I’ve been banned from Google Adsense

Usually i don’t want to write a post for something like this, but because this site is powered by Adsense to pay for its monthly bills since 2006 and i just got banned by Adsense, i’ve decided that perhaps it is for the best that i write about it just to let those that read this site knows about it and perhaps can learn something from this.

Basically here’s what i get from email message i received from Google and unfortunately there are no warnings given (not even a single warning even after all these years).


We continually review all publishers according to our program policies (https://www.google.com/support/adsense/bin/answer.py?answer=48182&stc=aspe-3pp-en) and Terms and Conditions (https://www.google.com/adsense/localized-terms?&stc=aspe-3tc-en ). During a recent review of your account, our specialists found that it was not in compliance with our policies.

WEBMASTER GUIDELINES: Our program specialists regularly review sites in the AdSense program.

It is important for a site displaying AdSense to offer significant value to the end user by providing unique and relevant content, and not to place ads on sites with little to no original content. Additionally, Google ads may not be placed on non-content-based pages.

Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through
your pages and find the information they are seeking.

Because your sites violate the spirit of our policies, we have disabled ad serving.

To answer the fourth paragraph on that email message, all of the content written here is made by me (some of them, and by some i mean only several posts are made by others and that is really long time ago) so obviously it’s original and i never placed Google ads on non content pages so i believe i didn’t do anything wrong on that part.

As for the fifth paragraph, well i believe that everything is organized here and users can navigate easily so i’m not even sure what’s wrong.

To be honest, i don’t even know what’s i’ve been doing wrong so they ban me straight away without any warnings given so i can correct my mistakes if i’ve made any and i believe i have mentioned earlier that i’m not a guy that has just started using Adsense a month ago or even a few months ago, i’ve been with them for 6 years (since 2006) and i always comply with their guidelines so i’m devastated plus angered by this.

I’ve just sent an appeal to Google asking for explanation and also asked whether it is possible for my account to get reinstated. So the only thing i can do for now is just wait for their reply and hopefully they reinstate my account back.

Final update: nope, i received no answer at all.


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4 comments on “I’ve been banned from Google Adsense

  1. Hey,

    I am sorry to hear about this but Google is known to do this. The most obvious reason for this is low traffic of your site, its been 3 years now so i don’t know how your traffic was like when your account was suspended but i am guessing that must be the reason.

    You should re-apply for adsense and they will hopefully approve your new account.

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  2. You’ll get reinstated. Carefully check all your pages. Maybe you have an old page (or several) still indexed that don’t contain a lot of text. Also look at ad placement and compare it to Google’s guidelines. I got shut down once b/c I had ads displayed too close to certain links and under the page heading. It was not intentional. I fixed it and they reinstated me.

    1. If they would reinstate me, i’d be really grateful. But unfortunately i haven’t received any reply from them other than the automatic reply that i received right away after i send my appeal to them (2 days ago right before i wrote this blog post) as quoted below

      Thanks for your email. However, please be aware that because your account was found to violate our program policies and was disabled, you are no longer eligible to participate in the AdSense program.

      If only they let me know the offending page (if the problem were caused by certain post i wrote in the past) or telling what kind of mistakes i’ve made, i can fix it right away but there’s no warning given to me, and they just ban me straight away so i don’t even know what did i do wrong. For now the only thing i can do is waiting for their reply and at the same time removed and replaced the adsense code (today)