List of Free Site Performance Test to Check Your Site Speed

As the title says, basically in this post i’ll be listing the free website performance test service that i often use to test this site for performance (or other site performance). And obviously if i say free, that mean it is free without registration needed in order to use their service unless you want to go with higher plan with some of the service listed here that will cost you some money of course

Anyway here’s the list of free web page test service


Webpagetest try to simulate on how fast your site loaded using Internet Explorer 7/8 from several location from US to China (although it’d be better in my opinion if they also add support for other browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome) and at the same time also capture on how your site looks like to Internet Explorer users

Other than that if you prefer to see how fast your site loaded, you can also choose to record a video of your site being loaded. So far this is the only service i know that offer you to record a video of your site being loaded and also give you a detailed checklist about every object found on your site from Keep-Alive to ETag


Pingdom Tools

Some of you probably have heard about Pingdom before, because they’re well known with their Website Monitoring Service. And fortunately other than offering a free website monitoring service they also provide you with a full page test to see how fast your site loaded using their simple Full Page Test tool. Although the result is quite simple compared to the service offered by, but using Pingdom tools can get you an idea on how your site loaded



Site-Perf also offer the same service as Pingdom that allow you to see a waterfall view of every object loaded on your page, with options to check from three different servers located in different region, and also to adjust the bandwidth used to simulate different visitors connection type and other option as well like Keep Alive, Gzip Compression and referer plus suggestions on how to improve your site performance



Unlike other similar service, LoadImpact allow you to stress test your website to see whether your site can handle the load if there are many visitors connecting at the same time (free option only allow you to simulate up to 50 users only). By using LoadImpact you can get an idea on how your server will perform if there are many visitors came to your site at the same time, but of course if you just simply want to test your site loading time, they also offer page analyzer with an option to change the browser emulation to test your site speed

Loadimpact - Page Analyzer

Loadimpact - Load Test


GTMetrix offer an interesting way for you to see your site score using score given from the YSLOW and Google Pagespeed tool and obviously also list which objects need optimization, so basically consider GTMetrix as online YSLOW and Google Pagespeed test



Webslug probably offer the most interesting tool and fun tool because you can engage your site in a battle against many other sites out there to see which one is the fast


Another site worth mentioning is BrowserMob that i found a few days after i wrote this post


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