How to remap / retasking Realtek onboard jacks / ports

If you’re using Realtek onboard soundcard and for whatever reasons wants to remap / retask the rear jacks or front panel jacks to anything you want hopefully you’ll find this useful

For example, in my case, because i’m not using a computer case (in other words, i just left my motherboard open) and i don’t have a standalone front panel and at the same time i want to connect my headphone to the rear grey jack / side speakers jack (by default headphone can be connected only to the front panel jack) while also connecting a 5.1 analog speakers setup to the rear jacks (green, black, and orange)

Anyway to make thing short, here’s the steps:

0. Download the latest driver available because there are differences between the pin numbers used if you’re using old drivers, uninstall the old driver, restart your system, install the new driver and then restart your system once again (at the time i write this, the latest version is R267, and so this post is based and tested using their R267 driver for the 64-bit systems)

1. Make sure that you’ve plugged everything that you need first into your Realtek Jacks (whether front panel jacks if you have it or rear jacks). For example, in my case, i already connected the headphone to the side speakers jack (grey colored jack)

2. Open regedit by typing regedit at the run command (press Windows Key + R and then type regedit) and then locate the following registry key


Where, XX should be the key for Realtek High Definition Audio (usually it is 0000 but if it’s not the correct key for Realtek HD Audio then you should look for the correct key. You can tell whether the registry key is for Realtek HD Audio or not by looking at the DriverDesc which is located at the right panel) and Y are random numbers

3. Create a new Binary registry key(s) using below Pin Numbers and Binary Values

The Old Pin Numbers (just in case it’s needed somehow)

"Pin00" = Front speakers (rear green)
"Pin01" = Rear speakers (rear black)
"Pin02" = Center / Sub-woofer (rear orange)
"Pin03" = Side speakers (rear gray)
"Pin04" = Mic-in (rear pink)
"Pin05" = Front Mic-In (front pink)
"Pin06" = Line-in (rear blue)
"Pin07" = Front Headphone (front green)

The New Pin Numbers

"Pin10" = Line-in (rear blue)
"Pin11" = Mic-in (rear pink)
"Pin14" = Front speakers (rear green)
"Pin15" = Rear speakers (rear black)
"Pin16" = Center / Sub-woofer (rear orange)
"Pin17" = Side speakers (rear gray)
"Pin19" = Front Mic-In (front pink)
"Pin1b" = Front Headphone (front green)

Binary Values

"00 00 00 00" = Line-in
"01 00 00 00" = Mic-in
"02 00 00 00" = Headphones
“03 00 00 00″ = Front speakers 2nd Output
"04 00 00 00" = Front speakers
"05 00 00 00" = Rear speakers
"06 00 00 00" = Center / sub-woofer
"07 00 00 00" = Side speakers

For example if you want to map the rear side speakers jack into a front headphone jack, all you have to do is just write Pin17 binary key with a binary value of 02 00 00 00 as you can see below

Remapping / Retasking Realtek jacks by editing registry

Note that i didn’t test any other Pin Numbers besides Pin17 (because what i want is remapping / retasking the side speakers jack into headphone jack and it work right away)

4. Restart your system when you’re done adjusting it and after logging into Windows, try testing your newly remapped jack(s).

As a bonus, the remapped / retasked jack(s) can also be seen directly on Realtek HD Audio Manager so you can tell if you’re doing it right. As you can see below, the default rear gray that is for Side speakers has been changed into Headphones

Remapped / Retasked Realtek HD Audio Manager

Credits goes to Ulti for finding the method and Tnitro21 and Eliah_ for finding the values (link)


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  1. I need the same thing, retasking the side speakers to a headphone jack.
    I do everything as listed but when i restart the value just reverts itself.

  2. Seems that the new drivers have a ‘Speaker Fill’ option. No need to remap. I had the ports remapped like shown here previous to this update, once installed it reset the settings.

  3. Thank you very much for this article, in my system PIN assignments are:
    ;”Pin14″ = Front speakers (rear green)
    ;”Pin15″ = Rear speakers (rear black)
    ;”Pin16″ = Center / Sub-woofer (rear orange)
    ;”Pin17″ = Side speakers (*rear gray)
    ;”Pin18″ = Mic-in (rear pink)
    ;”Pin19″ = Front Mic-In (front pink)
    ;”Pin1a” = Line-in (rear blue)
    ;”Pin1b” = Front Headphone (front green)

    And defaults are:

  4. On my system pin assignments are:
    ;”Pin14″ = Front speakers (rear green)
    ;”Pin15″ = Rear speakers (rear black)
    ;”Pin16″ = Center / Sub-woofer (rear orange)
    ;”Pin17″ = Side speakers (*rear gray) (not present on my system)
    ;”Pin18″ = Mic-in (rear pink)
    ;”Pin19″ = Front Mic-In (front pink)
    ;”Pin1a” = Line-in (rear blue)
    ;”Pin1b” = Front Headphone (front green)

    And defaults are:

  5. Thanks for the post. I have a busted earphone output on my laptop. It only works when pressure is applied to the jack.

