Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 V2

The word is out! Trinity is dropping their Database and they are also shutting down their forum all for one reason, more people working on one Database.  Trinity is dropping their DB for a UDB (Unified Database). This is because they are join forces and create one super database that can be used for Trinity or MaNGOS. Ya big shock to everyone.  The developers told us it would be for the better of the community. When you look at it, it seems like a big jump, but it can only get better from hear.  The two different teams joining together to creating one database, the time for update will be so fast with more people working on one DB.  What does this mean? A new repack!  This new repack will run off a Trinity Core 2 with a UDB Database. It will still be 3.0.9 but better, a lot better.  This is not an upgrade because of the new DB. We strongly subject you backing up you old DB and manual delete your old DB  before installing this repack.

Lich King

UDB Update Pack

  • All outdoor areas in Northrend spawned, including new zone Stormwind Harbor
  • Redo most of equipments
  • All vendor’s and trainers redone
  • Thousands of updates and additions for quests/creatures/items/gameobjects/similar
  • And other basic 3.0.9 support
  • Updates and additions for bounding_radius and equipments
  • New npc_texts/gameobjects/items/page_texts…
  • Many updates for npc_vendor.extendedcost
  • Some 3.x related spawns to old world
  • type_flags for creature_template
  • Many npc_trainer updates
  • Added many quests chains in new map
  • Massive updates and additions for creature_model_info and creature_equip_template
  • New npc_texts/gameobjects/items/page_texts and wdb-updates for old ones
  • BonusTalents, RewMoneyMaxLevel and PlayersSlain data for quest_template
  • Hundreds of emotes and text updates for quests
  • Some immunities for tbc instances’ trash mobs
  • Some data for spell_loot_template
  • Spawned ~4000 new herbs/veins
  • Updated skill_discovery_template

Thanks to Reaper for helping this repack happen. Also thanks for the extra hand helping us test the repack Spike and Erytheia. There is a custom pack you can install with the Reaper-X installer; full credit goes to Xion87 and his good job on the custom sql! All credit goes to the Trinity team and the UDB Team for the Core and DB.


1. You need to have MySQL Installed (how to Install MySQL)
2. World of Warcraft Client version 3.0.9
3. DBC’s , VMAPS and MAPS Need to be Updated for 3.0.9 (use the vmaps, and dbc extractor included in the repack)
4. .NET FrameWork 3.5 SP1
5. Reaper-X Trinity Server :

MIRROR #1 Trinity Core 2 [UDB] 3.0.9 [V2] | 17.7MB | Rapidshare
MIRROR #2 Trinity Core 2 [UDB] 3.0.9 [V2] | 17.7MB | File Beam

How to Install:

Please check the Reaper Trinity Core Installation Guide

Have fun with this new release! Try and find all the developer in the game, we hid them all over the world! Please leave comments or questions. They always help for the next time when we create a repack.

The Darkened Linux Team


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258 comments on “Darkened Linux Trinity Core Repack for World of Warcraft 3.0.9 V2

  1. @racer383 for some reason while i had folders as named from extracting so “Reaper-x trinity” etc in command prompt it wasn’t seeing the “R” in Reaper-x in mine it was “E:/downloads/Reaper-x” etc but in command prompt (and log files) it was only reading it as “E:/downloadseaper-x” not a clue why, but after i removed reaper-x from the folder name it worked flawlessly maybe a vista problem?

  2. @mementototem & Reaper-X

    Well, I’m an idiot. Mem, you were right, minions auto train themselves their skills. Lol, well I’m happier now then I was before. I thought it was another error in the server, but it was operator error the whole time: me lol.
    Time to level my female human lock..woot.

    Congrats man! I know how happy you are. I was ecstatic the first time I got the server working too. Enjoy!

  3. i dont know how to say.. IT REALLY WORKED!!!!!

  4. @mementototem
    I actually don’t know. Thanx for letting me in on that. I’ll have to check it out. At what level do minions learn blood pact? That’s their first spell they learn right?

  5. @Danlovesreaper

    Warlock no need to use Book to teach their minions any more in WotLK.

    Is minions don’t learn automatically in this repack?

  6. @Jakalth
    Thanx for your instructions in #2. Fixed the key binding problem.

    @ REAPER-X
    An old problem still exists, all warlock book vendors don’t work. Even as a warlock, I click on them and they say something like “You’re no warlock..”
    In TrinityCore it gives the error that npc vendor has no item list.

