How to create custom npc on Mangos

Because i’ve seen several people asking on how to create custom npc on my previous mangos guide, i decided that perhaps it’ll be better if i create a separate guide on how to create custom npc in mangos and in this example we’re going to create a custom vendor npc plus repairer. And so let’s begin the guide


A functional wow private server using Mangos

This is the most important thing, if you haven’t configured your wow server properly, please check how to configure mangos first

WoW Model Viewer

List of Free Site Performance Test to Check Your Site Speed

As the title says, basically in this post i’ll be listing the free website performance test service that i often use to test this site for performance (or other site performance). And obviously if i say free, that mean it is free without registration needed in order to use their service unless you want to go with higher plan with some of the service listed here that will cost you some money of course

Anyway here’s the list of free web page test service


Webpagetest try to simulate on how fast your site loaded using Internet Explorer 7/8 from several location from US to China (although it’d be better in my opinion if they also add support for other browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome) and at the same time also capture on how your site looks like to Internet Explorer users

Other than that if you prefer to see how fast your site loaded, you can also choose to record a video of your site being loaded. So far this is the only service i know that offer you to record a video of your site being loaded and also give you a detailed checklist about every object found on your site from Keep-Alive to ETag

Welcome to the new server hosted on Knownhost

After a long and exhausting proces with reading testing and scp-ing files to the new host, i can finally say that i’m finished with the moving process! well actually the moving process only take a few hours but reconfiguring everything in the new host need careful testing just to make sure that i’m not breaking something and so i welcome you to my new host, Knownhost and this also mark as the fourth host i’ve been using so far

I’ve heard only great things about them on various forums or blogs and it seems those posts aren’t just post made up to get affiliate commision, because after signing up with them, i noticed it immediately that they have fast servers and also good network coverage even for someone like me that live in another country really far away from the server location (if you’re wondering on which datacenter i choose, i choose Texas simply because majority of this blog visitors is located near Texas according to Google Analytics although California datacenter is much faster for me)

And oh as a note, if you sent an email to me via my contact form since 2 weeks ago and didn’t receive any answer, unfortunately that’s because i forgot to configure something that makes the email being rejected, and in the end i’m not seeing anything on my inbox so try resending your message once again because i just fixed it (and already tested it)

p.s if you want to signup with Knownhost, make sure to apply Knownhost Coupon Code KH2010 to get 75% discount on your first month and 10% lifetime discount on VPS2-VPS5 Plan

Obsessed with site speed

Recently i’ve been obsessed with site speed once again, and no, this is not because Google site speed factor that has been talked by various website recently, this is simply because i just love tweaking things :P

So what i’ve been doing so far?

Since last week (or two weeks ago), i’ve testing and tweaking various part of this site and also server side related stuff. But obviously if i have to write all of them here it would be a very long post that is probably not interesting to most of you. And don’t ask me on how many times i’ve used Google Pagespeed and Yahoo YSLOW because i won’t be able to remember it

But of course there’s always room for improvement for a small thing like minimize dns lookup, and combining all the javascript and css used and also switched to using css sprites to minimize HTTP requests, but i’ll save that for later until i know on how to use css sprites properly as for minimize dns lookup, well i’ve been thinking on consolidating all static files into a subdirectory but because i think it’d be a mess if i have to put all of them in one place, i guess i’ll have to live with additional dns lookup

How to install Google Android application from PC

I am sure that probably most people alredy know on how to install apk file(s) (Google Android Application) but because i just want to make sure that i don’t forget this because i just received an android phone last week as a gift and because i don’t have internet access on my mobile phone due to mobile connectivity here is just way to expensive for me, the only way for me to install Android apps is by downloading it on PC and then install it using the Android SDK from PC. Anyway here’s the steps:

1. Download Android SDK and install / extract it somewhere on your hard drive (and optionally download the usb driver, although in my case i don’t need to install the USB driver because i’ve installed the driver from Samsung)

2. Add the tools directory in your Android SDK directory to your environment variables (PATH)

3. Open command prompt and change to the directory where your put the android application