Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 V2

The word is out! Trinity is dropping their Database and they are also shutting down their forum all for one reason, more people working on one Database.  Trinity is dropping their DB for a UDB (Unified Database). This is because they are join forces and create one super database that can be used for Trinity or MaNGOS. Ya big shock to everyone.  The developers told us it would be for the better of the community. When you look at it, it seems like a big jump, but it can only get better from hear.  The two different teams joining together to creating one database, the time for update will be so fast with more people working on one DB.  What does this mean? A new repack!  This new repack will run off a Trinity Core 2 with a UDB Database. It will still be 3.0.9 but better, a lot better.  This is not an upgrade because of the new DB. We strongly subject you backing up you old DB and manual delete your old DB  before installing this repack.

Lich King

UDB Update Pack

  • All outdoor areas in Northrend spawned, including new zone Stormwind Harbor
  • Redo most of equipments
  • All vendor’s and trainers redone
  • Thousands of updates and additions for quests/creatures/items/gameobjects/similar
  • And other basic 3.0.9 support
  • Updates and additions for bounding_radius and equipments
  • New npc_texts/gameobjects/items/page_texts…
  • Many updates for npc_vendor.extendedcost
  • Some 3.x related spawns to old world
  • type_flags for creature_template
  • Many npc_trainer updates
  • Added many quests chains in new map
  • Massive updates and additions for creature_model_info and creature_equip_template
  • New npc_texts/gameobjects/items/page_texts and wdb-updates for old ones
  • BonusTalents, RewMoneyMaxLevel and PlayersSlain data for quest_template
  • Hundreds of emotes and text updates for quests
  • Some immunities for tbc instances’ trash mobs
  • Some data for spell_loot_template
  • Spawned ~4000 new herbs/veins
  • Updated skill_discovery_template

Thanks to Reaper for helping this repack happen. Also thanks for the extra hand helping us test the repack Spike and Erytheia. There is a custom pack you can install with the Reaper-X installer; full credit goes to Xion87 and his good job on the custom sql! All credit goes to the Trinity team and the UDB Team for the Core and DB.


1. You need to have MySQL Installed (how to Install MySQL)
2. World of Warcraft Client version 3.0.9
3. DBC’s , VMAPS and MAPS Need to be Updated for 3.0.9 (use the vmaps, and dbc extractor included in the repack)
4. .NET FrameWork 3.5 SP1
5. Reaper-X Trinity Server :

MIRROR #1 Trinity Core 2 [UDB] 3.0.9 [V2] | 17.7MB | Rapidshare
MIRROR #2 Trinity Core 2 [UDB] 3.0.9 [V2] | 17.7MB | File Beam

How to Install:

Please check the Reaper Trinity Core Installation Guide

Have fun with this new release! Try and find all the developer in the game, we hid them all over the world! Please leave comments or questions. They always help for the next time when we create a repack.

The Darkened Linux Team


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258 comments on “Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 V2

  1. UDB have already released a database for WotLK v3.1.3 is there any new Trinity repack coming? Or can I just use that DB with the current Trinity?

  2. ok well i got everything set up and working for V1 and i started setting everything up again for V2 and i got it all work everything is in the right order, but when i click on trinityrealm.exe it brings up the program for about a second then shut’s itself off, and it only does it with the V2 i can keep the V1 up and running along with using the V2 Trinitycore.exe but it wont allow me to connect, just getting stuck at handshaking. any idea how i can fix the closing trinityrealm.exe from V2? or should i just uninstall everything and do it over again?

  3. When are you planning on a 3.1.3 repack Darkened Linux or Reaper?

    What ever happened to Oatman and Colt45??

  4. Anyone have the problem with patching to 3.1.3 and not being able to delete characters from ingame? I cant figure out how to fix it lol.

  5. Great work Reaper and all guys around :-) Do you plan making Darkened Linux repack for 3.1.3? Just wannna ask.

    Havea nice day.

