Goodbye Repacks …

I’m pretty sure some of you already knew that this might be happen sooner or later, and so i think it’s best for me to write a new post explaining about this. Well it has been almost two years since the first time ever i created a Repack for World of Warcraft based on Mangos, and as many people said All good things (or bad things if you define my repacks are bad) eventually come to an end. And so in this post i want to announce that there’ll be no more repacks made by myself. Although i’m pretty sure you have noticed that too, because the last repack that is made by myself directly is the old Reaper Mangos 5472 for WoW 2.3.3 that is released more than one year ago, and since then all the repacks are made by Oatman, Colt45, Darkened Linux and Erytheia

Ever since i’ve created my first repack (well i don’t know about what repack is back then when i first created a repack and so this part deserved a new paragraph), i’ve met with many wonderful people, intelligent people that helped others to create their own wow server by helping them directly (via remote access perhaps) or by simply leaving comments here. And so in this post i want to thank you all for helping me answering all kind questions posted by various commenters

As i said before, back then when i started creating repack, i don’t know those thing called repack, and that is simply because back then when i created my first post on how to set up your own wow private server using Mangos and judging from the questions asked there, it seems some people still find that guide is difficult for them and so i created another guide and this time i included images to make things easier to read, and also separated it into four posts (Part One – Installing MySQL, Part Two – Configuring Mangos, Part Three – Configuring Mangos for LAN, Part Four – Setting up Apache Webserver) but still some people confused on how those server related things work, and so i decided to help them directly by connecting to them via Remote Desktop / Remote Assistance to configure everything directly free of charge. But because that is just too much time consuming and so i decided to create a simple Batch file to make installing and updating a little bit easier and that’s also mark as my first repack release based on Mangos, called Reaper Mangos 4488. And that’s how this repack thing started (i hope i don’t bored you with my repack history lol)

And so … once again i want to thank you all the site visitors for leaving comments, using my repacks and other repacks, and also helping others to set up their own World of Warcraft Private server. And also special thanks to Oatman, Colt45, Darkened Linux and Erytheia for their repacks. And also to everyone at Mangos Project and also TrinityCore for making such wonderful emulator despite they don’t want it to be called emulator and also Unified Database Forums for the database and also Scriptdev2 for their script :)

And once again, as i said before, that by posting this, that means there’ll be no repacks coming from me (made by me), but of course i’ll accept any kind of repacks you’ve made to be posted and promoted here with full credits (obviously i’ll check them first to make sure it’s virus free). And no is not dead, i’ll still continue writing posts about anything else but there’ll be no more post about repack coming from me ;)

As a bonus, for the next few posts, perhaps i’ll create a guide on how to setup Mangos and or Trinity Core manually by yourself :)


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73 comments on “Goodbye Repacks …

  1. @DarkenedLinux,
    I mainly love the scripting for quests, where the npc’s have to act something out for the quest, that used to not work in older repacks. I also really enjoy daily pvp quests like capturing towers in epl, hf, and terokkar.
    I also really enjoy all the achievements, which I hear there are more of now since 3.0.9.
    That’s about all I can think of. The more bliz-like the repack is, the more I enjoy it :)

  2. I need your help! Can you tell me what you like in your repacks? Go to Darkened Linux Forums and tell me what you think! Thanks!

    PS, My 3.2.2a Repack will be out really soon.

    Darkened Linux

  3. I need your help! Can you tell me what you like in your repacks? Go to Darkened Linux Forums and tell me what you think! Thanks!

    PS, My 3.2.2a Repack will be out really soon.

    Darkened Linux

  4. @DarkenedLinux,

    Wow, I love your new website! Really great look. I’ll keep checking your old website, as well as the new one, for your 3.2.2 repack. Thanks again for all your hard work!

  5. Sounds like you like my repacks, I do have a 3.1.3 Repack out but it is really old. I am going to create a 3.2.2 soon.

    I’m still using your 3.0.9 repack, and I love it! I don’t think you did a bad job at all. I don’t know what those critics were judging by.
    I check your website weekly for a 3.2.x repack! If you have no other fans of your repack, then consider me the first. Been playing it for months now. I have a 66 lock, and a 45 mage. The quest scripts are nearly perfect..I love it.
    Oh, and I’m using Trinity version too, not mangos. I would love it if you made a Trinity core that’s updateable from 3.0.9. If not, then I’ll just start fresh.