    It being a laptop, there were only two Pin Key’s which I edited directly. It worked after a reboot, but when the earphones were unplugged from the mic input, things went back to as before and it didnt work.

    The Realtek application was changing something that reverted my changes. You can get around this by disabling the realtek application at startup, but then I didnt have the enhanced sound provided by the reatek software. So, I renamed the keys so that they were swapped around.

    This worked to a certain extent. The realtek application can now be started without it messing up the mapping. The only problem is that the audio enhancement provided by the software is still only available through the earphone jack. The sound is pretty poor via the mic jack without the enhancement provided by the realtek software.

    I’ll post back if I find a solution.

  6. hi! i’m trying this out on an acer aspire 4720 laptop as it has realtek onboard. i managed to get the mic jack to display as “Headphone” in the Audio Manager but no audio comes out. it still comes from the regular audio jack. i have version R2.75. help please! thanks!

  7. i’m using realtek version R 7.25. ive done the above settings as you mentioned. when i rebooted my latop, my headphone jack was plugged in mic port(which actually worked as headphone with low volume) but when i unplugged and plugged again, it never worked. please do help me how to keep using the mic jack as headphone jack without any problem , like using it continously even after plugging and unplugging. and also how can i get the same volume in mic port as it was in headphone port. thanks

  8. I don’t suppose there is any way to make one of the rear jacks register as the “2nd Audio ouput” like the front panel does? It doesn’t do it even if I use 03 00 00 00. I’d like to be able to adjust the headphone separate from the speakers.

  9. many thanks, worked a treat, i had sound only coming out of one ear on my headphones, swapped pin 1a (audio in (blue) i believe it is if you want to update your list) for 02 00 00 00 and wahoo !!, didnt work first time but re read and made sure i plugged headphones in first and at the second attempt sound now in both ears, thanks to all involved

  10. I have a realtec Hd sound card I recently got a failure to play test tone error, any Idea how to get back sound, thanks

  11. I spend 2 hours looking for this. Asus motherboards change the standard realtek HD AUdio manager for another taht doesn’t let you re-task the ouput. Even downloading the driver from realtek’s website it install the asus manager. Really thanks for this guide.

  12. YOU ARE MY IDOL!!!
    Your the best man, hacve been looking for this thing for months, guess i just needed gto find the right keywords…Totally works, easy and great for any future plans….OMOGMOGMOGMOGMG YOUR SO GREAT MAN! :D

  13. In my ALC883 is not working :(
    The sound connector on my laptop broke and now I’m trying to configure the microphone connector for output.
    However, whenever I set the pins in regedit they return to original configuration after restarting the notebook.
    It is a Realtek ALC883, Driver R.2.19 for Vista x64 (because the newest have noise).
    I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate x64. (original values)

  14. Thank you for this tutorial.

    I have a few questions though:
    1) What are these pins? Is each pin represent specific port (hole) and the binary value represents the type of output/input it’s used for?

    2) What are the “old” pins? Are they supposed to be there by default, or they from old drivers?

    My understading the pins represent the ports that are being actually used (if auto detection enabled, it’s detected a connection in it)
    My motherboard has 8 ports, but in registry there are only 5 pins showed, yet I had only 3 ports plugged in at the back and case wires plugged in into onboard front sound connector (but nothing connected into case ports).
    However the registry pins don’t quiet match what you posted.
    What I have is:
    Pin14 -> Front speakers
    Pin18 -> Mic-in
    Pin19 -> Mic-in
    Pin1a -> Line-in
    Pin1b -> Headphones

    I don’t know if it’s the driver or actual chip, or whatever.
    The audio driver:
    Audio codec: ALC892

    I’m thinking about writing a simple application for this, but the pin differences between systems could be quiet an issue. Maybe somebody knows more details if it actually can be “detected” what pin is belong to which port?

  15. I got totally different values, i mean, im on laptop, tried to switch mic (pin01 – 01 00~) with headphones (pin03 – 02 00~). Got no other pins, and it keeps changing microphone back to basic value after i restart computer :P

    Guess its simply not possible, maybe way of connection between them?.. or somebody has a solution? ;p

  16. You could also double-click on the port in the Realtek control panel. In the same spot that you have the pointer in the screenshot and you will be able to choose what you want the jack to be used for.

  17. Hey, Thanks a lot for this. This may be quite late, but I’ve found out that you don’t need to restart the computer. Just disabling the Realtek HD Audio from device manager and then enabling it again worked for me.

  18. Thanks man this was real help i am so happy that i found this, ages ago i snapped a 3.3mm into my headphone jack by accident and i have been stuck playing audio out loud(using laptop) now my headphones works using my unused mic jack :)

  19. Much thanks for this info. I don’t have the front mic/headphone jack setup with my case because of my motherboars sub-par configuration. Basically I was going to have to crush the connection with my video card, so I left it disconnected. Of course a year later I want to use a mic/headset and I find int he software you can no longer retas jacks easily as you once could. Thankfully this feature still exists, but, has just been removed from the software.

    Thanks a lot for doing the hard work! One thing to note, the pin info in my setup was slightly different, but, all is working well and reading properly in the software.

    Thanks again!