Site redesign done but it feels like i broke something

It was many years ago since the last time i changed the site design; and whenever i changed something i often find problems that appear only after i’ve actually uploaded it into a live site. It was no different now. Everything seems to be running fine while testing locally and when i’ve uploaded it; there’s something broke either due to the restrictions i placed on the live server or due to i forgetting something. Often though i found something that maybe if i do this it’ll be better and i have to re-edit and such.

Additionaly, people would be happy when they received 0 spam (and so do i). But after doing some modifications here and there, it feels like i did something wrong when the spam counter is still at 0 during the last 2 days after it goes live when it usually reach hundreds within a day and now there’s 0 spam in the spam area.

Then what makes it worse is i just noticed now (or to be precise i finally care), long time ago i made a big mistake of using automatic tags generation for all my posts tags and now i’ve paid a big price for it by deleting all the tags, and then i’ve to proceed to add them manually although the later is still in progress because i’m also doing some cleaning on the other stuff as well.