How to create WoW Private Server using Mangos

This guide is about creating a WoW Private Server (WOTLK) using Mangos. And because previously we’ve learned on how to compile mangos obviously the next step would be setting up Mangos which is going to be covered in this guide :)


World of Warcraft Client version 3.3.3 (11723) or the latest version that Mangos support as stated on Mangos project description here

This guide is tested on WoW 3.3.3a client, and as long as the WoW client is supported by Mangos, it’ll work, although you might need to make some adjustment to several things listed in this guide, like the filename for example


If you currently don’t have MySQL installed on your computer, please follow my previous guide on how to install MySQL on Windows XP or how to install MySQL on Windows Vista or Windows 7

Compiled Mangos Binary / Executable

Check my previous mangos compile guide because without the binary / executable itself, you won’t be able to run your own WoW private server. And beside this guide is based on my mangos compilation guide. So if you follow my previous guide completely (including the directory structure) then it’ll make thing easier for you


This is needed in order to get the database for Mangos, as for the installation process i’ve described it on the compile guide. So if you follow the previous compile guide then you don’t need to reinstall it again

UDB and ACID Database

UDB and ACID is required so you can see NPC and doing quest in the WoW World, see below for instruction to get UDB and ACID

Downloading UDB and ACID

The first step is obviously downloading the required database in order for your WoW server to function as it should be, to do this we’re going to use TortoiseSVN to fetch the required files

1. Open Windows Explorer and right click on an empty space then choose SVN Checkout and type

as the repository address

udb svn co udb done

2. After finished with the above process, wow we need to download SD2 ACID. Type

as the svn repository url

sd2 acid svn co sd2 acid done

And now we’re done with the requirements

Initial Setup

Creating Directory Structure

Create new folder in C:\ named WoW and inside the WoW directory you just created, create two directories named data and mangos. So it’ll look like this

creating directory structure

Although this step can be considered non essential, but if you created a directory structure, it can make upgrading Mangos and the required files such as DBC and Maps much easier later and beside in this guide i’m using the directory structure specified here so other than that it can make things easier for you to follow this guide

Extracting DBC, Maps and VMaps

1. Copy the ad.exe from contrib directory inside your mangos compile directory (on my compile example, the mangos compile directory is C:\Mangos-git) into your WoW installation directory. Then run the ad.exe and when it’s done you’ll see two new folders created named DBC and Maps

copy ad.exe ad.exe done

2. After finished with the extraction process, now you need to move the DBC and Maps directory from your WoW installation directory to C:\WoW\data

Note: Back when i write this, VMaps is disabled by default so i didn’t include it in the steps here but because now it’s enabled by default, to reduce / hopefully prevent further question regarding vmaps, all you have to do:
1. Copy the vmapExtractor3.exe and vmap_assembler.exe from the extractor_binary directory and then copy the make_vmaps.bat from vmap_extractor_v3 directory (both of them are located under contrib directory) to your WoW installation directory
2. Run make_vmaps.bat and wait till it finished and move the vmaps directory to C:\WoW\Data

Copying Mangos Config Files

Remember the directory structure we’ve created earlier? if yes, then that’s good because in this example i’m going to use the directory structure created earlier, if you choose to skip the creating directory structure part then make sure to adjust everything accordingly

1. Now you’ll need to copy the,, from your Mangos compile directory (use the search function as shown at below image) to C:\WoW\Mangos

mangos conf

2. And then copy everything from the Bin directory inside your mangos compile directory into C:\WoW\Mangos and then rename, and into mangosd.conf, realmd.conf, scriptdev2.conf. So in the end, you have these files (see below image) inside C:\WoW\Mangos directory

mangos necessary files

Setting Mangos Datadir

Go to directory C:\WoW\Mangos and open mangosd.conf and search for

DataDir = "."

and replace it with

DataDir = "C:\WoW\data"

mangos datadir

Installing the Databases

Note: For future version (if you didn’t read this at the time this post published), adjust the SQL filename (for Mangos SQL Updates files and UDB SQL files) and directory name accordingly

Installing Mangos Databases

Before starting in this process, please note that the directory structure used is based on the mangos compile guide so if you use different path, make sure to adjust them accordingly. Also if you get "mysql is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file." that means you didn’t set up MySQL to be installed to your Environment Variables PATH. See the MySQL Installation Guide on my previous guide for more info

Note: This step is intended for fresh installation only, if you’re upgrading mangos skip this step otherwise you’ll lose all your characters and logins data in your mangos database

1. Open Command prompt, and then type

cd /d c:\mangos-git\sql

then followed by

mysql -uroot -p -v < create_mysql.sql

creating mangos database

This will create mangos database structure and also create the necessary user (because using root is dangerous)

