Reaper-X PCSX2 SVN Compile / Build

Update: I’ve stopped releasing pcsx2 svn compile, i’d suggest you to check the official pcsx2 website directly :)

So basically in order to avoid cluttering the pcsx2 guide, and because it seems there are interest on my pcsx2 svn build / compile. I decided that perhaps creating a separate post about pcsx2 svn compile in order to make updating much easier in the future. Basically this page will list the svn build compiled by me and so to those who are interested on using the latest pcsx2 build, you can download it from this page (feel free to bookmark this page if you want). And i also included both Legacy GUI of PCSX2 and also the New GUI of PCSX2 and obviously the necessary plugins except for the BIOS file of course, so you can test on which one is best for you (personally i prefer to use the old Legacy GUI but it’s up to you to decide) :)

But first as a note, PCSX2 may / may not support SVN Build / Compile (i’m not sure whether pcsx2 team allow error reporting from unofficial build), so use it at your own risk. And absolutely it’s virus free, so there’s no need to worry about virus or malware

And of course all credits should be given to PCSX2 team

Download Reaper-X PCSX2 SVN Compile Latest Version

Megaupload | 6.51MB RAR | PCSX2 SVN Revision 2976 | May 11

Rapidshare | 6.51MB RAR | PCSX2 SVN Revision 2976 | May 11

Mediafire | 6.51MB RAR | PCSX2 SVN Revision 2976 | May 11

Plugins included: cdvdGigaherz-r2930,CDVDiso-r2943,CDVDnull-r2967,CDVDolio-r2930,DEV9null-r2967,FWnull-r2967,GSdx-SSE2-r2966,GSdx-SSE4-r2966,GSdx-SSSE3-r2966,GSnull-r2967,LilyPad-r2930,Padnull-r2967,PadSSSPSX-r2968m,SPU2-X-r2968,USBnull-r2967,xpad-r2930,ZeroGS-r2930,ZeroSPU2-r2930,ZZOgl-r2967

Download Reaper-X PCSX2 SVN Compile Old Version

In case the you’re having problem with the new version, sometime reverting back to the previous version might be a good idea, and so here’s the links to the old version

Megaupload | 6.50MB RAR | PCSX2 SVN Revision 2926 | April 30

Rapidshare | 6.50MB RAR | PCSX2 SVN Revision 2926 | April 30

Megaupload | 4.31MB Self Extracting 7z Archive | PCSX2 SVN R2830
Rapidshare | 4.31MB Self Extracting 7z Archive | PCSX2 SVN R2830

If you haven’t updated your DirectX Runtime yet, make sure to update your DirectX Runtime first

– Download DirectX Runtime: Click here

And if you’re running Windows Vista, make sure to upgrade your Vista Installation to SP2 (if you haven’t upgraded from SP1 yet) and also install KB971512 in order to use DirectX 10 / DirectX 11 function in GSDX option on Windows Vista because of the recent changes made by PCSX2 team

– Download Windows Vista SP2: Click here
– Download Windows Vista KB971512 x86 version: Click here
– Download Windows Vista KB971512 x64 version: Click here

p.s if you’re looking for the pcsx2 configuration guide, please check pcsx2 config guide. Because this page will only list the latest pcsx2 svn compile only


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15 comments on “Reaper-X PCSX2 SVN Compile / Build

  1. dude..i played God Of War
    and the game freezing when play mpeg movie…how ican fix that…
    i don’t know how to make a pacth to skip that mpeg movie..
    can u help me please????

  2. Dude massive thanks that is all I can say. I loved it and it’s perfect by the way is there any way to make the screen stop that ”vibration” thanks a lot!!

  3. hello,

    do you have an alternative download link? becuase neither rapidshare nor megaupload work. preferably mediafire.