Erytheia Trinity Core Repack Release V1 for WoW 3.1.3

Erytheia is kind enough to inform me that he has made a new repack that can be used for WoW 3.1.3 and also support updating from the last Darkened Linux Trinity Core V2 release, and because he has made an excellent release i’ve decided to post his repack into the main page. (the original post can be found at forums). And so full credits should be given to Erytheia for his wonderful repack

WoW Launcher

And here are some information about Erytheia Trinity Core Repack V1:

Trinity Core:

TrinityCore2 REV 4194 (See changelog.txt because there are too many changes to be listed here)

Trinity DB:

  • TDB Rev 17
  • Lots of 3.1.x related template changes and additions for items, gameobjects, creatures …
  • Redone loots for creatures 0-200 and 1000-1700
  • NPC stats changed for new system
  • Data for new item_required_target-table
  • Updates from SD2 rev 1141 and ACID rev30
  • Fixes from forums, thanks to all contributors!


  • Combine all Batch-Files to a big control.bat – read Readme for infos
  • New registration page!
  • ClientTools in the Registration Page – easy downgrade to 3.0.1 and connect to server.
  • Redirect of launcher-page and login-info of wow. Launcher can update to the supported version (3.1.3). When you want this, you must configurate apache (see tools\httpd-xampp.conf for an example). For XAMPP-User – this will be done automatic!
  • And the user must download the “ClientTools” (windows only) and extract the file in the wow-client-directory. The he must simple start “run_<servername>.exe” and he is connected to your realm.


Homepage New Looks

With a registration page, login-area, Re-Customization, Players Online, Player Map, Item-Arsenal, Player-Arsenal, Download of the client (thanks to wow-europe, which allow this), Ticket-System (for GMs), Teleport Players to home (for GM), See Accountinfos (for GM), Remote-Access-“Console” (for GM), client tools (allows simple connection to the server, activate support for launcher redirect in the client) and much more!

Note: The homepage is under devolopment. I need testdata for adding future things (like Arena-Team-List).
Items with dynamic stats are don’t displayed (I don’t have engouth information). In player-arsenal reputation and items are missing.


This little tool allows more than one user access the remote-access of the trinity realm. You can also access the “control.bat” to remote control the complete server (some functions are locked for remote access!). On the homepage login with an account with GM-Level 3 and select remote-access.

For an alternative you can use putty, by choosing raw connection.

And because Port 6832 is used, you should route this port.

Important: In order to use this. Remote Access in trinitycore.conf must be activated (port 3443, locked to

Known Problems:

  • Some “spell xyz listed in spell_proc_event probally not triggered spell” – ignore them.
  • Readme is a little bit outdated.
  • Documentation of the homepage is missing.
  • Ulduar is empty.

And finally here are the Instructions and download link:

Download Link:

Mirror #1: Filebeam | 14.31 MB

If you are updating from Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for WoW 3.0.9 V2:

1. Backup your data first!

2. Simple run control.bat and choose “Update from Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for WoW 3.0.9 V2”. Follow the instruction on screen. And of course you will need a WoW 3.1.3 Client because some datas must be extracted (will take about one hour).

3. Because of a Bug in Darkened Linux trinity Core Repack for wow 3.0.9 the first two characters wich anyone are creating are lost. So first you should create two “dummy-chararacters” befor3 you go live!

New Installation:

1. Make sure you have WOW 3.1.3 Client for extracting datas!

2. Extract the archive / trinity core release you just downloaded

3. Run control.bat. When you don’t have a mysql installed, select “Install XAMPP”. Or if you prefer to install MySQL, Apache and PHP manually (XAMPP is Automatic method) you can read it from my previous post about MySQL installation, Apache with PHP Installation

4. Now select “Install Trinity”. Follow the instructions given on screen.

Important Notes:

  • World-Database must be recreated/rebuild – save your Custom-Content before!
  • This release support 3.1.3 Client. You must recreate your DBC, MAPS und VMAPS! The Database is TDB17 (UDB381), which is a “bugfix”-release for 3.1.3. In this release Ulduar is empty!


Note: Comment may not appear right away.

381 comments on “Erytheia Trinity Core Repack Release V1 for WoW 3.1.3

  1. @BobTheUnholy

    What are the errors messages it gives you(if any) when you try to start it up? does it just say failure to launch and/or just closes when it tries to start?

    the V2 3.0.9 release wouldnt work for me either and I gave up and just stuck with 2.4.3 until I saw this one.

  2. Well, control.bat doesn’t work either. This is a fresh install and everything, but it just errors out with a message about the program failing to start for both Trinity Realm and Core. There isn’t any kind of log file because the .exe files in question never launch at all. As I said before, I’ve even tried launching them by hand and they won’t run that way either. :(

    If anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears…everything else seems to be ready to rock, I just can’t get the thing to run the main .exes

  3. @Daruwind
    the plan was, that you extract all the files from my repack to an empty database. The install-script should normaly create a configuration-file for you. So the trinity-core should find the dbc files.

    At the moment i think, most have problems with the installation-process. Don’t start “start.bat” – run “control.bat”.

    When you want to reset all settings, you should delete the tools\config.bat and start then control.bat to beginn a clean installation.

    in the next release i will a “install.bat” which automatic start the control.bat ;)

    On thing: Please don’t write “trinity don’t start” – trinity always create a log file in “trinitycore\” please open it and read it – normaly a errormessage should be there.

  4. I some how got it working, i didnt even delete my old database 2.4.3 either.

    While i was downloading XAMPP I used the vmap,dbc,map extractor….after I made sure my wow game was version 3.1.3(9947)build (i just have wow and TBC installed btw) did it without a hitch, it even moved my files to where they belong after it extracted them in the vmaps,dbc,map folders in the database directory where u unzip it.

    everything installed fine after i put the zip file of XAMPP where it told you in the readme that came with the database(cant wait till i get wotlk to play DK tho) and i have been using the Control.bat to start my server up…everything loads and connects just fine. even the AH bot worked correctly after i enabled it.

    Using Control.bat to start server(after its installed correctly)

    1-Start all

    Works for me hope that helps anyone that is having trouble.

  5. hi

    everytime i try to extract the vmaps, i get this error message:

    ERROR: Can’t open file: buildings/dir

    help plz :)

  6. I’m having much the same problem. I use the start.bat that brings up the SQL server and everything else, THEN tries to launch the trinity core & realm executables. It gives me an error every time saying they failed to launch. I can even start everything by hand and then got to run the files in question and they fail to run. If anyone has any ideas, I am open to suggestions at this point.

  7. @Erytheia
    Hi i had darkened trinity v2…so there were some differencies during the instal….my trinity core+realm was in folder “trinity core” and not “trinitycore” dunno if it matters i just put all files there and rename it after installation when i noticed different name of folder. All goes well creating vmaps,maps,dbc but then there were error because i store data in C:\wow\data and not C:\trinity..soi had to move them manually and after that i ended installer.

  8. Erytheia

    Is WotLK required to use this though? because my current net connection I am limited to 5gb a month(either that or dialup where i am at) and the less I have to download the better.
    If so I will just wait until i can afford to buy WotLK since its only 20$ now here in Michigan,USA at Wal-fart :)

  9. @Erytheia

    When i try to run TrinityCore and TrinityRealm they say that the config is incorrect and that i should reinstall it… i already tried reinstalling it and im getting the same error message

  10. @ Erytheia
    i will look again.. last look thru all i could find was trinitycore.. not trinity core2.. i think i may have got it.. but a wiki would make things easier.. and being home where i have a 10meg connection.. i am curently running on a 10k connection and i feel sooo lost lol

    thanks all

  11. @jc984
    you can download the WOLK here:

    a update is possible but you must do more things:
    but this is not done by my release! I don’t have a 2.4.3 testdata so i can’t test such things.

    AHBot is a part of Trinity, all releases have it.

    can you post your log files. “Something doesn’t work” doesn’t help realy.

    How did you install – it seems, that your World-Database hasn’t created.
    Under control.bat -> databank -> rebuild -> rebuild world you can recreate it.

