Just when i thought that writing would be an easy task

Just when i thought that i could start posting again to this blog … i had to moved to another city once again, and so there’s a delay until i can get a new connection here. But now … when i got a new connection, unfortunately because it has been a loooong time since the last time i wrote something, i just don’t have any ideas at all!

So what about this post then? well basically it is just a rant from me because i’m just so stressed because i don’t have any ideas to write something useful (or at least interesting to read) even after asking to Darkened Linux, but it seems that he don’t have any ideas at all just like me :(

So i guess for now i should just doing a little bit of reading here and there on various websites or forums. Or perhaps if there’s a kind soul reading this and got an idea (no matter what that is) on what the next subject should be. Please leave a comment here :D

Anway think of this post as a writing practice for me again because i just started writing again (and let’s just hope that i can get an idea by doing this) :) but obviously if you got an idea just let me know ;)


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15 comments on “Just when i thought that writing would be an easy task

  1. hello,
    i saw a lot of intersting WOW things here, so i hope some1 could help me in 1 little question:”how can i make my SCRIPTS (for quests, for instance) take effect after scripting?”

  2. You should write an article on how to spoof your ip, so when playing a video game you would have a different ip. But that could be a topic you do not want to touch.

    1. Actually i don’t mind on writing that too it is considered as normal

      But i choose to not write it simply because, it is really simple (all you have to do is just get a VPN access or setting up VPN access on other computer) ;)

  3. I think it’s great that you write anything at all. I can never keep a blog up, I get too lazy and just stop. I really liked your WOW server guides and the only thing you really need to update is configuring with windows 7 or the manual install.

    1. Hahaha yeah actually i’ve been taking a really long break from writing but well i guess it’s time for me to get back to writing again :D

      Anyway since i don’t have Windows 7 (i only have Vista and XP installed) unfortunately i couldn’t test it but well if MySQL can be installed on Windows 7 without problem i’m pretty sure that everything is going to work :)

      And well because it’s been a looong time since the last time i’m running wow, i’ll need to catch up with the latest news in emulation world lol and later i’ll rewrite a new post about compiling and setting up the emulator itself (well currently i’m writing something else not related to wow) ;)

    2. Spencer i guess i’ve to put that wow guide on hold because i just noticed today when i tried to update my wow installation (from 3.2.2), the new update filesize is just too big

      So until i can update my wow installation it’ll be put on hold :(

    3. (The above Spencer isn’t me. I’m the one that posted down below this.)
      That’s too bad, but I completely understand. Honestly, Blizzard would do well to streamline some of the stuff. Not everyone has 100 GB of hard drive space to devote to one game (joking exaggeration).

    4. and … not everyone has fast connection speed too lol … but actually right now i’m in process of downloading wow updates and when it’s done i can begin the guide :)

      Update: WoW has been updated to the last version available (at least when i wrote this), and tomorrow i’m going to begin writing the part 1 about setting up the web server (the previous guide about installing apache with php and installing mysql is cluttered so i guess a fresh new start would be better), when i’ve finished that part, i’m going to continue to the next section on compiling the emulator itself, and finally the configuration process on how to setup the wow emulator

    5. Currently i’m downloading the required tools in order to create the guide (hopefully it’ll be done by tomorrow) :D

  4. Maybe you could write about misc. tech stuff. Or just make this more of a personal blog.

    If you need any ideas you can go check out technorati and look at the blogs list and see what most of them cover, then try to write some similar articles.

    1. Hello Kyle, first of all i’m sorry i just noticed that your comment goes to spam folder (thank God i checked it first not the usual delete all action) :D

      Anyway, thanks for the suggestion and actually you just reminded me about technorati, because i completely forgot about that site since the last time i accessed it … erm … more than 1 year ago perhaps? (or could be more lol)

      p.s i never thought that i can meet a pro designer here (checked your website and loved your design) :D

      p.p.s i left comment on your blog but it seems my comment goes to the spam folder too (or perhaps it goes into moderation area) because after posting comment i couldn’t see it :D

  5. Why not do an updated guide on setting up a private/public WoW server? Most of the guides out there are quite outdated. I know I would appreciate it!

    1. Hey thanks for the suggestion :) … but obviously if i have to rewrite everything from installing mysql, setting up apache, compiling the server program, and setting up the server program itself would take a while to finish writing all of it

      So should i rewrite everything once again, or should i just write a specific part of it? :)

      if it’s a specific part of it, which part do you want? (check out link below to my previous posts)

      installing mysql
      the installing apache web server
      Configuring Mangos
      Set up public wow server manually without any batch file to help you