Obsessed with site speed

Recently i’ve been obsessed with site speed once again, and no, this is not because Google site speed factor that has been talked by various website recently, this is simply because i just love tweaking things :P

So what i’ve been doing so far?

Since last week (or two weeks ago), i’ve testing and tweaking various part of this site and also server side related stuff. But obviously if i have to write all of them here it would be a very long post that is probably not interesting to most of you. And don’t ask me on how many times i’ve used Google Pagespeed and Yahoo YSLOW because i won’t be able to remember it

But of course there’s always room for improvement for a small thing like minimize dns lookup, and combining all the javascript and css used and also switched to using css sprites to minimize HTTP requests, but i’ll save that for later until i know on how to use css sprites properly as for minimize dns lookup, well i’ve been thinking on consolidating all static files into a subdirectory but because i think it’d be a mess if i have to put all of them in one place, i guess i’ll have to live with additional dns lookup

And the result is … well i can’t say if i were in your location, but if it’s for me (and my friend here), this site loads really fast for me (and my friend too) despite i’m in a location that is really far far away from the server location


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11 comments on “Obsessed with site speed

  1. Well with all of those domains I manage them through my registrar (Godaddy). But the active sites, I don’t really. I have all notifications from them going to one e-mail so that I’m able to check them from anywhere (computer, mobile, etc.). But then again, none of them are really populated. In fact one of them is down right now because I’m having difficulties with it’s dedicated IP…

    1. I thought you were asleep by now lol but i guess i was wrong

      Btw by dedicated ip, are you running your site on VPS or dedicated server? or did you purchase exclusive IP for shared hosting?

      p.s i’m not sure why, but your comment goes to the spam folder directly (even for your previous comments) although i’ve recovered it but just to let you know probably you’ve been marked as spammer (or perhaps the spam filter i’m using is having problem)

    2. Haha yeah well since it’s a Saturday I had a few friends over and we were playing the Halo Reach BETA so we were up late.

      I purchased a dedicate IP for a reseller account that I have. I’m starting a small hosting company mainly for the folks on AC-Web who are looking for a place to host nulled scripts and such. I figure it’s an easy way to make some money.

    3. Halo Reach? guess i need to do some reading first lol i thought Halo ODST was the latest

      And wow allowing people to use nulled scripts? you’re running a high risk business there :D

      Make sure to hide it properly or else be prepared for a DMCA takedown notice lol

    4. Well I’m actually hosting it offshore near Belize. So nulled scripts are allowed, as well as warez.

      And ODST technically is the latest, but there is a new game coming out called Halo Reach which they have a multiplayer BETA out for.

    5. Can you tell me the hosting company name? i’m interested to know more about this because i never found such host that allow you to use practically “everything” :D (if you don’t want to post it here, feel free to use the contact page at the top) ;)

  2. Haha yes I have a few (I own 8 domain names). Only 3 of them are active though. The other ones sit on blank pages or on parking pages.

    1. WoW that’s was quite a lot, and you don’t have trouble managing/maintaining them?

  3. I totally understand that. Always trying to make my site(s) faster. It’s always great when you know you’ve successfully done it!

    1. Thanks Kyle :)

      btw how many sites do you own actually? it seems that you have many lol