Welcome to the new server hosted on Knownhost

After a long and exhausting proces with reading testing and scp-ing files to the new host, i can finally say that i’m finished with the moving process! well actually the moving process only take a few hours but reconfiguring everything in the new host need careful testing just to make sure that i’m not breaking something and so i welcome you to my new host, Knownhost and this also mark as the fourth host i’ve been using so far

I’ve heard only great things about them on various forums or blogs and it seems those posts aren’t just post made up to get affiliate commision, because after signing up with them, i noticed it immediately that they have fast servers and also good network coverage even for someone like me that live in another country really far away from the server location (if you’re wondering on which datacenter i choose, i choose Texas simply because majority of this blog visitors is located near Texas according to Google Analytics although California datacenter is much faster for me)

And oh as a note, if you sent an email to me via my contact form since 2 weeks ago and didn’t receive any answer, unfortunately that’s because i forgot to configure something that makes the email being rejected, and in the end i’m not seeing anything on my inbox so try resending your message once again because i just fixed it (and already tested it)

p.s if you want to signup with Knownhost, make sure to apply Knownhost Coupon Code KH2010 to get 75% discount on your first month and 10% lifetime discount on VPS2-VPS5 Plan


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4 comments on “Welcome to the new server hosted on Knownhost

  1. After going with a handful of hosts that I had been disappointed with I too ended up with Knownhost for some months now. Very good tech support and performs much better than the two budget hosts I’ve suffered through.

    1. VPS only because i can’t afford a dedicated or hybrid server :D (well previously i’m using VPS too from another provider for about 2 years and 8 months but because i want something new i decided to move to knownhost) :)