11 Weeks and 1 day later …

After i decided to quit smoking (tobacco obviously because that’s the only thing i smoke). I must say that, so far the only thing noticeable after i stopped smoking is … it feels that i can breathe more air while at the same time i feel tightness in my chest and throat and i feels like i’m having shortness of breath (strange isn’t it?)

Anyway for the past 2 months, what i’ve been doing is basically consist of going back to see a doctor again and again from:

  1. Going to the ER Room because i’m having breathing difficulties and this is when i decided to stop smoking. And the ER room doctor said that (after looking at the EKG/ECG result and asking me whether i have gastro problem) it was caused by GERD
  2. Then go to a Pulmonologists (just to make sure that the breathing difficulties is caused by GERD, although he didn’t ask for X-Ray)
  3. And then staying in the hospital for about 3 / 4 days due to infection
  4. Then go to an Internist for a check-up a few days after i returned from the hospital
  5. Then to a Dermatologist
  6. And back to Internist once again
  7. And then goes to a Dermatologist for about 3 times and next week i’m going to go see the Dermatologist once again so make it 5

Now if only money grows on trees …

p.s I was diagnosed with GERD in 2009 (long before this)