  12. Hi,I have a little problem..any idea?

    2009-06-30 08:47:26 MySQL client library: 5.0.56
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 MySQL server ver: 5.1.35-community
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 MySQL client library: 5.0.56
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 MySQL server ver: 5.1.35-community
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 MySQL client library: 5.0.56
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 MySQL server ver: 5.1.35-community
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 Realm running as realm ID 1
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 Using World DB: UDB 380 For Trinity
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 Using creature EventAI: Unknown creature EventAI.
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 Will clear `logs` table of entries older than 1209600 seconds every 10 minutes.
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 Visibility. Distance .Creature can’t be greater 165.666656
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 Visibility.Distance.Object can’t be greater 156.666656
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 Using DataDir C:\WOW\DATA/
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 WORLD: VMap support included. LineOfSight:1, getHeight:1
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 WORLD: VMap data directory is: C:\WOW\DATA/vmaps
    2009-06-30 08:47:26 WORLD: VMap config keys are: vmap.enableLOS, vmap.enableHeight, vmap.ignoreMapIds, vmap.ignoreSpellIds
    2009-06-30 08:47:27 ERROR: SQL: SELECT MAX(setguid) FROM character_equipmentsets
    2009-06-30 08:47:27 ERROR: query ERROR: Table ‘characters.character_equipmentsets’ doesn’t exist
    2009-06-30 08:47:28
    2009-06-30 08:47:28 Loading Trinity strings…
    2009-06-30 08:47:29
    2009-06-30 08:47:29 >> Loaded 783 Trinity strings from table trinity_string
    2009-06-30 08:47:29 Initialize data stores…
    2009-06-30 08:47:34
    2009-06-30 08:47:34 >> Initialized 79 data stores
    2009-06-30 08:47:34 Using enUS DBC Locale as default. All available DBC locales: enUS
    2009-06-30 08:47:34
    2009-06-30 08:47:34 Loading Script Names…
    2009-06-30 08:47:39
    2009-06-30 08:47:39 >> Loaded 807 Script Names
    2009-06-30 08:47:39 Loading InstanceTemplate…
    2009-06-30 08:47:39 >> Loaded 73 Instance Template definitions
    2009-06-30 08:47:39
    2009-06-30 08:47:39 Loading SkillLineAbilityMultiMap Data…
    2009-06-30 08:47:39
    2009-06-30 08:47:39 >> Loaded 9973 SkillLineAbility MultiMap Data
    2009-06-30 08:47:39 Cleaning up instances…
    2009-06-30 08:47:40
    2009-06-30 08:47:40 >> Initialized 0 instances
    2009-06-30 08:47:40 Packing instances…
    2009-06-30 08:47:40 >> Instance numbers remapped, next instance id is 1
    2009-06-30 08:47:40
    2009-06-30 08:47:40
    2009-06-30 08:47:40 Loading Localization strings…
    2009-06-30 08:47:40
    2009-06-30 08:47:40 >> Loaded 0 creature locale strings. DB table `locales_creature` is empty.
    2009-06-30 08:47:40
    2009-06-30 08:47:40 >> Loaded 0 gameobject locale strings. DB table `locales_gameobject` is empty.
    2009-06-30 08:47:40
    2009-06-30 08:47:40 >> Loaded 0 Item locale strings. DB table `locales_item` is empty.
    2009-06-30 08:47:41
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 >> Loaded 0 Quest locale strings. DB table `locales_quest` is empty.
    2009-06-30 08:47:41
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 >> Loaded 0 NpcText locale strings. DB table `locales_npc_text` is empty.
    2009-06-30 08:47:41
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 >> Loaded 0 PageText locale strings. DB table `locales_page_text` is empty.
    2009-06-30 08:47:41
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 >> Loaded 0 npc_option locale strings. DB table `locales_npc_option` is empty.
    2009-06-30 08:47:41
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 >> Loaded 0 points_of_interest locale strings. DB table `locales_points_of_interest` is empty.
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 >>> Localization strings loaded
    2009-06-30 08:47:41
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 Loading Page Texts…
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 >> Loaded 1625 page texts
    2009-06-30 08:47:41
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 Loading Player info in cache…
    2009-06-30 08:47:41
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 >> Loaded info about 2 players
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 Loading Game Object Templates…
    2009-06-30 08:47:41 ERROR: Error in gameobject_template table, probably sql file format was updated (there should be 39 fields in sql).

  13. I installed the Trinity server and MySQL and when I start up my server it says there is an error and that TrinityCore has to exit

  14. do you need wotlk for this to work? cause i dont have it just TBC.

    And can I transfer backup characters on my current server(Reaper-X Trinity/MaNGOS Rev: 1 (2.4.3)) To this one? and how would I do that?

  15. great news.. this looks amazing.. good work all.. i just need to take it and re-compile it over to ubuntu.. not having such good luck with previous installs.. more too it then i imagined lol.. any ideas? does anyone have any helpful hints or know of a decent wiki on this? been looking a while and all i get is bits and peices.. nothings in order and im lost as hell lol

    thanks guys