Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 V2

The word is out! Trinity is dropping their Database and they are also shutting down their forum all for one reason, more people working on one Database.  Trinity is dropping their DB for a UDB (Unified Database). This is because they are join forces and create one super database that can be used for Trinity or MaNGOS. Ya big shock to everyone.  The developers told us it would be for the better of the community. When you look at it, it seems like a big jump, but it can only get better from hear.  The two different teams joining together to creating one database, the time for update will be so fast with more people working on one DB.  What does this mean? A new repack!  This new repack will run off a Trinity Core 2 with a UDB Database. It will still be 3.0.9 but better, a lot better.  This is not an upgrade because of the new DB. We strongly subject you backing up you old DB and manual delete your old DB  before installing this repack.

Lich King

UDB Update Pack

  • All outdoor areas in Northrend spawned, including new zone Stormwind Harbor
  • Redo most of equipments
  • All vendor’s and trainers redone
  • Thousands of updates and additions for quests/creatures/items/gameobjects/similar
  • And other basic 3.0.9 support
  • Updates and additions for bounding_radius and equipments
  • New npc_texts/gameobjects/items/page_texts…
  • Many updates for npc_vendor.extendedcost
  • Some 3.x related spawns to old world
  • type_flags for creature_template
  • Many npc_trainer updates
  • Added many quests chains in new map
  • Massive updates and additions for creature_model_info and creature_equip_template
  • New npc_texts/gameobjects/items/page_texts and wdb-updates for old ones
  • BonusTalents, RewMoneyMaxLevel and PlayersSlain data for quest_template
  • Hundreds of emotes and text updates for quests
  • Some immunities for tbc instances’ trash mobs
  • Some data for spell_loot_template
  • Spawned ~4000 new herbs/veins
  • Updated skill_discovery_template

Thanks to Reaper for helping this repack happen. Also thanks for the extra hand helping us test the repack Spike and Erytheia. There is a custom pack you can install with the Reaper-X installer; full credit goes to Xion87 and his good job on the custom sql! All credit goes to the Trinity team and the UDB Team for the Core and DB.


1. You need to have MySQL Installed (how to Install MySQL)
2. World of Warcraft Client version 3.0.9
3. DBC’s , VMAPS and MAPS Need to be Updated for 3.0.9 (use the vmaps, and dbc extractor included in the repack)
4. .NET FrameWork 3.5 SP1
5. Reaper-X Trinity Server :

MIRROR #1 Trinity Core 2 [UDB] 3.0.9 [V2] | 17.7MB | Rapidshare
MIRROR #2 Trinity Core 2 [UDB] 3.0.9 [V2] | 17.7MB | File Beam

How to Install:

Please check the Reaper Trinity Core Installation Guide

Have fun with this new release! Try and find all the developer in the game, we hid them all over the world! Please leave comments or questions. They always help for the next time when we create a repack.

The Darkened Linux Team


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258 comments on “Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 V2

  1. Well, I should have put together 2+2, but I did not.

    The database installer gave me soem trouble with not accepting my password. Unlike Mangos, I had to manually type in root as my user name.

    I should have guessed I would need to manually type in the database names (i.e. characters, realmd)as it does not automatically type in a default name.

    Up and running, very nice repack!

  2. There actually is an error, someone else had it near the top but I did not see a solution.

    It says 3 or 4 times:

    mysql: option ‘-D’ requires an argument

  3. The problem I suspect I am having is when I run Reaper-X Trinity [UDB].bat, even though it tells me installation is complete, it doesn’t really do anything.

    I have set up 2.3.3 Mangos many times, and I recall it doing “the MAatrix thing”, and it took some time. This completes in seconds with no errors.

  4. I have WOW 3.0.9 but I cant seem to log onto the server using or my lan address. im using navicat to change it in the realmd relmlist area and the other place i changed was in my wow directory realmlist.wtf. help plz

  5. oh and ofcourse I changed the realmlist.wtf and the host file in windows directory on both computers. I checked mysql – use realmd – select * from …. its all correct in there..

    in trinitycore.conf I have this: LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;root;realmd”
    WorldDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;root;world”
    CharacterDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;root;characters”

    and in trinityrealm.conf this: LoginDatabaseInfo = “;3306;root;root;realmd”

    If I change that the realm and core wont execute…

  6. Hi
    I got the server up and running fine, but my boyfriend can’t connect to it, I forwarded the 2 necessary ports, made the servegame.com mask thingy, changed the ip in navicat.. what am i missing? Can someone help me? =)

  7. This one is for Darkened Linux, do you use the Pirate Bay (www.piratebay.org) because on GM island there are 2 pirates with the name Pirate Bay. If so, rock on! To day the Pirate Bay is about the be shut down.

