Erytheia Trinity Core Repack Release V1 for WoW 3.1.3

Erytheia is kind enough to inform me that he has made a new repack that can be used for WoW 3.1.3 and also support updating from the last Darkened Linux Trinity Core V2 release, and because he has made an excellent release i’ve decided to post his repack into the main page. (the original post can be found at forums). And so full credits should be given to Erytheia for his wonderful repack

WoW Launcher

And here are some information about Erytheia Trinity Core Repack V1:

Trinity Core:

TrinityCore2 REV 4194 (See changelog.txt because there are too many changes to be listed here)

Trinity DB:

  • TDB Rev 17
  • Lots of 3.1.x related template changes and additions for items, gameobjects, creatures …
  • Redone loots for creatures 0-200 and 1000-1700
  • NPC stats changed for new system
  • Data for new item_required_target-table
  • Updates from SD2 rev 1141 and ACID rev30
  • Fixes from forums, thanks to all contributors!


  • Combine all Batch-Files to a big control.bat – read Readme for infos
  • New registration page!
  • ClientTools in the Registration Page – easy downgrade to 3.0.1 and connect to server.
  • Redirect of launcher-page and login-info of wow. Launcher can update to the supported version (3.1.3). When you want this, you must configurate apache (see tools\httpd-xampp.conf for an example). For XAMPP-User – this will be done automatic!
  • And the user must download the “ClientTools” (windows only) and extract the file in the wow-client-directory. The he must simple start “run_<servername>.exe” and he is connected to your realm.


Homepage New Looks

With a registration page, login-area, Re-Customization, Players Online, Player Map, Item-Arsenal, Player-Arsenal, Download of the client (thanks to wow-europe, which allow this), Ticket-System (for GMs), Teleport Players to home (for GM), See Accountinfos (for GM), Remote-Access-“Console” (for GM), client tools (allows simple connection to the server, activate support for launcher redirect in the client) and much more!

Note: The homepage is under devolopment. I need testdata for adding future things (like Arena-Team-List).
Items with dynamic stats are don’t displayed (I don’t have engouth information). In player-arsenal reputation and items are missing.


This little tool allows more than one user access the remote-access of the trinity realm. You can also access the “control.bat” to remote control the complete server (some functions are locked for remote access!). On the homepage login with an account with GM-Level 3 and select remote-access.

For an alternative you can use putty, by choosing raw connection.

And because Port 6832 is used, you should route this port.

Important: In order to use this. Remote Access in trinitycore.conf must be activated (port 3443, locked to

Known Problems:

  • Some “spell xyz listed in spell_proc_event probally not triggered spell” – ignore them.
  • Readme is a little bit outdated.
  • Documentation of the homepage is missing.
  • Ulduar is empty.

And finally here are the Instructions and download link:

Download Link:

Mirror #1: Filebeam | 14.31 MB

If you are updating from Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for WoW 3.0.9 V2:

1. Backup your data first!

2. Simple run control.bat and choose “Update from Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for WoW 3.0.9 V2”. Follow the instruction on screen. And of course you will need a WoW 3.1.3 Client because some datas must be extracted (will take about one hour).

3. Because of a Bug in Darkened Linux trinity Core Repack for wow 3.0.9 the first two characters wich anyone are creating are lost. So first you should create two “dummy-chararacters” befor3 you go live!

New Installation:

1. Make sure you have WOW 3.1.3 Client for extracting datas!

2. Extract the archive / trinity core release you just downloaded

3. Run control.bat. When you don’t have a mysql installed, select “Install XAMPP”. Or if you prefer to install MySQL, Apache and PHP manually (XAMPP is Automatic method) you can read it from my previous post about MySQL installation, Apache with PHP Installation

4. Now select “Install Trinity”. Follow the instructions given on screen.

Important Notes:

  • World-Database must be recreated/rebuild – save your Custom-Content before!
  • This release support 3.1.3 Client. You must recreate your DBC, MAPS und VMAPS! The Database is TDB17 (UDB381), which is a “bugfix”-release for 3.1.3. In this release Ulduar is empty!


Note: Comment may not appear right away.

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  1. I see you’ve included the start_wow.exe source file in the web/data folder… my question is… what compiler did you use? I tried with purebasic and got no result, keeps telling me there are syntax errors… i need this because of a port issue I was having with apache… if you could share, that would be great… thx for the great work!!!

  2. I have some troubles with brewfest event.
    When i start it and im doing the brew of the month quest it doesnt place Larkin Thunderbrew at the Stonefire Tavern in Ironforge.
    is there a quick fix to manual place those npc`s there ??

  3. Is there a good place to download the patches without reverting to Blizz’s servers? I know that sounds very lazy… but 1) i am :) and 2) I had a lot of issues getting a server set up initially, the last thing i want to do is hose it up just trying to update it. I’m currently running 2.4.3 TBC, but would like to upgrade to 3.1.3, even it I don’t have WoTLK installed, if that makes any sense?

  4. hey on this server, when i made my death knight everything worked except for a couple minor glitches here and there. Now when my little bro tries to make one, once he gets to Ogrimmar to get the respect of the horde from Thrall, he can’t cast or attack or anything. It says in red letters whenever he tries on his screen “cannont cast when silenced” and crap. Making new accounts for him hasn’t helped. Any suggestions? please quickly

    1. You can change his factionid to other faction by.npc factionid #factionid.

      for me, I used 1205 (silvermoon faction) and change back to 125 (orgrimmar faction) after you turn your quest.

