How to remap / retasking Realtek onboard jacks / ports

If you’re using Realtek onboard soundcard and for whatever reasons wants to remap / retask the rear jacks or front panel jacks to anything you want hopefully you’ll find this useful

For example, in my case, because i’m not using a computer case (in other words, i just left my motherboard open) and i don’t have a standalone front panel and at the same time i want to connect my headphone to the rear grey jack / side speakers jack (by default headphone can be connected only to the front panel jack) while also connecting a 5.1 analog speakers setup to the rear jacks (green, black, and orange)

Anyway to make thing short, here’s the steps:

0. Download the latest driver available because there are differences between the pin numbers used if you’re using old drivers, uninstall the old driver, restart your system, install the new driver and then restart your system once again (at the time i write this, the latest version is R267, and so this post is based and tested using their R267 driver for the 64-bit systems)

1. Make sure that you’ve plugged everything that you need first into your Realtek Jacks (whether front panel jacks if you have it or rear jacks). For example, in my case, i already connected the headphone to the side speakers jack (grey colored jack)

2. Open regedit by typing regedit at the run command (press Windows Key + R and then type regedit) and then locate the following registry key


Where, XX should be the key for Realtek High Definition Audio (usually it is 0000 but if it’s not the correct key for Realtek HD Audio then you should look for the correct key. You can tell whether the registry key is for Realtek HD Audio or not by looking at the DriverDesc which is located at the right panel) and Y are random numbers

3. Create a new Binary registry key(s) using below Pin Numbers and Binary Values

The Old Pin Numbers (just in case it’s needed somehow)

"Pin00" = Front speakers (rear green)
"Pin01" = Rear speakers (rear black)
"Pin02" = Center / Sub-woofer (rear orange)
"Pin03" = Side speakers (rear gray)
"Pin04" = Mic-in (rear pink)
"Pin05" = Front Mic-In (front pink)
"Pin06" = Line-in (rear blue)
"Pin07" = Front Headphone (front green)

The New Pin Numbers

"Pin10" = Line-in (rear blue)
"Pin11" = Mic-in (rear pink)
"Pin14" = Front speakers (rear green)
"Pin15" = Rear speakers (rear black)
"Pin16" = Center / Sub-woofer (rear orange)
"Pin17" = Side speakers (rear gray)
"Pin19" = Front Mic-In (front pink)
"Pin1b" = Front Headphone (front green)

Binary Values

"00 00 00 00" = Line-in
"01 00 00 00" = Mic-in
"02 00 00 00" = Headphones
“03 00 00 00″ = Front speakers 2nd Output
"04 00 00 00" = Front speakers
"05 00 00 00" = Rear speakers
"06 00 00 00" = Center / sub-woofer
"07 00 00 00" = Side speakers

For example if you want to map the rear side speakers jack into a front headphone jack, all you have to do is just write Pin17 binary key with a binary value of 02 00 00 00 as you can see below

Remapping / Retasking Realtek jacks by editing registry

Note that i didn’t test any other Pin Numbers besides Pin17 (because what i want is remapping / retasking the side speakers jack into headphone jack and it work right away)

4. Restart your system when you’re done adjusting it and after logging into Windows, try testing your newly remapped jack(s).

As a bonus, the remapped / retasked jack(s) can also be seen directly on Realtek HD Audio Manager so you can tell if you’re doing it right. As you can see below, the default rear gray that is for Side speakers has been changed into Headphones

Remapped / Retasked Realtek HD Audio Manager

Credits goes to Ulti for finding the method and Tnitro21 and Eliah_ for finding the values (link)


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  1. I struggled for days trying to get the rear speakers on my Klipsch 4.1 Promedia system to work with my Gigabyte motherboard since upgrading to Windows 10 . Realtek drivers only assigned the pink jack in the rear as a microphone no matter which drivers I used. With the help of Reaper-x here is how I solved the problem. Uninstall all Realtek drivers, download and install the latest driver from Gigabyte for my motherboard, run regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E96C-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\00XX\Settings
    I then created a new Binary registry key which I derived from the the excellent article above. In my case this was all I added Pin04 Reg_Binary 05 00 00 00.
    Amazingly, upon reboot Sound Manager appeared asking me about my configuration and when I plugged in my rear speaker jack asked how I would the output purposed. It took a little bit of fiddling but everything works.
    Of course I created a restore point and backed up my system.

