Why you should create backup and recovery cds

And obviously this apply to me also. Because last week i lost all my partitions on one of my disk drive which is unfortunately contains all my important files from projects to important documents and also include a not so important mp3 files. And to make things worse, the last backup i created is more than a year ago (mp3 and other not important files are excluded) so recovering from that backup is a no go for me. And the only thing i can do is try to recover it first by myself and if i can’t recover it, i’ve been thinking on taking the HDD to recovery experts (although i prefer to avoid this because i don’t have the money to pay for experts hdd recovery which cost more than 90 USD)

p.s. if you just want to know on what tools i used to do the recovery process and similar stuff, just scroll down

And here’s what happens last week:

  1. I started my computer, to continue working for my new project. And just right after i booted into Windows Vista (x86) (i have Vista x86 and Windows 7 x64 in Dual Booting). Windows stopped responding and forced me to reboot my computer using the reset button
  2. Computer restarted and then stuck on Windows Booting Logo (that progress bar thing), and force me to push the reset button again. This continue for about 2 – 4 times
  3. After several times restarting finally i can get into Windows Vista and to my surprise i was greeted with a message that is basically saying One of the partition is corrupted (the corrupted partition is where i stored the my documents and such, because i moved the my documents into another partition located at different physical drive from the OS partition). And so i run this command at the command prompt
    fsutil dirty set x: && fsutil dirty set y: && fsutil dirty set z: