Dead Island the buggiest game i’ve ever played

Bugs are common on every software and that’s including games, but a bug that caused me to not be able to load my saved game? this is the first time ever i experienced such thing. The reason for this, after i looked around the web, is apparently caused by … the game impose a limit of an unbelievable size of 10,260 bytes for your saved game (that’s what i think after reading through various forums posts)

I have no idea on why the developers impose such restriction to a sandbox style game where you can loot anything you want and in fact you should. And even if they should limit it, they should make sure that the limit can be seen directly in-game (i’m talking about the loot items in your inventory and also storage items)

I found this first, right after i finished the game with Xian (level 50), and when i tried to start a new game plus (or load the same save after finished), the game crashed when loading the save game. And after several retries, i’m thinking i’m experiencing a gamebreaking bug in this game (minor bugs are ignored) and so i searched the web and found the solution by running a tool made by KNR from Steam forums that can restore your saved games if you don’t mind on losing all the sidequests progress, and also knows why the save game caused the game to crash.

But because it’s a new game plus, obviously i didn’t lost any sidequests at all. And so i continue playing without picking up loots and also dropped any loot i think useless, although i still can’t resist the temptation to pick when i saw Purple / Orange colored items :P … and … anyway everything goes well until i hit Chapter 8 (second playthrough) and decided to take a break and when i try to continue my game … BAM … i got Crash to Desktop for the second time which is caused by game_x86_rwdi.dll (which is also the same error that happened when i tried to start new game plus) and obviously if i use the tool made by KNR, i’m going to lost all the sidequests progress and my last backup is when i’m going to rescue someone at the helicopter crash site and i guess you know the rest

Personally, i never experienced a single crash when playing the game (not even slowdown) other than this even with just a single ATI Radeon 4830 512MB card with all settings set to high (video.scr tweaked to add vsync only). But unfortunately with all the beautiful graphics Dead Island has to offer, there’s one gamebreaking bug that makes the games look bad

And anyway in case someone else also looking for a fix to Dead Island save load crash,
here’s the KNR Dead Island Save Fixer Tool


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6 comments on “Dead Island the buggiest game i’ve ever played

  1. Hey! Im stuck at exactly the same place. That stupid chaman just die all the time!!! aw im so frustrated right now!!! Been trying 1 hour and a couple of times ive managed to only get the thug left but then he kill the chaman. What you have to do is to die before the chaman, when you get resurrected you will have a full life bar. Then just stand in the background and wait until the chaman dies. When you startover your bar will be full. There is also some weapons that spawn to the left of the thug, that you can pick up everytime you respawn. Hope it goes well i will try again tomorrow with this shi*

  2. I’m stuck at Chapter 14: “The purest Evil”. every time I die, I have wasted all bullets from previous save, my weapons are damaged from before I died, and if I tried to kill by throwing, I won’t be able to get my weapons back. So now I have 0 weapons, and can’t go back because the Chaman dies and I just lose more money and get set back.

    And at Chapter 7, I sudly lost all my weapon & Items, and was back at lvl 1. I had to use Cheat Engine and “hack” myself back in game.

    This game is one of the best, and still one of the worst games I have ever played.
    The story line isn’t that good, and don’t really makes me wanna play through the whole game without stopping.

    This game, is just pure crap.

    1. I feel your pain, although i didn’t lose any items or weapons other than sidequests progress if i use the fix (which in the end i choose to use my backup save because it’s better rather than to redo every sidequests i’ve been through). But yes, i agree the storyline isn’t that good but if it’s for me since i only care about killing and decapitating zombies for fun, i don’t care about the storyline at all :D

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