  2. I was hoping I might find some help here but from what I’ve been reading I don’t think this is the potential solution I’m looking for. I had a movie playing in the background while I was working on some things. I got a notice that I had pending updates that couldn’t install so I did what it said to start them. The next thing I know I get a pop up that my screen resolution is not optimal and that’s the moment that my audio stops. I now have no audio for my music, videos or anything else. However, when I use the RealTek manager to test my audio the sound test works fine. I just love these updates that rape you with the changes without asking if you want them or not. Why, why, why????

  3. I have a MSI GP62VR Laptop that has Realtek ALC898 it has 2 speakers and a subwoofer. I’ve been trying to re-task the mic in jack as a headphone out jack, But its not working every time I think I have it, It just plays out of the internal speakers. Note that I also have the Nahimic 2 audio. I’ve tried deleting the values in the registry (pin values) and plugging the headphones back in and i see the values reappear in the registry, but once i edit the values and restart the pc, they go back to what they were before. Any help can be appreciated.

  4. I can confirm that these settings do work with V 2.79 while they do not with 2.82. Even with Win10 x64 though V 2.79 drivers seem to be made for Vista only

  5. I changed my PC’s motherboard (“just works” on Windows 10) and noticed my remapping disappeared.
    There were actually two “Realtek High Definition Audio” devices in the registry.

    So if your changes don’t work, make sure you don’t have multiple instances in your registry (search for “Realtek High Definition Audio”).

  6. Bonjour, je possède un pc connecté à 2 moniteurs + 1 écran plat 42” connecté en hdmi pour regarder des films ou autre. Le tout est branché à 2 homes cinéma, 1 sony pour la tv et 1 yamaha pour le bureau. Mon problème est que je ne peu pas connecté le son des 2 ampli en même temps car à la barre d’outils, il me demande sony ( NVIDA haute définition) ou audio numérique ( SPDFI ) haute définition mais pas les 2 à la fois. Pensez vous qu’il y aurait une solution simple, ou ajout de carte son supplémentaire ou ? …
    Dans l’attende de vous lires, je vous remercie. Alain Smeekens

  7. I can’t seem to be able to find or install Realtek HD Audio Manager. I have a DV6 6230se laptop with 3 audio jacks and there is nothing out there to re map those ports in order to connect my 5.1.

    Please help!

    Thank you!

  8. Unfortunately in R2.81 releases latest pins stopped worked correctly, for example, PIN16 = 02 00 00 00 does not detect headphones in parallel with speakers.

  9. Please man i´ve got problem that i´m using headphones with USB connector but my realtek is map to jack and it says that my connector to realtek is not connected and my mic same.

  10. I have a computer which came with win7 and i upgraded to win10 last spring. I have a simple stereo speaker setup. I have a second set of speakers which go to my living room so I can play music in there. When I first got this computer I figured out how to make the rear output jack duplicate the front speakers using the instructions here ( and whenever we wanted to play music in the living room I would just turn them on. It worked when realtek manager was set to 4/4.1 . Recently, and I’m not sure exactly when, this stopped working. I have tried the instructions above, with multiple combinations, including the old and new pin settings as above. The speakers work in the realtek sound manager when I click on play and it show the sound going to the rear speakers. It also works when I play real .mp3 downloads that i assume are configured for more than simple stereo. But when I play simple recordings, etc, no sound from those speakers. I have also tried to use the “speaker fill” setting but that does not work either. has anyone found anything else to do this? I am at a loss.
    thank you

    1. This solution is now invalid and does not work anymore in version R2.82 of the Realtek High Definition Audio Codec (64-bit). I think the problem lies in Windows 10 itself. I even used the native 5.1 Windows Sound Driver and connected an external DAC through S/PDIF. But it messes up video files with 5.1 Audio Channels by disabling some of the outputted audio on selected channels. For mine, I lost the sound in the front and surround left speakers when using S/PDIF and I lost the Center/Subwoofer Audio Channels when I am using the the Realtek Drivers. I am guessing the only possible solution might be is to get a Sound Blaster 5.1/7.1 Sound Card. :-(