Erytheia Trinity Core Repack Release V1 for WoW 3.1.3

Erytheia is kind enough to inform me that he has made a new repack that can be used for WoW 3.1.3 and also support updating from the last Darkened Linux Trinity Core V2 release, and because he has made an excellent release i’ve decided to post his repack into the main page. (the original post can be found at forums). And so full credits should be given to Erytheia for his wonderful repack

WoW Launcher

And here are some information about Erytheia Trinity Core Repack V1:

Trinity Core:

TrinityCore2 REV 4194 (See changelog.txt because there are too many changes to be listed here)

Trinity DB:

  • TDB Rev 17
  • Lots of 3.1.x related template changes and additions for items, gameobjects, creatures …
  • Redone loots for creatures 0-200 and 1000-1700
  • NPC stats changed for new system
  • Data for new item_required_target-table
  • Updates from SD2 rev 1141 and ACID rev30
  • Fixes from forums, thanks to all contributors!


  • Combine all Batch-Files to a big control.bat – read Readme for infos
  • New registration page!
  • ClientTools in the Registration Page – easy downgrade to 3.0.1 and connect to server.
  • Redirect of launcher-page and login-info of wow. Launcher can update to the supported version (3.1.3). When you want this, you must configurate apache (see tools\httpd-xampp.conf for an example). For XAMPP-User – this will be done automatic!
  • And the user must download the “ClientTools” (windows only) and extract the file in the wow-client-directory. The he must simple start “run_<servername>.exe” and he is connected to your realm.


Homepage New Looks

With a registration page, login-area, Re-Customization, Players Online, Player Map, Item-Arsenal, Player-Arsenal, Download of the client (thanks to wow-europe, which allow this), Ticket-System (for GMs), Teleport Players to home (for GM), See Accountinfos (for GM), Remote-Access-“Console” (for GM), client tools (allows simple connection to the server, activate support for launcher redirect in the client) and much more!

Note: The homepage is under devolopment. I need testdata for adding future things (like Arena-Team-List).
Items with dynamic stats are don’t displayed (I don’t have engouth information). In player-arsenal reputation and items are missing.


This little tool allows more than one user access the remote-access of the trinity realm. You can also access the “control.bat” to remote control the complete server (some functions are locked for remote access!). On the homepage login with an account with GM-Level 3 and select remote-access.

For an alternative you can use putty, by choosing raw connection.

And because Port 6832 is used, you should route this port.

Important: In order to use this. Remote Access in trinitycore.conf must be activated (port 3443, locked to

Known Problems:

  • Some “spell xyz listed in spell_proc_event probally not triggered spell” – ignore them.
  • Readme is a little bit outdated.
  • Documentation of the homepage is missing.
  • Ulduar is empty.

And finally here are the Instructions and download link:

Download Link:

Mirror #1: Filebeam | 14.31 MB

If you are updating from Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for WoW 3.0.9 V2:

1. Backup your data first!

2. Simple run control.bat and choose “Update from Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for WoW 3.0.9 V2”. Follow the instruction on screen. And of course you will need a WoW 3.1.3 Client because some datas must be extracted (will take about one hour).

3. Because of a Bug in Darkened Linux trinity Core Repack for wow 3.0.9 the first two characters wich anyone are creating are lost. So first you should create two “dummy-chararacters” befor3 you go live!

New Installation:

1. Make sure you have WOW 3.1.3 Client for extracting datas!

2. Extract the archive / trinity core release you just downloaded

3. Run control.bat. When you don’t have a mysql installed, select “Install XAMPP”. Or if you prefer to install MySQL, Apache and PHP manually (XAMPP is Automatic method) you can read it from my previous post about MySQL installation, Apache with PHP Installation

4. Now select “Install Trinity”. Follow the instructions given on screen.

Important Notes:

  • World-Database must be recreated/rebuild – save your Custom-Content before!
  • This release support 3.1.3 Client. You must recreate your DBC, MAPS und VMAPS! The Database is TDB17 (UDB381), which is a “bugfix”-release for 3.1.3. In this release Ulduar is empty!


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381 comments on “Erytheia Trinity Core Repack Release V1 for WoW 3.1.3

  1. How to change login screen-wow ,I mean breaking news ?I tried it but I can’t change it :( !Can I use it for 3.0.9 repack and change breaking news ?

  2. @Bob

    Yeah, if the file was bad, it should have shown up while extracting, no? Very weird.


