Site redesign finished

Okay so finally my site get redesigned for about the 4th times if i recall it correctly lol, and hopefully this time the design looks much nicer compared to the old design. And obviously since i’m not a designer (and can’t use photoshop either or any other graphic editing tools) so i think compared to a design made by a designer this new layout is nothing (and obviously the color scheme used is going to be a lot better than this). Although i think this design looks good compared to before, but everyone has their own opinion … but anyway, let’s keep that aside shall we? because by posting this, i just want to highlights the most important things that has been changed

1. Unlike the previous comment system, the new comment support Threaded comment which means you can reply directly to the previous commenter and your reply will be shown directly below it
2. The new comment system now displayed in descending order, and so … new comment will be displayed first while the old comment displayed last
3. The Contact page now using Recaptcha … to (perhaps) reduce the spam delivered to my inbox (i’m sorry for this, because i’ve been receiving lots of spam to my inbox lately)
4. Utilize CoralCDN completely to serve static files such as images to reduce load (although this is just a small site and i rarely use images, but hey it’s still better right? than serving everything from this small vps) :D …

As for the other things, well … since i’m using various free icons from the web, and also with the help from my friend on creating that cursed rounded corner (so it’ll looks web 2.0–ish … at least that’s what they think), i’m going to create a separate page to give them a proper credits :)

With the above said, and redesigning site is also finished … now i can continue on writing new post :D … and my next post would be using CoralCDN to save your bandwidth and … also resources perhaps :)


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14 comments on “Site redesign finished

  1. someone help me.
    i want to start up a private server (but omg i dont hv a clue where to start) and can someone help me on where to start? btw i hv downloaded and installed the latest patch for WotLK (3.2.2)

    1. First of all you have to download a Mysqlyog. then you have to download what server you will want to run.Grab a dyndns from the web so that players can easily link to your wow server.Then you can eather use your router and port that,or use Himachi if you can’t figure out how to port your router. then you have to designate your new dyndns to point to your pc.then the fun begins with map extractions and all the related wow info and put in your host ip in the config files of your wow server.

    1. Thanks God, i’m okay because i live far from the epicenter, although i’ve experienced it before 1 month ago and pray that there won’t be such thing anymore in the future :(

  2. I love it! The layout and colors look really good. But I hit the Submit Comment button with out entering anything into the box and it posted a comment “Your Comment”. You might need to fix it. LOL I love it! Good work 5/5

    1. Thanks problem fixed :D (just as i thought i missed something lol)

      Btw also thanks to everyone ;)