  7. Hey reaper x.

    i would just like to say thx for all of us how to make repacks and even use them.

    Its sad for us that u wont make any more repacks but we apreciate ur hard work.

    Again, Thx for all your help and thx for learning us some stuff.

  8. hi im back. saw ur repack old man, but no thank you (security purposes). i looked up some other sites and have a arcemu server up and running HOWEVER it is so fulla bugs i cant play smoothly (flying mobs and stuff) can anyone link the 3.2.2 MaNGOS repack please? i feel that after reading dozens of guides i should be able to get the hang of it now :)

  9. MaNGOS now supports 3.2.2. Trinity will be supporting it in a week or 2. The real question is, would anyone like 3.2.2 repack? I am not really into creating repacks, but if I get a good number of people asking I will create one. Also if so, it will probably be my last repack. I am getting ridiculed my Trinity. :( But I love trinity so I can not get mad at them. Paradox sent me a lovely message: To DarkenedLinux : Die, you and your repack. Also check out my friends new server.

    1. can you help me? im not sure how to start a private server(ive done configuring MySQL)(i hv 3.2.2 WoW)

    2. Well since Mangos just recently support 3.2.2 version, that means you’ll need to compile Mangos first in order to use it :( (i have wrote on how to compile mangos before at and i believe the instruction is still the same with the exception you can’t use SVN anymore and need to use GIT)

      But even if you don’t have GIT installed and don’t want to install GIT (for any reasons), you can always download their source via the download link located at (and then just compile it right away, obviously after extracting it first) ;)

    3. which one do i download from github i did the 0.14 release (tryin to make sense of the compilation article you wrote)

    4. a week how bout till 17 oct. actually since ur writing it anytime would be ok but can you tell me when it might be done?

    5. i would prefer mangos(ive read some articles on it already) but i dont know much. but if it works ill try anything(thx)

    6. I tried goin through the steps that reaperx wrote out in “configuring Mangos for TBC server or WoW classic server”, and i think i set up the server. however, there is the error(login server down) andi hv some problems in the config.(or maybe im just plain dumb because i hv WotLK but read a TBC or classic guide) :( <sad

    7. lol hey when u finish the guide(if u are writing it) darkened, maybe u could help me on msn…

    8. i would like a 3.2.2 of the trinity one please. reaper x servers are the best i have seen in ages. Very few bugs!!

  10. Hello everyone,
    I am just getting started with a new team. We are working on a wow server. It is not public just yet. Please register and join us! I am looking for any ideas. So please leave a comment. I will be a GM on the server, so if you need any help! ;) I am also working on a new repack, but I think I am going to release it when Trinity comes out with the 3.2 patch.
    The team’s new server [DevastationWoW]
    My Website, I keep this update

  11. Gotta admit, the repacks posted here got me started, I’m working on getting a semi-decent computer to run a server 24/7 minus maintenance like defragging etc. Will probably never make a repack, but I’m going to try and make an alternative for people who have trouble making them to come on and mess around. I’ll keep you all up to date as I get things set up and working, it probably won’t be until january that I can afford the server so don’t expect anything anytime soon xD

    Peace out,

  12. Hey Reaper, Remar here. Thank-you for all the help over the years. Thanks to you many many people have had many hours of fun. Although I understand you not doing repacks anymore, I appreciate your post clearly stating this. A that you will continue to “help” other have fun. I will continue to offer my help to anyone that needs it.

    Again, thank-you for everything, your name will always = fun.

    1. Ah sadly no… The people I tend to work with seem to like to fail lol… Though atm Im trying to find another project to work on and sorry reaper… the secret project died… I lost all my stuff when my HDD died.

  13. Its sad to see this Reaper… Though thank you for mentioning us for helping though Im pretty sure my repacks were the hardest to understand/setup xD If you need anything Reaper or anyone else I use Skype now (IM bores me :P ) and my Skype name is Colt45ofDarkness

    1. If only i have enough bandwidth / at least good connection to use Skype :(

      and btw, what is your secret project progress? is it done yet? :D

  14. Hey Reaper thanks for everything!!!!

    Cant wait to see what you start next and still look forward to some Darkended Linux repacks!