How to boot Clonezilla and GParted from HDD on Windows

I’m pretty sure most of you already know about Clonezilla and GParted, and the usefulness of those two tools. And if you’ve been wondering on how to run Clonezilla and GParted directly from your HDD (frugal install) instead booting from a CD or a USB Flashdisk on Windows, perhaps this simple guide can help you with that

Before we get started, i have to mention that there are two ways to run Clonezilla and GParted on Windows although they both use the same thing, the first one is by installing / adding Grub4DOS manually and the other one is by using EasyBCD a GUI to install NeoGRUB / packaged Grub4DOS. And in this post i’ll focus on the later and that is using NeoGRUB


  1. EasyBCD [download]
  2. Clonezilla Live [download]: You are free to choose between the ISO version or ZIP version. For me, i choose the AMD64-ISO version
  3. GParted Live [download]: Same goes here too, you are free to choose between ISO or ZIP
  4. 7-Zip / Winrar / etc: This is used to extract the file inside the ISO or ZIP

Boot Clonezilla and GParted with NeoGRUB / Grub4DOS

1. Install EasyBCD or Grub4DOS (instruction here if you prefer to use Grub4DOS rather than NeoGRUB), run and at the add new entry section choose NeoGRUB and install it


2. Extract live directory inside Clonezilla and GParted somewhere one by one and rename it before extracting the other one. For me i choose to extract it and rename it into clonezilla-live and gparted-live (if you use different name than listed here, make sure to adjust the code below to your clonezilla and gparted directory name)

3. Now open C:\NST\menu.lst with your favorite text editor and then add this lines

title Clonezilla 1.2.10-14 AMD64
find --set-root /clonezilla-live/vmlinuz
kernel /clonezilla-live/vmlinuz boot=live config noswap nolocales edd=on nomodeset noprompt ocs_live_run="ocs-live-general" ocs_live_extra_param="" ocs_live_keymap="" ocs_live_batch="no" ocs_lang="" vga=788 live-media-path=/clonezilla-live toram=filesystem.squashfs ip=frommedia  nosplash
initrd /clonezilla-live/initrd.img

title GParted
find --set-root /gparted-live/vmlinuz
kernel /gparted-live/vmlinuz boot=live config noswap noprompt live-media-path=/gparted-live toram=filesystem.squashfs ip=frommedia nosplash
initrd /gparted-live/initrd.img

4. Restart your computer and choose NeoGRUB and then choose either Clonezilla or GParted and your done :)


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