  6. Come on you guys, we have gone threw this like 10x, you really need to stop spamming your repacks. If not I will half to ask Reaper to block your ip and remove any of your comments. Just make your own blog, use wordpress, it is really easy. Reaper is running this website of wordpress.

  7. Erytheia can please rewrite “how to upgrade” part with more details?I´m not sure with some points…It would be grateful thanks anyway. I´m just noob with upgrading as every time.

  8. Neged:

    Look for the realmlist.wtf in the \Data\enUS directory of your WoW installation and edit that file to point to your local server. For the 3.0.9 version it is no longer in the root WoW directory.

  9. And @Dancanhelpyou
    i use windows salamander and i always start wow.exe … i dont use launcher, i also tried moving my launcher to another directory but that didn’t help…

  10. Well, create a copy of your wow… while it is at version 3.0.9
    and patch only one of those wows…
    it might take more space on your comp… but meh… it’s the best you can get…

  11. id like to know how to create a second WoTLK Clint that is at 3.0.9 for this patch while keeping my Blizzard patch Clint at the same time,so in a sense i have 2 different WoTLK clints just at different patch levels, is there a way to do this?

  12. (Retry: #2) Hello, i just would like to ask if it would be possible to have all the different downloads needed for this server to be in one list of things, or if i missed that link. Thank you everyone for contributions and creating this ability, i can’t wait to really get on it when i get back to the states. I’m tired of going all over the place to find all the downloads. i still feel like i’m missing some downloads from my list of “Downloads to get for Project WoW”. Btw, the fact about the warlock’s spells has been mentioned twice now and hopefully the fact about how you must create a dummy account and then you can make an actuall account, and you have to have created 3 characters before you can actually create one to play. Now i feel like of the information mentioned above is vegue on how to set up others to connect to your created server. I’m so happy this server can be made for WoW, WoLK, 3.1.3. I don’t know where this updater download was mentioned but i’m tired of looking for data throughout Google and 50 other document sources. Congratulations, Kudos, and many thanks for this ability. I’ll be so happy to be able to set it up when i get back to the states.

  13. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a link to a page or a compilation of all the different most recent/updated available downloads in one list. It’s fantastic that the installers for the Darkened Linux Trinity Core DB and ect. are easier to play with and the fact that you have to create an account, delete it, create a new officail account for it to work. And then you have to create 3 Characters so you can create a new character to play the game. I did also notice that there doesn’t seem to be much information available on this page about getting others connected to this created server. I know Reaper-X knows about this, but i had been looking into periphrials that are esentially an external hard drive but have their own IP address and can stand alone (such as a NAS (Network Attached Storage) system). I’m just suggesting because i’m tired of doing the research for everything and i didn’t even know about needing a few of the downloads until i read through this entire document. (By the way, the fact of a few warlock spells not working has been mentioned twice.) Finally, i would like to take this oppurtunity to just thank everyone (In general) who have contributed and created the ability to set up a functional Private WoW Server. I don’t know the word(s) that would fully express how great it all is. (I’m sure the created server should stay offline to avoid risk of reveiving a “love letter” from Blizzard Entertainment).

  14. @Neged/Meged,

    It’s trying to download the next patch because you’re loading wow through the shortcut it creats on your desktop, which points to “launcher.exe” in your wow folder. Delete that shortcut, and make one for “wow.exe” and use that one instead. Launcher.exe rewrites your realmlist.wtf file back to the bliz default.
    Your server should work now. If not don’t hesistate to ask more questions.

  15. I have a bugg… my maps are only 231 mb big or something like that, and when i try to log into my server, it starts downloading a patch…
    i made the realmlist.wtf and stuff..
    but also when i patched my wow, a new realmlist was not created ( i didnt have one since i renamed mine to wrealmlist.wtf )
    I also tried deactivating my internet, but then it would say that i cant connect to my server.
    Anyone help please?

  16. Has anybody else noticed that demon skin doesn’t replenish health for warlocks? I’d appreciate anybody’s response on this who’s noticed the same thing.
    Also drain life doesn’t drain additional health when using the talent “soul siphon” in the affliction tree. Must be yet another bug.