I’m back and what a mess

It’s been a long time since the last time i write something, and what a mess this place is when i returned… a week ago or so. There are way too many spam that even the empty spam button couldn’t do anything about it so i have to use sql command directly just to clean it. Not to mention there are way too many spam that goes through Akismet too and ended up directly in the comment area.

According to Akismet, for last month (september) the amount of spam that got caught was at 125,966 while for this month as of writing this the number of spam is at 115,945. I’m simply stunned. If a small blog like this could get such a large amount of spam, how big would it be for larger blogs?. Must be really stressful.

Besides doing some cleaning, i have also made changes to many things here and there. I moved from my old hosting provider into a new budget vps that is cheaper and also enabled SSL although it is not on by default, which means you need to change the url into https by yourself first and then the rest of your visit would be in SSL (if anyone care).

Finally after i’ve finished setting up everything also making sure that the new server can stay up and running for several days without problem (and not getting kicked too), I then canceled my old hosting plan. And so here begins the new chapter of this blog.


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4 comments on “I’m back and what a mess

  1. Amazing blog and very interesting stuff you got here! I definitely learned a lot from reading through some of your earlier posts as well and decided to drop a comment on this one!

  2. still remember the glory days when I was trying to create my own private server following your instructions… many years ago.
    I remember back then you used to get a lot of comments, but now this place is empty. What happened?

    1. First of all thanks that you still remember this blog because I never thought that i would see one of the visitor from the old days coming back here (let alone remember the domain name lol).

      And well many things happened, and as you might already knew, this place was really active during the World of Warcraft days many years ago. Then after i stopped writing about WoW and then things seems to cool down and then another things happened. In short, many things happened :D.

    2. Just btw., as far as creating a server goes… It’s pretty/ kinda easy, these days, to establish a DNS redirector – that’ll load a VPS server rotation/ load manage; w/o keeping a machine @home, right?! =)