser to see your site like search engine does, if you want the easy way you can use the Lynx Firefox Extension, and i’ve wrote about this a while ago and make sure there’s no hidden text or link in your site (although few hidden links / text are okay, because i’ve already check it on various PR5+ site)

Okay and here’s the ping address for Google and Yahoo (forget about MSN, maybe they’ll create it in the future .. because as for now it’s still not working, because its still testing stage) :

  • Yahoo Notification / Ping Address (don’t forget to register for the api key first) :
  • Google Notification / Ping Address (don’t forget to register your sitemap first, it can be Feed / Sitemap XML format) :

Note: I don’t guarantee anything, but like wiseman said that you should try everything you can before making a conclusion (hey .. is that really a wiseman ?) :P

How to get visitors to your blog

The most frequently asked question on various forum is how to get someone to read your blog. Of course there can be various answer to that question. For example the common answers to that question is :

  • Get other site to link to your blog
  • Submit your site to search engine and various free directories
  • Join blogging communities, or social networking site
  • Join various forum to promote your blog
  • Leave comment on other blog

Okay i think that’s cover it all because that is the common answers to that kind of question .. but which method do you think will perform best ? well i think it’s best for me to describe all the answers .. so you can decide by yourself which method is best for you :)


One Sitemap for Google, MSN and Yahoo

Recently those three major search engine are teaming up so the end users can benefit with just using one sitemap for that’s based on Sitemaps namespace definition. And that means you can save more space on your hosting, because with just using one sitemap, it’ll cover everything.

Unfortunately the MSN Livesearch team are a little bit slow about supporting this format because they want to test everything first before it’ll be available for public, and as you can see Yahoo Search Engine team already upgrade their search engine so it’ll support the new sitemap format right away, and that means you can try submitting your new sitemap format into Yahoo once again.

As for those who’s already using Google Sitemap, you don’t have to do anything else other than changing the xml namespace into the correct xml namespace from documentation. And as a side note, using sitemap doesn’t guarantee your page will be on top search engine result or getting listed on search engine. But it does help search engine to crawl your site properly.

Pagerank 3 with 5 inbound Link

I just noticed yesterday, one of my website created for my friend few years ago has a pagerank of 3 (i’m not promoting it, doing some seo stuff, or submit it to search engine except ODP) .. and after searching for inbound link to my site using Google .. i can’t found any inbound link into that site, although i know that it’s listed on Open Directory Project so i think maybe Google has a problem yesterday.

But after trying to search again using MSN and Yahoo, it does found an inbound link to that site, and what makes me feel curious .. it only gives you 5 inbound link to that site .. and that result is came from Yahoo while MSN doesn’t give backlink result !?

So what does pagerank looks on a site exactly ? is it because of numerous backlink or something else ? well .. i don’t know about it but one thing i regret is .. i forgot the password and username to login into my own site !!!