  8. @Demokritos
    I tried to do the backup too and was getting frustrated that the dumps of the character and realm files appeared to run because I didn’t get an error message, but there weren’t any files. I finally figured out that the issue was with the batch file. I edited the file in the section “:makebackup” and removed the ‘rem’ from the front of the following two lines:
    mysqldump –opt -u%trinityusr% -p%trinitypw% -v %charactersdb% > backup-char.sql
    mysqldump –opt -u%trinityusr% -p%trinitypw% -v %realmddb% > backup-realmd.sql

    If your database names are ‘character’ and ‘realm’ the restore will work fine, but if they are anything different, you’ll need to modify the two lines in the “:restorebackup” section the start with ‘mysql -u%trinityusr%…’ to the following lines, because the character and realmd database variables were statically set to the ‘character’ and ‘realmd’ databases:
    mysql -u%trinityusr% -p%trinitypw% -v -D %charactersdb% < backup-char.sql
    mysql -u%trinityusr% -p%trinitypw% -v -D %realmddb% < backup-realmd.sql

    That did it for me and I’m working on the upgrade to 3.1.3, as soon as I get my WOTLK software installed. To be safe, you may want to make a copy of the file and edit that one. It will run with a different name, so you can just do a straight copy and paste into the same folder. Once the backup is done, you’ll see the two files, “backup-char.sql” and “backup-realmd.sql”.

  9. Hi everyone, just want to ask:
    I backuped my DB in favor of upgrading to erytheia, but where can i find the backup-up database file for my characters?

  10. @Krron,
    Don’t use the link on your desktop to play wow. Make a new link to the Wow.exe file in the World of Warcraft Directory. That way it won’t try and start the launcher, it will just play the game.

  11. I have a probem. I look up the comments and couldn’t find anything of use.
    I’ve installed everything according to the guide. when i open wow.exe and enter my user and password to move forward to the character creation menu, it shows a “Downloading Updates” and start loading, then it says ‘”Patch Required” Press the restart button below to exit WoW and download the patch’ and a button that says RESTART which is my only option… obviously I don’t want to update de version cos it’s version 3.0.9 the one i need…
    how can I make the game to let me play without having the lastest patch? please help =(

  12. i have read that trinity core is not suited for playing as GM,so i recommend playing as usual player (account set gm ***** 0) …you will start as common level 1 :D another way to solve this is edit core.config and edit starting level for GM but I´m not sure if all others settings are same for common/gm account. I simply change gm level when i need to solve any problem a and then switch it back. :-)

  13. Works beautifully, aside from the bizarre glitches in the beginning.

    1- Doesn’t save character until you’ve spammed the program with several.

    2- After you get it working, the account produces nothing but Level 80 characters that lack the ability to move.

    Jakalth, thank you, your post helped immensely.

    This is working beautifully, as always. :D
    Again, thank you ReaperX, Trinity Core, and everyone else who were kind enough to release this.


  14. …well… I think I found the problem.
    It was, without a doubt, one of the stupidest mistakes I had ever made-
    I extracted all my maps, etc. from version 3.08.
    I should get some sleep…


    {{{My guess is that you HAVE to use the databases from the previous version?}}}

    Well… looking at the folder sizes, and the fact that mine was built from WoW 3.09, and that is older, I don’t think that will work.


  16. I am kinda stuck myself.

    First, there were no dbc files in the trinity core directory.

    Then I couldn’t run the .bat file. For some reason, removing the /p fixed that.

    THEN I had to come back here and read through the posts before I noticed that I had to put my account name and password for MySQL into the .conf files.

    NOW it was all installed and said I didn’t have the correct maps. So, I moved all 3 or 4 gigs of data out of the WOW/DATA folder back into the realm folder and now it is saying that “You have _outdated_ DBC files. Please extract correct versions from current using client.”

    My guess is that you HAVE to use the databases from the previous version?

    What problems are you having Beland? Maybe I can assist. I have done this before, for 2.3.3 though (that was allot easier admitedly)


  17. I’ve read the comments way to many times, and i still can’t solvve the problem with being unable to conenct. I’ve read everything, and everything is installed, modified and at right patch

  18. Çalico

    Check your auctionbot settings, if the account and guid do not match a real charactor it crashes trinity.exe

  19. No matter I suppose. I will figure it out myself, through trial and error as always.

    Thank you to everyone who creates and maintains all the WoW Private Server Software.
    I had been using 2.33 for the past… very long time… and it worked splendidly.


  20. I apologize in advance if this question has already been answered but-

    Is this the best database to use for WoW:WOTLK?
    Really, the only reason I care is because of the new shaders/cast shadows.
    If not, what is?

    Other than that, I play this pretty rarely, so I doubt I’ll ever even finish The Burning Crusades

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.


  21. @ADIS

    no you cannot use the current core with udb for 3.1.3 with i believe is udb 11.5…

    and I am sure another repack will be comming around sooner or later xion87 pack is is still outdated and is not compatible with 3.1.3 so all that is left is time

  22. Reaper or Darkened Linux or anyone, i have a problem
    my friend can log into my server…
    when i do dyndns and portforwarding…
    but i can’t…
    why is that?
    and how do i fix it?
    im using ovislink corp airlive something ( the modem/router)