      (use .npc info to see his/her factionid)

  5. Ok, I finally got WoW v3.1.3, and im trying out trinity. I have done every step! But when it comes to the part where is says I can now use ‘start.bat’ and ‘stop.bat’, it says windows cannot find trinitycore/trinitycore.exe and cannot find trinitycore/trinityrealm.exe!? Im stomped! Becuase its right in that folder on my desktop! Also, the mysql isnt working? Keeps saying errors, asking if I already had a mysql using port 3306? Im not sure whats going on.. Right now im fresh installing trinity! Im hoping this will fix my little problem. Could you help me out some?

  6. Call me noob, after reading this I know you will. I unpacked and installed the repack. Everything installed fine, but TrinityCore and TrinityRealm will not start. When I try and start them individually I get an error (on both programs) that says they are not configured correctly. I have check the settings in both of the config files and they are correct (per posts on this forum and others). I know it has to be something simple that is preventing the startup but I cannot seem to find it. Please help.

  7. i really liked your 3.0.9 but your 3.1.3 lost some of the original integrity. Eagerly waiting for a 3.2.0 to come out from this group :).

  8. @ matt

    of course you can run a server on a seperate computer and connect to it without wow…the server though just needs the database files, the hard part is copying all of them over…it takes a long time but in the end you can connect to it through your own router and have a virtually lag free environment, no machine lag due to running the database and wow on the same computer

    atleast this is how it worked with reapers last repack (5472)…i havent tested with any new ones since they are updating live WoW too fast for repacks to be made

  9. I have to praise you Erytheia. I have tried out several different repacks, and actual cores. You have made a repack that the least amount of bugs that I have seen. Its just as easy to install as Darkened Lunix and AmberGUI. Darkened Lunix repack, I never was able to get going, but I wanted the 3.1.3 repack anyways. I got alot of people on the server that wouldn’t know how to roll back the patch, and I don’t have alot of time or patience to explain it to them.

    The best gui that i have seen so far is the AmberGUI. All the ms-dos screens are off my taskbar with that, so worry about accidently closing one down. Anyways, keep up the good work. I hope to see more from you.


  10. I was just wondering is there a way to launcher to look like the picture with the same features and all because im running mangos for 2.3.0 but I really like the laucher UI.

  11. You should be able to go to your website by directing your browser to the ip/address that you typed in the file to connect to the game server.

  12. I am looking for some help to get the website, registration page, etc running. I can not figure it out. My server is up and running fine and I have many that want to log on and play but I do not know how to get it all running. I also need help on getting my server accessible to those wishing to log in. PLEASE HELP!!

  13. very nice fully operational ran a custom vendor sql and all works me and and few others been playin deathmatch on the gmisland time to start tweakin it maybe put sum belf orgy’s silvermoon lawl…web site reg works good as well the first account made was U-mike,P-honcho:P
    Thanks to all who made this!

  14. UDB382 has been released. Has anyone tried installing it with this repack? I tried a few times today unsuccessfully. I noticed that it requires TrinityCore2 Version 4666 and this repack uses 4194. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.

    Does anyone have any idea how to upgrade either one? Or does that defeat the purpose of this repack? Not sure myself, I am still learning alot about all this stuff.

    I appreciate the help,
    Thank you.

  15. To be honest, I haven’t tried this yet. But I would imagine the following would be how to add achievements to the character database for your sister’s toon.

    First you need to know her guid. You can find that by navigating your Navicat to Characters>characters. Look for the character name on the column on the right and follow it to to left of the screen till you reach guid. That is her guid. Go into your Navicat and navigate thru your database Characters>character_achievement. Now locate where her guid is and click anywhere in there. Hit the + sign at the bottom of the screen to add a new line. In the first column add the guid number, the second column add the achievementID#, and in the third column is the date.

    IE: | 1| 277| 1242936653|

    The date part doesn’t make sense to me, but that is what is listed in my DB. I would just duplicate the other achievement dates if that part isn’t important to you.

    You can get the achievementID #’s from:

    Hover the cursor over the achievement link and the bottom left of your browser you will see a link that looks like: Just copy the number and use it for your achievement. 3579 is the Food Fight! Achievement.

    Like I said earlier, I haven’t tried this yet. And I don’t know if there is a GM Command for it or not. But give it a shot.

  16. Anyone Know where i can find a guide on how to edit achievements in navicat? im trying to re-build my sisters retail toons on my server and she has some of the Quest achievements.. I’m trying to set it up so she will have all her achievements without having to manually do all the quests/ect… needed for the achievement

  17. Has the damage been fixed with this repack yet? Meaning actually fixed not just copied the damage from the creature table over from 3.0.9

  18. # Legazy

    Because i’ve retired on creating repacks, i’m sorry there’ll be no repacks coming from me again (as you can see by yourself, all repacks that have been made since 5472 is made by other people) .. and btw in case you didn’t know, the last repack that i made is based on Mangos 5472 which is more than 1 year ago :(

    But i think it’ll be better for me to explain about this in a new post instead of comment :)

    But of course, if someone else want to create a repack and wants me to promote their repacks here, i’d be glad to create a post about it here :)

    As a side note, Darkened Linux told me that he is currently busy with his school life so i don’t know when his repack will be finished