2. Then type

mysql -uroot -p -v -D realmd < realmd.sql

importing realmd

This will import the necessary realmd tables into the realmd database

3. Finally type (but don’t close the command prompt yet)

mysql -uroot -p -v -D characters < characters.sql

importing characters

This will import the necessary tables into the characters database

Installing UDB (Unified Database)

1. Remember the part about downloading database? if yes, then go to the directory where you download the UDB database, and then extract the inside the Full DB directory of your UnifiedDatabase directory so it’ll look like this

extracting udb

2. And now we’re going to import the database (it may take a while depending on how fast your computer is). From the command prompt window from before, type (don’t close the command prompt window yet again)

cd /d C:\unifieddb\Full_DB
mysql -uroot -p -v -D mangos < UDB_0.12.0_mangos_9582_SD2_1639.sql

importing udb fulldb

Updating Mangos Database

Because the Full UDB database is designed for Mangos Revision 9582, and at the time i wrote this the compiled Mangos binary we previously compiled at the compiling mangos guide is at Revision 9771, we need to import all sql files in your mangos compile directory\sql\updates after 9582 to mangos database unless there is no sql update file after that version (which is unlikely)

Tips: look at the UDB filename it state mangos 9582 which means that every mangos core update before and equal to Mangos 9582 has been applied and so we need to apply all sql updates that is released after revision 9582. And to check your mangos revision, just run mangosd.exe or realmd.exe and then open server.txt or server.log file to see the Mangos revision you’re running

For example right after 9582 in sql\updates\0.16 in mangos compile directory there is a sql file named 9589_01_mangos_creature_template.sql, so we need to import that one first and you can do this by simply typing:

mysql -uroot -p -v -D mangos < 9589_01_mangos_creature_template.sql

and right after 9589_01_mangos_creature_template.sql there’s another sql update filename called 9590_01_mangos_db_script_string.sql, so then you need to type

mysql -uroot -p -v -D mangos < 9590_01_mangos_db_script_string.sql

and so on, basically you’ll need to locate each sql update file that contain mangos in the filename (ignore the realmd and characters), and then manually import each sql file accordingly

In the future, in case you want to upgrade your mangos installation, you can do so by importing each sql file including the realmd and characters if there’s any. But why we didn’t import sql files that contains characters and realmd in it’s filename in this guide? the answer is, because we’re doing a fresh installation the realmd database and characters database already using the latest update, but if you’re upgrading in the future chances are there’s an update for either realmd and characters database also

For example, 9767_03_characters_characters.sql. Means that it should be imported to characters database and to import it you need to type

mysql -uroot -p -v -D characters < 9767_03_characters_characters.sql

And for realmd update, the sql filename 9748_01_realmd_realmlist.sql and to import it you need to type

mysql -uroot -p -v -D realmd < 9748_01_realmd_realmlist.sql

That’s it basically, this may be confusing at the beginning but once you get used to it, it’ll be easy for you

Updating UDB

Now we need to update our UDB database too (because there’s an update at the time i wrote this), here’s how to do this

cd /d c:\unifieddb\Updated\0.12.0_additions
mysql -uroot -p -v -D mangos < 389_updatepack_mangos.sql
mysql -uroot -p -v -D mangos < 390_updatepack_mangos.sql

importing udb updatepack 389 importing udb updatepack 390

Tips: if there’s an update for UDB in the future all you have to do is just import the correct update accordingly

Installing and Updating Scriptdev2

From the command prompt type

cd /d c:\scriptdev2\sql
mysql -uroot -p -v < scriptdev2_create_database.sql
mysql -uroot -p -v -D scriptdev2 < scriptdev2_create_structure_mysql.sql
mysql -uroot -p -v -D scriptdev2 < scriptdev2_script_full.sql
mysql -uroot -p -v -D mangos < mangos_scriptname_full.sql

creating scriptdev2 database installing scriptdev2 tables

installing scriptdev2 database install scriptdev2 to mangos database

In the future, if you want to upgrade Scriptdev2 (assuming that you have recompiled Mangos and Scriptdev2 and also imported the updated Mangos sql files and also UDB if there are updates as described in the Updating Mangos and Updating UDB). You just need to execute this from the command prompt:

mysql -uroot -p -v -D scriptdev2 < scriptdev2_script_full.sql
mysql -uroot -p -v -D mangos < mangos_scriptname_full.sql

