No more email delivered to your inbox from now on

As the title say, from now on … i’ll delete the entire email subscriber that have subscribed to this blog. And the reason for that is simple because from now on i’ll write post more often but … let’s say that since most of them will probably be a random post that is not going to be interesting to most of you (especially to those who are looking for World of Warcraft related topic), i think the best way for me is simply to turn off email subscription to all the previous subscribed users to make sure that i’m not spamming any useless post to your inbox (better be safe than sorry, right?) ;)

And so from now on, if you want to subscribe to receive blog updates, then you can do so by using various RSS Feed Readers like FeedDemon if you prefer to use a desktop based program or you can also subscribe to this blog using Google Reader, if you prefer to use web application and enter as the url for the rss feed. But of course you can always visit this blog directly if you prefer to not using any programs to get updates from this blog :D

And if you still continue receiving updates from this blog to your inbox after this post has been published (in case there’s something wrong), please report it to me here on this post and so i can fix it ASAP


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7 comments on “No more email delivered to your inbox from now on

    1. I’m really sorry for the late reply because i just recently moved again to another city and i had to setup everything once again and also getting a new internet connection :( .. and oh btw, i’m glad to hear that there is actually a long time reader here despite my bad english language and useless self rambling posts :)

  1. No problem :)

    I’ve been following this blog for a long time now, and I’ve enjoyed all of the posts. I’m looking forward to the news ones!

  2. That’s cool, I’ll still follow the blog though. Anyways, good job reaper, I’m glad you’re back to writing!

    1. Thanks Kyle :)

      Actually i was hesitant to do this at first but after thinking about it many times (because i’m not sure whether people will like my future post or not). I think the best way to do it is to remove the email subscription and goes into RSS Reader only or goes to the site directly method which is more flexible compared to email and beside by reading through rss feed, if the reader doesn’t like my post they can just simply ignore it (unlike email obviously) :D