First and foremost, hello and welcome to this shack of mine. If you’ve arrived here, perhaps you want to know more about this site?.

This site is a personal blog that serve as a random thoughts, notes, ramblings, mumblings, random stuff or anything that people probably wouldn’t find it interesting for a guy named Aditya. But during the course of years, it has transformed into many things and i just basically try to adapt to it.

One of the example is; back in 2007, i wrote on how to create a World of Warcraft private server that later became popular. At the time i write that, i never thought that it’d change the course of the blog because all i want to do at the time is simply write a note on how i do it. But i’ve seen that many seemed to be having problems, and so i try to rewrite the guide again and again until i decided that perhaps it’s best for me to create a repack (i didn’t know it was called a repack back then) to make things easier for the non techy-type and this even reached to US soldiers that was deployed in Afghanistan at the time.

I still remember about receiving message from one of the platoon commander saying thanks because his platoon was able to play World of Warcraft there; which makes me happy to hear that albeit i’m not from US. And because of that most of my posts after that became World of Warcraft related posts.

Years have gone by, and i stopped making repack, and everything seems to calm down and after on hiatus for a long time i decided to get back again in 2014 for a fresh start and so here begins the new journey.