  7. awesome finally glad ppl work together on something that everyone wants

    i have 0 interest in raiding but can’t wait to just run around uludar when all the guys work on the new patches

  8. Ok… Server is up and running for me first try this time. Ahbot worked right off the bat. No errors displayed in the server. BUT…..

    1: First 2 characters didn’t take. This was expected, and mentioned several times, so nothing new there.

    2: The entire first account created on the server was unplayable. No matter how many characters I created, or which race/faction I picked, the character could not be played. The character was completely unresponsive and no spells or actions worked.

    The fix for #1 is unknown… But the fix for #2 is rather simple. Too fix the problem of the characters created on the first account not working all you have too do is delete the account using TrinityCore.exe the same way you created it. Then just create the account again. It will give it a new account id and this time everything will work.

    Simply put, the first two guid’s used in character creation are corrupt for some reason, in the database so you just have too create 3 characters too get past the 2 corrupt guid’s. Also, the first account id(id=3) is also corrupt in the database so you simply need too create 2 accounts and not use the first account at all. This should solve the problems you might get with characters not working as they should.(aka: not responding no matter what commands you use in game)

    Hope this helps.

  9. this version of trinity core is good and the database is put together well the whole concept of the repack is just to automate the install process it just take’s a little more time to do it manually I just compiled
    TC2 REv 3599
    xions vendors

  10. @All who are having key binding issues

    The way I had to do it. I installed the main database followed by the custom vendors, made an account, made 3 chars (first 2 don’t register) logged in with the 3rd, deleted said account, remade it, and the key bindings are automatically set for every account after that, it’s annoying I know but the only way I could fix it.

  11. @That Guy
    Minor personal modifications and some item testing to see what doesn’t work so I can disable it.

  12. ok so i put mysql bin path in the reaper x trinity.bat file and when i run it the path is already set, fine, but when i hit enter it just shuts the command window off, nothing else, mysql is running and i can log into it any ideas? probably something real easy i’ve overlooked.

  13. hmm.. I dont know if you can.
    This is 1 in a million chances of it working but this is how you could do it!
    Back up all your Databases! because this probably will not work.
    Find the Reaper-x [UDB] installer
    There is a file called character.sql
    delete it
    then use the Reaper-x [UDB] installer
    By deleting the character file, it cant install anything over your old character db. You will loose your world db and realmd db. I dont think this will really work but it might. Back up your DB! LOL tell me if it works

  14. hello folks, please I need help, how can I upgrade my characters from Reaper-X Trinity/MaNGOS Rev: 1 (2.4.3) relase to this relese???
    Please help me!!!

  15. Spike do you have a Server running, you are part of the Darkened Team. I was just thinking! Thanks for you help in creating the repack!

  16. Ok for everyone who is just starting with this repack, I would like to tell you some error. When you try and create your 1st and 2nd characters it will give you an error. Ever time after that it will alaw you to create a character. Also for some reseane if you do not start with new db the custom pack frezzes the game. So delete your old DB before installing the new one. I had the same problem but I got it working in minus. Best repack EVER! No crash alerts, working AH, no DK errors and DK quests! Ok sorry for calling UDB a bad DB. This works so well! I have found the developers on Gm island and in Stormwind, also in Orgrimmar. To get to Gm island you need to enter this. ” .tele gmisland” It was driving me crazy because if you space out gm and island it brings you somewhere els. Everyone Try this repack out!This is a must Download! [9.5/10] Rock on Reaper-x, Darkened Linux, Spike and Erytheia. Im liking that there are more people working as one team! :) Yha!!!!!!1

  17. You need to manually delete that database then use the Reaper installer. Use the game for a bit, then install the Custom add. It works fine with me. The only reason you are getting the frozen play time is because of the custom pack, you really need to start from scratch for it to work, or just don’t install it. LOl

  18. One more note if I may,
    due to the above mentioned problem, it seems as if none of the key bindings are preset. The action bar slots aren’t numbered, and the pg up/pg dn doesn’t control the camera (and neither does the scroll wheel.
    This would explain its inability to respond to ui commands.

  19. @Reaper
    I found the first error with this repack. The error that appears in TrinityCore when it’s running is:
    SQL ERROR: Duplicate entry ‘1-0’ for key 1
    SQL ERROR: Duplicate entry ‘2-0’ for key 1.
    When I create a character and go into the world, it gets stuck. I can’t move the camera, I can’t move the character, and no other keys respond.
    Hope this helps.

  20. WOW! Awesome REAPER TEAM! Thank you so much. I’ve been looking forward to this for weeks! WOOHOO!
    btw, first lol