    Im using Windows XP myself. Still have that issue.

  3. Very easy to set up, I like so far. Only problem is I’m stuck @ logging into game server. I think I’m going to have to fiddle with this. Everything else (as far as I can tell) is running fine.

  4. @Bob

    What OS are you running it on, XP, Vista? I had an issue with an older Mangos on Vista and to make it run I had to install MSWINSCN.OCX into the windows\system32 folder to get it running. It gave no error message just started to open then closed with no output.

  5. Jurahkan, it looks like a corrupted .exe, but a fresh install should have fixed it. I guess I need to redownload the self-extracting .exe and start with that, though something that corrupt should have shown up on the CRC check.

  6. @nexus2322

    Everything starts in Linux then gets converted to Windows. Why are you converting it back to Linux if you can just download it in Linux in the 1st place. If you go to the trinity website just download, compile it and it will run. No need to use a repack.

  7. @jc984
    You need to make the ip on your server a static ip. There are plenty of guides for that around, I believe there’s one on Reaper-x as well, if not try Then in the file on your wife’s computer, and any that are connected via lan (exept your server) change it to the static ip of the server (example: – whatever you set it to). It should work from there, people outside can connect as long as the router is configured for port forwarding properly (which already requires a static ip for your server so all you should have to do is change your wife’s file) and they should be able to connect via lan.

    Hope this helps.

  8. Actually, shortly after I wrote that comment I went in and deleted the entire program and reinstalled from scratch. Same problem. :( It’s starting to really weird me out, since everything else works perfectly, I just can’t get the TrinityCore and Realm files to run. :(

  9. @Gosszilla

    Yea i know all that.I am registered at But wouldn’t that just make my wife(cause we are connected over a network and the connection is shared) connect to that ip over the net? Cause my network IP is different from my internet IP.

    I do not have cable, I have Verizon wireless and its very crappy. but shouldnt be a problem if only my friend connected to my private server online and my wife(or whoever else is on my lan connection connects over my network)

    I guess to be clearer, is there a way for ppl on my lan to connect to my network IP and my buddy can connect to my internet ip?(the dns i got setup from

    Sorry my knowledge of this kinda stuff is kinda limited and any help is greatly appreciated.

  10. @jc984
    yes, it is very easy to accomplish, just follow the guide that is given, and then when you are done, open up your favourite SQL program, such as Navicat Lite, and enter in the information.
    When you connect to your MySQL database, go into the realmd section, and double click realmlist. Under “address” set it to your IP address, go to or whatever it is, and it will tell you. I would recommend registering for a DNS name, you can get a free one @
    You will need to forward ports that are mentioned in guides right here on reaper-x

  11. @Gosszilla
    Yes I want to host…so my wife can join over lan…and my buddy out of state can join over the net at the same time. that make sense?

    O_o. never got that before. Did you try doing a completely fresh re-install?

  12. Hello everyone!
    First of all many thanks to Erytheia for this release its great! And to Reaper-X for making this all possible Plz. keep up the good work!

    Second could some one please help, i wish to put re-populate the vendors back in GM island since upgrading to to this repack, there is no vendors in GM island…
    Your help and Advice are greatly appreciated!


  13. When I try To connect says “Logging in to game server” it can’t connect and returns me to the realm list

  14. @jc984

    It gets down to starting TrinityRealm and then just spits out the following…

    The system cannot execute the specified program.
    wait for activity of TrinityRealm
    ERROR: TrinityRealm has ended!
    wait for activity of TrinityCore
    ERROR: TrinityCore has ended!

    It’s really blowing my mind. :p

  15. @jc984
    So, what you are saying, is that YOU are looking to host a server, and you want your wife, and your buddy out of state to be able to play right?

    Also, this repack has an error on the registration page =P says “Warth” instead of “Wrath” lol

  16. @Reaper-X,

    I’m not installing this repack if the only real change between 3.0.9 and 3.1.3 is the new raid “Secrets of Ulduar”. Besides, if it’s empty anyway, there’s no point. I’ll wait until it’s spawned in a future repack.

  17. hey quick question to anyone.

    is there anyway to set it up so my wife can play over lan and my buddy out of state can connect online at the same time? so my wife gets the good lan connection and my buddy will be the only one connecting since his net isnt that great either?

    Thanks in advance

  18. nvm i figured mine out … i didnt put the right MySQL user name, left it blank instead of putting root. How do i get to the second floor of Acherus?