Installing ACID Database

From the command prompt again type

cd /d c:\sd2-acid\trunk\wotlk\3.0.4
mysql -uroot -p -v -D mangos < 3.0.4_acid.sql

installing acid database

Adjusting Realmlist and Creating Account


The next step would be editing your file located inside your wow installation directory\data\enUS (or your WoW Region like enGB, etc) and insert this

set realmlist

replacing everything inside the (make sure to create backup)

Creating GM Account

Now before getting into the World of Warcraft world, you need to create an account first for you to use, and to do that first you need to make sure realmd and mangosd process is running and then in the mangosd window type

account create username password

Where username is whatever username you want, and password is whatever you want for the account password. And then type

account set addon username 2

To set the expansion pack to Wrath of the Lich King (0 = Classic WoW, 1 = The Burning Crusade, 2 = Wrath of the Lich King) for the username you choose. And finally type

account set gmlevel username 3

To give the highest GM (Game Master) level to the username you choose, so he/she can do anything he/she want from wreaking havoc to causing apocalypse

create mangos gm account

in the example above, i create a new gm account with reaper as username and ilovekeikokitagawa as the password (p.s don’t take the password seriously) :P

Note: later in the game you can to type .commands to see all available commands for you (or feel free to look at the GM Commands List page)

Optional: Setting up Public WoW Server (LAN or Internet)

If you’re planning on allowing people to connect to your server either from the Internet or LAN, then there’s one more thing you need to do so other people can connect to your wow server

First you need to open the command prompt as usual and then type

mysql -uroot -p

now type

use realmd;

and finally type

select * from realmlist;

and you’ll see the realm address is set to by default, but because you’re going to allow other people to connect to your server / computer, you need to change the ip address into your Public IP Address. The easy way to know your public ip address is by visiting and make a note of your IP Address

Once you’ve obtained the public ip address the next step would be changing the ip address in the realmlist table, and to do this just type

update realmlist set address = 'your public ip address';

then to make sure the change has been applied successfully, you need to type

select * from realmlist;

If you’ve changed it then you’ll see your new public ip address instead of

The next step is restart realmd.exe, and mangosd.exe process in order for the change to take effect

Now after finished with the above process, you’ll need to open your and change the set realmlist into your public IP Address …. and tell your client to use the your public ip address in their file and you’re all set ;)

Note: if you’re behind router, make sure to forward port 3724 and 8085 (default port used by WoW) on your router or set up DMZ. And if you’re behind firewall make sure to allow incoming connection on port 3724 and 8085

Special Note: To those with Dynamic IP Address

If your internet provider gave you a dynamic ip address, then the solution is to get yourself a dyndns address first, and to do this you need to go to and register an account there, and i assume that your wow server is called

Then after finished with the registration process, all you have to do is just follow the above but instead of writing your public ip address you need write your address

For example at this part:

update realmlist set address = 'your public ip address';

You need to replace the command with

update realmlist set address = '';

And then continue with the rest of setting up public wow server part. And after finished with all public wow server part, now you need to open hosts file located in Windows\System32\drivers\etc (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts), and then add this at the bottom of the file (for lan users change the below to the LAN IP address where the mangos server located)

And …

WoW Screenshot

That’s it you’re done … if i forgot something, don’t be shy just let me know so i can fix it immediately. And if you got any questions or have a request for the next article, feel free to post your comment :)

And, if you want to create custom npc on your mangos server, please check how to create custom npc guide

Too much work, give me the fastest way

If you feel overwhelmed by everything listed in this guide then feel free to use this option, but make sure you have mysql installed as listed on mysql guide for vista and 7 (for vista users) and mysql guide for xp for windows xp users

  1. Extract the file into C:\
  2. Copy ad.exe from tools directory into your WoW installation directory and let ad.exe finished with extracting DBC and MAPS and then move the DBC and MAPS directory to C:\WoW\data
  3. Run import.bat and when prompted for password, enter your mysql root password
  4. Start realmd.exe and mangosd.exe
  5. Edit the file and create new account as described in the Adjusting Realmlist and Creating Account part … and play

Enjoy, consider this as a supplement for this extremely long guide and oh make sure your WoW client is version 3.3.3 and it’ll create a fresh installation so if you previously have used mangos and don’t want to lose your precious data make sure to create backup first

Download Supplement from Megaupload | Download Supplement from Rapidshare


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    1. If you’re looking for the ad.exe to extract the maps and dbc files, the ad.exe can be found at the extractor directory :)

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      Reaper, (or anyone else willing to) could you configure it via teamviewer for me? You can contact me at


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  7. I know.

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  8. hey reaper found an error in the guide when extracting the dbc and maps the ad.exe file is located inside the contrib/extractor folder not just in contrib

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    1. Then you dont have compiled mangos and scriptdev2 correctly.
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    2. it isn’t the bin as in recycle bin.

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